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Saturday, October 29, 2005

What happened?

What happened to this week? About mid-week I had all kinds of stuff I wanted to share. I have an ever expanding rant started about the deplorable lack of courtesy and manners. I didn't finish it right off, so I saved it to come back to.

While I was editing said manners post, I discovered it sounded like one of those articles your high school history teacher showed you from the early 1900s. I sounded like head mistress at a private all girl finishing school--very high tone, and condesending. The rant just didn't make the point I wanted it to though. The point being why does it seem like all people, all ages don't have manners any more? Don't we teach our children to say please and thank you? How about an "excuse me" if you happen to bump into someone? Is it unreasonable to hold a door for an elderly person or a mom with a stroller? Sheesh! Just a little courtesy, respect, consideration, are these totally out of the question? You can see what I mean about the persimmon lipped head mistress now can't you.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, so I had that post and a couple of other ideas rolling around in my head not the least of which was posting about my oldest son, Beanie Boy, whose 19th birthday was yesterday. I had an idea for a post for his birthday to list all the different phases of his life we have gone through. Like all kids, there have been some real hum dingers. Is that supposed to be one word, humdinger? Anyway, Beanie started college this year and we are in a whole new phase of his life. After pretty much floating through his senior year of high school without a care in the world, which his grades reflected, he is getting great grades in college. In fact he told me yesterday he got an "A" on his English mid-term paper. He is such a great kid and while as a mother you always have things you worry about, he is off to a great start in college. Last night we had a little family gathering and celebrated his birthday.

It was a little bit different for me as birthday parties go. We ended up going to a store and buying all the salads and fixings to accompany the fried chicken and pizza we ate at the birthday boy's request. It has just been so busy at work with end of year, end of month and of course, it's rent time again! Aaaack! As a result, no homemade birthday cake, no homemade meal, none of my usual anal retentive list making and planning. This was a real honest to goodness fly by the seat of your pants party, which for me is like walking a tightrope. Scary!! All's well that ends well though, birthday boy is happy and since no one was arrested or struck with salmonella I guess we can call the party a success.

Any hoodly doodly, where was I? The plan. The plan was to write a couple of more posts instead of just trolling through my usual haunts commenting and reading, which is one of my very favorite things to do to pass the time. Like I've said before, there are a lot of interesting, talented and witty people out there in blog land. In fact I think I mentioned finding
A PEACE OF MIND, Leesa's page recently. I love looking at her pictures.

I'm so envious of the people who take these incredible pictures and have the photo blogs with captions. It's like being able to go to galleries on line for cripe's sake. So cool!

When I started this I had a point. Ummm, oh yeah, so I don't really know what happened to my week. I do however have an explanation. It's GG's fault! That's the guy I live with. When all else in life fails I know that some where, some way, he had something to do with it. So...I'm sure that what happened to my week has something to do with him.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Since I haven't been a blogger for all that long. I've never been "tagged". Yesterday my sister Mary tagged me, with a relatively easy task.

The rules:
1. Delve into your blog archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. Ponder it for meaning, subtext or hidden agendas…
5. Tag five people to do the same.

My 23 post was about Hurricane Katrina, titled: Death Toll Could Top 1000!!!

Great topic to work with, huh? I had a few posts about the utter horror of the hurricane, so I was curious to see what my 5th line was and was relieved to see it said, "God Bless everyone in Katrina's path."

Ironically the sentence sums up how I feel about the situation in the South. A little Divine Intervention would be very welcome! While many of us have gone about our daily lives business as usual, literally thousands of people in one specific region of our country are trying to rebuild their lives...that is after they clean up the rubble from their lives before Katrina.

In the wake of our most recent hurricane, Wilma, which flooded my father-in-laws' home in Key West, and left even more death and destruction behind, I hope we don't forget all these people whose lives have been changed forever by the incredible acts of nature in recent months. Some Divine blessings would be welcome...don't you think?

BTW, I'm not tagging anyone because I don't know 5 more people who blog well enough to tag them.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


On my link list you will see Leesa's PEACE OF MY MIND. I really enjoy the site for her quotes and photography. There are links to other photos she has taken. Leesa is one very talented lady.

Anyway when I went by her blog today she had a list she got from another blog site. So here I go with my:

1. It is the beginning of the holiday season.
2. The weather changes.
3. Fall colors and flowers
4. No wind!
5. My oldest son's birthday
6. Kenna & Marianne's birthday
7. My anniversary. This year is 25th!
8. Best sleeping time of the year
9. Halloween
10. Thanksgiving

Next week is supposed to 10 Best Scary Movies. Don't know if I can do that one. I HATE being scared and haven't seen that many scary movies. Could be a problem doing the list! : )

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Monday, October 24, 2005


I'll miss you forever...

Jonathan Jude Sanders
January 28, 1959 - October 24, 2004

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Friday, October 21, 2005


"I believe that there is a place in the spectrum of television for really good conversation, if it is informed, spirited, soulful." Charlie Rose

CHARLIE ROSE the journalist, and the program used to be one of the few staples of my television viewing. That was back in the good old days when his daily shows aired at ll:35 p.m., which was the time all the late night talk shows began on the West Coast.

When PBS moved the show to 12:35 a.m., I began watching less and less until I hardly ever catch a show now days. The time slot was just too late for this working girl.

Skip the advice about taping. Uh, yeah right! I'd forget to remove the tapes and it would tape over shows before I had a chance to view them. Anyway, I had a bit of insominia last week and caught the conversation between Charlie and Kevin Spacey. He had Mr. Spacey on for almost the entire hour. Mr. Spacey is currently starring in a production of Shakespeare's Richard II directed by none other than Trevor Nunn. For those of you who don't know who Trevor Nunn is, he is currently touted as the premier director of all things Shakespeare.

What I didn't know was that Mr. Spacey was recently named Artistic (Creative) Director of the
OLD VIC theatre in London. The production of Richard II is, of course, being done at the Old Vic. Wow! Not bad for a Yank. Good for Kevin Spacey!!!

As ususal Charlie conducted an interesting conversation covering many topics. Since I love all things theatre, am a slightly interested Kevin Spacey fan, and adore intelligent conversation, I decided to tune in despite the late hour.

Mr. Spacey appears to be having a blast in his latest endeavor. He hopes to build a long lasting program at the Old Vic and leave something of value behind. It sounds like he has a great idea to mix classical theater productions with more contemporary and cutting edge stuff. Whether he will be successful or not remains to be seen, but I applaud the courage to pursue something in an acting career besides money. What an interesting challenge for one who has had such a successful career in both theater (U.S.) and film. I can't help but admire him.

Maybe I'll make it to London during Mr. Spacey's tenure there and see a production! Of course, the guy I live with wants to do something "tropical" next vacation...so we'll see! ; -) The program did inspire me to try and catch Charlie's program more often or at least tape it occassionally. He really is a great interviewer.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


There is a great song, among many great songs, in WHITE CHRISTMAS that Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney sing about counting their blessings.

In the spirit of trying to count my blessings and boost my blues, I was on-line Sunday checking out theater ads in Los Angeles for the fall and winter. I found a couple of productions I would love to see.

One of them is a stage production of WHITE CHRISTMAS. I promptly went to ticketmaster and got tickets for December 17th my birthday with is shared with the guy I live with. Yes, you read that right, we have the same birthday. ;-) Anyway, I got 4 orchestra tickets for that evening for my family to see the production.

I am so jazzed by this. Yeah, it's corny to some, and sentimental, but so Christmas-y! I love it! Besides it was just the tonic I needed to cheer me up.

I'm also excited about a production of THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST coming in February and a play that Annette Bening and Alfred Molina are going to do for limited 6 week run...I believe it is CHERRY HILL FARM. It looks intriguing as well.

Between getting ready for Halloween and buying the tickets to WHITE CHRISTMAS, I'm definetly getting that holiday feeling!

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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Huh? What is that ANKLOSING SPONDYLITIS? I have it? Aaack!

I've been debating since Friday when I received this diagnosis whether or not to share it with the world. But seeing as how I'm not the courageous long suffering type...I'm more the "share the pain" sort, : ) I thought what the heck?!! It doesn't have to be a regular part of the blog. Since Sundays are my self-inflicted confessions at how I'm doing health wise anyway I decided to share.

Of course on Friday after getting the news I threw myself one hell of a pity party. I laughed, I cried, I left work early. I remembered the post Jennifer Crusie had about her blood condition about a month ago...hitting someone, anyone, with a shovel sounded decidedly like a great idea.

I kept thinking to myself "Why are you crying...this isn't terminal! You didn't find out you have an untreatable disease! Stop it!" But in the moment all you think is "THIS SUCKS!"

On the upside, I can now move on to the part where I face adversity with spunk and courage. Yeah...right. A couple of weeks ago I was having a crap day with the RA and the joints were kind of creaky and I asked the guy I live with if I was a whiner and a complainer. He quickly assured me that I wasn't...."You just like to groan and grumble once in a while", he says.

It cracked me up. Now there's a distinction, I DON'T complain, I groan and grumble!! Isn't that sweet? He thought that was an improvement over being a complainer. Poor guy, trapped like a rat knowing there was no "good" answer he did the best he could.

So we've been stratigizing. Where do we go from here? Guess what? No where!! We are just going to live our lives. I'll make adjustments (gotta move and groove more) when I have to. But I'm going to live my life business as usual.

So for my attitude of gratitude this week I've got to say. "Hey God, thank you...it ISN'T a terminal disease!" I HAVEN'T hit anyone with a shovel, and I really DO have the best damn husband in the world!

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Friday, October 14, 2005

HALLOWEEN...or Bust!

It turns out that after years of saying I don't like Halloween, in fact I've been known to say "I hate Halloween!" that I actually do like this wacky, weird, wild holiday.

Now that my boys are not the least interested in decorating the house and spooking it up...couldn't care less about carving pumpkins and don't see the point of leaving the porch light on for trick-or-treaters, it seems that I DO want to do all those things. To be sure the little darlings are mystified with my sudden change of heart.

Where is the grumbling, growling, grousing, aggravated Mom of years past who is stumbling through thrift shops trying to find pieces to put together an "original" costume instead of a store bought one from Wal-Mart? The Mom who made one costume for school and another for trick-or-treating so they didn't have to trick or treat in the "come as a profession you admire" get-up the school asked them to wear. Where is the Mom who said, "I can't wait until they out grow Halloween!" Or, "I never liked Halloween...even when I was a kid!"

Well guess what?!! That Mom's kids grew up and she....umm...I realized that Halloween is the kick off of the "holiday season". You tick them off like a metronome...Halloween in October; Thanksgiving in November; and Christmas in December!

Besides, I also realized this is my favorite time of the year. Really if anyone asks me, or it comes up in conversation I always say "fall" is my favorite time of year. So how can I possibly continue to say I dislike any holiday in my favorite time of the year?

I've discovered that while autumn has always been a hectic and very busy time of the year it is also has number one son's birthday, October 28th. So Halloween was always a holiday with a booster rocket that started on the 28th.

There are many reasons that Halloween became the punching bag of holidays. The birthday and birthday party followed closely by school parties with outrageusly behaved kids in costumes didn't help. From my own days in the school room to my kids' school rooms parties, Halloween was almost always dramatic, traumatic and exhausting. There always seemed to be more work than holiday, which is a whole other subject for another time.

My kids rarely did more than a block or two of actual trick-or-treating. We generally participated in school, church, or community Halloween parties and carnivals so we could leave the begging for candy part of the evening out of things. However, as the boys got older, they enjoyed going out to houses and seeing the spooky and different decorations as much as getting the candy.

I remember trying to bribe them into skipping the door-to-door one year by telling them I'd take them to the store and let them buy any bag of candy of their choice and take it home. They both said they'd rather take their chances on the street. Go figure!

Of course, in recent years a parent has to go through every piece of candy piece by piece and check it because there are wackos who want to harm kids as an added jolly. Every year without fail there is a story somewhere where a needle, pin, razor or some such was found in some kid's treats. This added stigma didn't give the holiday much to crow about.

But even with all the craziness I love the pumpkin lights I have for my porch. My marigolds are all in bloom in orange and yellow. I've bribed the child units with a little pumpkin carving party with their friends a couple days before Halloween so I can have a bunch of pumpkins out. I enjoy seeing the little kids out trick-or- treating for the first time.

I know once I drag the can of decorations and old costumes out the whole household will get into the swing of things. We'll decorate. We'll carve pumpkins. We'll buy way too much candy. And my boys will dig through the old costumes under the guise of looking for something to wear to scare our little visitors at the door but end up begging me to go out and trick-or-treat...still more interested in "being out there" than eating the candy we have at home.

So go figure...it turns out I like Halloween!!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy Trails to You...Until We Meet Again


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Monday, October 10, 2005

Growing Up is Hard to Do.

Our children, we try to protect them until they get old enough to protect themselves. At least that's what we tell ourselves when they are little tiny bundles of humanity held in our arms as infants.

We really believe, I really believed, that there would be a gradual letting go. As they mature and do more things, like date and drive, you convince yourself that you are watching them grow up and become the men they were meant to be independent of you. For the most part that is true. But every once in a while they take or make noticeable giant steps, and before we can blink a significant moment has passed.

I don't think I'm that different than most parents. While we want to let our kids be whoever they are meant to be...to be happy, we also want them to get the grades we think they should get; go the the college or university we think they should go to; and, become someone not too different from what we ourselves are. We do this so we can still reach out, touch and understand this little being who has now grown into a man or woman. We want them to grow and do and be...just not too far away from us. : )

Letting go just isn't that easy. Letting your child truly be who they are...warts and all...and loving them in that place isn't easy. Especially if you believe you see other gifts and talents you would like them to nuture and grow. So how much do you push? Sometimes they want you to decide things for them. Sometimes they want you to say "no". Being a Mother is by far the hardest thing I've ever done. While it brings me great joy, love and laughter, my parenting has also been the source of my greatest challenges, worry and heartache. My husband and I spend alot of time trying to figure this whole parent thing out.

This past weekend has been a new challenge. Last Friday my son's 15 year old friend was killed in a traffic accident. It was a devasting shock to him and all their mutual friends. My son switches from numb disbelief to anger and back again. He has been nervous and anxious. Tomorrow is the funeral.

It isn't the first time his life has been touched by death by someone close. Last year in the space of 10 months he lost both his grandmothers and his 45 year old uncle. The difference was they were lots older and everyone of them had a prolonged illness. This sudden death he just doesn't understand. Both my husband and I did not have the exposure to people close in our life who were sick for prolonged periods of time and died. Neither did we have a sudden death in our lives like both our sons have experienced. We were at a loss on how it feels to experience something like this at so young an age. So you talk, you love up on 'em, and cry with them and talk some more...

So while I'm talking to cute E-mo kid about loss and letting go, I'm letting go of him a little bit more too. Seeing and knowing that I am not the heart or only place he turns to now in sorrow. I share him with his girlfriend and school friends. It's the way it's supposed to be, and I am so glad he has all these other people in his life. I really am. It is hard not to wish I could pick him up and hold him like I did when he was small and be the place and person who makes it all right for him. And while I know we will always have a good relationship and be a part of each other's lives, I'm watching him take some more steps away from me and toward becoming a man.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Strong 7.6-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Southern Asia

The tragedy world 'round with the tsunami, hurricanes and now this earthquake...has been enough to break all our hearts. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of India and Pakistan.

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I'm NOT a good patient.

I have a cold. And while I can honestly admit that I frequently fantasize about a quiet day alone at home in my jammies with nothing to do but read, I am not sneezing, snorting and foaming at the mouth in my fantasy. Being sick sucks!

When I don't feel well I'm cranky, crabby, rude and impatient. I've never quite gotten down the quietly suffering and not making anyone else miserable routine. Most times I have the best of intentions, but yeah...I whine, complain, and wank on about how crappy I feel. It does clear a room fairly quickly and my kids hide around corners and tip toe past my bedroom door. The guy I live with generally indulges me and tells me I'm not being that bad...but he wants to have sex again sometime in the near future and he'll say anything to keep that going.

So I'm really getting into my groove and working up a good case of the "feel sorry for myself" and I go online to look for a cartoon image to put in my blog. Yeah, I googled "cartoons of sick people" . Oh, I got cartoons alright, but you also get images of real people who are sick.

I think I found a cure for the "oh woe is me". Look at pictures of people who are undergoing treatment for cancer, aids, starvation...especially kids. Man, did I feel like a schmuck yammering on about my cold!

I'm realistic though. I doubt my family has suffered through the last time I will be a soggy heap of whining humanity when I'm sick. And God knows I'm not perfect, so I can't say for a certainty that next time I'm under the weather I'll remember those images. But, maybe today I'll be a little less grumpy with those I love...on the other hand...a little TLC wouldn't be completely out of question would it?


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lots of Stuff...

Have you ever been in a situation where your employer keeps offering you a promotion to a job that while you are flattered to be asked, you really don't want the job? It's been happening to me for a couple of months now. It actually began when I turned in the ill fated two week notice and got sucked back into my original job, albeit with a lot more money.

As for the promotion, I have emailed, phoned and had face to face conversations being as polite and firm as I can refusing. I've finally gotten blunt. It's heady stuff that ego boosting "we can't do it without you" pitch. But I think they finally know I really, really, NO REALLY don't want the job. In fact, I'm holding on to my original agreement to leave in another 5 months (of the 6 month term I agreed to come back for).

You know I've had some tough employers, nice employers...all whom have given me great reviews and references, but I don't think I've ever had an employer seem so genuinely anxious to retain my services. Like I said...very heady stuff. Have to keep your eyes or your personal goals and ideals or you end up prostituting yourself for more money and hating your life. Okay I totally said that to remind myself of same. ; )

Next on the agenda...book news.
I'm pretty excited about some recent book purchases. First of all I'm a Lisa Kleypas fan and her latest
IT HAPPENED ONE AUTUMN was a fine read. I admit that I try to refrain from having too high expectations with authors I like because it never seems to fail that as soon as I get hyped they pen a real clunker. This was good though.

OTOH, I usually enjoy Christina Dodd's books and her latest which was a part of her governess series was, to borrow Karen's phrase, a real snooze fest. Bummer!

Off and on I read Erin McCarthy books which to date have pretty much fallen into the "okay" category. However, I really enjoyed
THE PREGNANCY TEST. For those of you who don't know, Erin won a writing contest put on by Lori Foster and that's how she started her publishing career.

Right now I'm anxious to read the second Lynn Viehl book in the Darkyn series,
PRIVATE DEMON. I'm anxious to see if she can continue the intrigue and uniqueness she created in the first book.

Lastly I just purchased Emma Holly's
COURTING MIDNIGHT. I've read Emma Holly books that I absolutely love and other's I've finished scratching my head and saying WTF? So I've got my fingers crossed on that one.

By the way since I know I haven't mentioned it before. I think Suzanne Brockmann did an awesome job with the Gina and Max story line in her last release
BREAKING POINT. If you go to the Amazon link it only show 3 1/2 stars with a lot of complaints about how she handled the age difference, etc. If you are a fan I think she did a great job. Most people would be conflicted if they were Max about the circumstances of their meeting. If you don't know the history and haven't read the book that set their story up I think you may have a problem with the book, but as a fan with high expectations, I thought she did a great job with their story line.

Don't be fooled by this paltry list. I've got a TBR pile that is shameful, but I just can't stop buying a new release that catches my fancy. I'm damn lucky I have such a generous book allowance and a very indulgent husbink.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arrive at the premiere of
"War of the Worlds" in New York.
(AP photo)Jun. 23, 2005

Okay, shock is too strong a word, but surprised isn't. Seeing THIS LINK on my aol welcome screen took me by surprise. Why no babies with Nicole after 10 years and within 6 months a baby with a woman who was a baby when he last got married? Makes you say hmmmmm.....doesn't it?

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why do you blog?

You know just when you think there are a lot of not-so-bright people out there one can read a couple of blogs and realize there are alot of funny, talented, and witty individuals huddled in offices, gas stations, offices, school rooms, and homes. We are passing them in doctor's offices, the grocery store and the mall. We see them at the movies, church and little league games.

Where are all these gems in my real world life? They've got to be out there. So, it got me wondering. Is that why we blog? Why do you blog?

Which while free associating brought me to thinking about the funny, clever, original ideas and thoughts out there in cyber space that I get a chance to read every day. I realized that an element of my own competitiveness and well...envy occasionally kicks in and I have to refrain from writing or posting something in reaction to someone else's thoughts and ideas.

I'm not talking about commenting on their page. I'm talking about making their thoughts and ideas the spring board for my own. It seems so....well cheap and sleazy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not casting stones, because I've done it.

I borrowed an idea of my sisters' to write 100 things about myself. I was intrigued to see what I would write because my sister's post was so good. However, while my sister's post was revealing, funny and totally self-effacing...mine was too stilted and contrived. It wasn't coming from a genuine place.

Imagine to my competitive surprise that I found I'm not as good at writing for mass appeal as my little sister...or many, many other creative people whose sites I visit and read regularly. It has taken me a little while, but I think finally get it.

It doesn't really matter if anyone else likes what I write or comments on it. It makes me feel good to do it. I'm having fun. And, while I love for people to visit and comment, I realized I'm really doing this for myself. Wow! Character growth and blogging...ya think?!!!


Monday, October 03, 2005

Soft Core?

Cute E-mo (no more) kid

So cute E-mo kid informs me he is no longer E-mo. He is now really "soft-core". Huh? What the heck is soft-core? When I googled a request for "soft-core music definition" I got a dictionary explanation of what soft core porn is. Yeah...that made me feel warm and fuzzy.

In the mean time I go hunting for E-mo kid...er, um...soft core kid's picture file and see picture of he and his girlfriend taken with our digital camera at her house. They are laying down together, clothed and kissing. If the picture weren't so innocent and sweet (no tongue, Thank God!) I'd be worried. But, sheesh, have times changed so much that kids take pictures of themselves kissing? TMI thank you very much. Besides, where was her Mom? I thought her Mom was home the whole time he was over there. Yeah...more warm and fuzzies going on now. BTW, did I mention he is 15 years old and she is 14!!!

Any how, he got a little bent because I went into his picture folder on MY computer. Yeah...warm and fuzzies to the 3rd power. We had a little fireside chat about how the computer does belong to ME and is shared by family members...shared being the operative word. Oh yeah, privacy is a privilege, not a right, so get over me copping a photo to load on to my blog. He's over it...sort of...not happy, but not arguing either. I think he's just relieved I didn't put the picture of he and sweet little girlfriend kissing on my page...yet!

So now that I know he is soft-core, I have to figure out what that means. I can barely stand the excitement of listening to the newest batch of music and looking at the newest batch of sites and probably being scarred (yes you read that right SCARRED) for life by what interests my child.

Tonight he asked me to check out AIDEN's web site. Yes...you got it another hair ball called the warm and fuzzies to swallow. Remember my graditude attitude? I said my boys stretched my limits? Yeah, well consider me stretched, and stretched and Ssssss-tttttt---rrrrrr---eeee-chchchch---edededed! Call me Gumby, damn it! I'm stretched, alright!!

The only upside is that he and his brother are still asking me to look at the web sites and listen to the music. Now if I can only survive the experience without packing their bags and sending them to military school or several sessions with a therapist, we may all get on with our lives in peace and harmony.

Wait, never mind...why should they get to talk about themselves for an hour on my dime with a therapist? I'LL GO!!!!

By the way, soft-core kid says Aiden isn't soft core. Huh? Now what?!!!

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Sunday Update on Monday Morning...

Not much to report. Had a good week food wise. Only a so-so week walking/moving wise. Sometimes my schedule is a bitch.

On the other hand, the guy I live with had a great marathon. Of course, we live by the adage, "Any race you finish is a good race!"

Having said that, he did a 4h24m race which equates to about 10 minutes and 4 seconds per mile for his marathon (which is 26.2 miles). Even though he and my brother ran their own race and were separated for lots of it, they hooked up near the end and finished together.

Like I said before, it is always awe inspiring to see all the people of all sizes, colors, and shapes in the race. St. George was HOT for a marathon, but our guys did great.

Oh yeah, I can't forget my graditude attitude. Hmmm...what am I grateful for? I am grateful and thankful for my two children. Not just because I'm glad to be a Mom, in the sappy sentimental sense women frequently identify with. I'm grateful for my sons because they challenge me to think outside the box, to be more, go outside my comfort zone, and try to see the world from a younger and broader perspective.

I frequently don't like it, in fact, I usually hate it. But in order to be a part of their life beyond the person who sets their curfew and makes sure they eat right, I have to try to understand more and accept more...of their humor, music, movies, politics, clothes, hair, *gulp* girlfriends.

My boys were on their own this weekend while their Dad and I were gone. They had some small screw ups. Loving someone just the way they are is hard! Loving your child and not trying to change them into what you think they should, or could, be is VERY hard. So I'm grateful that recognizing I'm not perfect, and neither are they, hasn't killed us or our relationship...and I don't think that is a small thing.

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