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Monday, September 29, 2008

1 Hour 59 minutes 47 seconds...

GG had a fantastic run on a surprisingly demanding course. He did a half marathon in central California. His goal was to do it in 2 hours and beat his previous time of 2 hours and 10 minutes. I'm here to tell you he completed his 13.1 miles in 1 hour 59 minutes and 47 seconds. Yes, 13 seconds to spare and he met his goal. That's my man. A planner AND an achiever. Gotta love that.

I did read this weekend. Two saucy books.

The first one I tried was HOT PROPERTY by Susan Johnson. Ummm... This was disappointing. I hadn't heard anything about the book. Unless, Kate is this the one you were talking about at RWA? Anyway, I'm two-thirds through it and not much interested in finishing it. I used to love her historicals. Anyone remember those Russian historicals she wrote forever ago?

Eons ago I read some Anya Bast when she was writing for Ellora's Cave. Taking a quick peak at her web site I see she still writes for EC. Anyway, I hadn't tortured myself with a vamp book in a while and picked up THE CHOSEN SIN. Interesting book. It's pretty explicit but not without a decent story and two interesting characters. I have to give props to Ms. Bast for creating a pretty complete vamp futuristic and not succumbing to campiness. It was an interesting take on vampires in the future. I was sufficiently taken in that I would read another book set in this world.

So I'm feeling pretty good that I got to read this weekend. I always feel a little more like myself when I do. Reading soothes me so much. I can't believe how relaxing it is for me.

In other news the shine has definitely worn off TRUE BLOOD. I don't know why they have to be so explicit. Am I getting old? What do you all think? You've probably been talking about it and I'm clueless.

There I was standing in the morning mist this past Saturday as GG took off on his run. While I waited I decided to fire up my phone check email and the news. Even knowing he had been ill recently I was stunned to read that Paul Newman had died. It made me very sad. I adored his work in movies like THE LONG HOT SUMMER and CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF. Lordy. Wonderful. I admired his charitable work and success in keeping his private life...private. He never made an "easy" movie. They were all character driven and intense. It feels like the end of an era to me. My sympathy and sorrow for their loss go out to his friends and family.

If you have a few minutes you should really check this out.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

This just in...

I going walkabout with GG. He has a half marathon event out of town tomorrow morning and we are leaving this afternoon. Is it wrong that I'm ecstatic to be in a car for 4 hours while he drives so I can read??? Oh well, too late, cuz I can't wait!

I'm moody because I'm out of the loop and behind on my blog hopping again. I just know you all are having fun without me. That's just more of my FOMO (fear of missing out) showing. I never claimed to be one of the cool kids. Avid, aware, observant and yes, a bit nosy. But cool? Not so much. So do me a favor and don't do anything important while I'm gone. Okey dokey?

I murdered my computer at work yesterday. I was doing a search (for work people!) and clicked a link and windows started opening everywhere and, well, it got sick and now the doctor took it away and I don't know what's going to happen. I'm hoping for some quick out-patient surgery and not a prolonged hospital stay. I'll know more later today.

So that's it. No time gotta get off to work a half day before we head out. Shmoo is guarding the fort and babysitting Emily. That's so any burglers reading this know my house is NOT empty.

More later...

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


A book is good company. It is full of conversation without loquacity. It comes to your longing with full instruction, but pursues you never. ~Henry Ward Beecher

I find myself longing for things. This always escalates when I'm tired. Coping skills go right out the window. I'm also plenty ticked off about the tiredness. However, in an effort to trick my brain into thinking about something else I'm going to talk about stuff I'm longing, pining, and yearning for. Yes, I know it's lame but this is what you get when I'm fried to a crackly crunch.

I long to browse. To have that serendipitous feeling of sitting in an aisle on the floor in a book store and leaf and read through bits of books. Lots of different books. Sounds divine.

I am pining for a good book to read. Of course at this point any book I'm going to read has to leap off the shelves, or out of the tubs as it were, into my hands and beg to be read. While I believe that strange things do happen, I'm not expecting this one any time too soon.

I yearn to have empty hours ahead of me to fill with reading. To read a whole book in a single sitting. Sublime.

Sure to some degree my destiny and time are my own to manage, but when you love people things change. So, for a little bit longer I will have to continue to long, pine and yearn for things.

Is it crazy that thinking about these things I love so much makes it easier to do something for someone I love? That's not such a bad thing is it?

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Was it good for you...

Wine tasting... an awesome evening in a beautiful home.

Bridal Shower... fun, laughs, excellent food.

Visit with sisters ... emotional, fun, too short, exhausting.

Why is it I have no discretion or sense when my sisters visit? It's a marathon, intense, and balls out.

I'm so tired I'm cross eyed and I wouldn't change a moment of the weekend for anything.

I just wanted to say...I'm alive. Barely.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

My Friend Luann

Grand Canyon Photo by Luann

A wonderful woman and friend of mine from work, Luann, recently started blogging. Her son set up her blog for her as a birthday gift. Anyway, she's new to the blogging world and is using her blog as a creative outlet.

Luann is a wonderful nature photographer. With her permission I've used her photos several times as my desktop because they are so beautiful. She recently took a trip to the Grand Canyon with her sister. The Grand Canyon is one of my favorite places on earth. It was a very spiritual and moving experience for me visiting there. Some of you may also recall that Holly and MM honeymooned there.

But I digress...Luann has put up a post about her trip to the Grand Canyon with a link to her photos. There are some great photos. If you have a minute, I hope you will go check it out.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Babies and Brides...or Brides and Babies

IT'S A ...

NOT A ...

I started a post this morning while I was waiting for Shmoo. The engine light came back on in his car and he had to take it in. The upside is that I went into work a bit later. The downside is there was no extra sleeping time involved.

Anyway I thought I'd dash off a quick note because as I've mentioned previously my sisters will be here for the bridal shower. The shower I unfortunately keep referring to as the "baby" shower. Uh-oh. Not good. I don't know why this keeps happening. The bride is most definitely NOT pregnant? It does not, however, stop me from talking about the baby shower on Saturday. Aieeee Carumba!

It's unlikely I will do any posting, blog hopping, etc. this weekend. I probably will also not be doing any reading. Bummer. I will be drinking wine with friends, gabbing with my sisters and doling out advice to unsuspecting young women. My kind of fun all around.

So take it easy out there. I'll be around.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TBR Day: To the Brink

TO THE BRINK by Cindy Gerard. This book is the third in the Bodyguard series published by St. Martin's in January 2006. It is also my TBR Day read for this month.

Over the last few years I've heard a lot about this series. Frankly I got it mixed up with Tara Janzen's books. Since their names aren't similar or anything I don't know why. I have no rhyme, reason or excuse. It's a conundrum.

Consequently I have a couple of Janzen books in my TBR along with a couple of Gerard books. When looking for something to read from the TBR this time, I was in the mood for a more contemporary book. For once a blurb captured my attention and I picked up TO THE BRINK to read.

Darcy Prescott works in the diplomatic corps. All of her assignments have been in the far flung corners of the world. She's worked hard for her success and loves her job. Ethan Garrett is a Special Forces soldier when he meets Darcy at an Embassy function. Ethan and Darcy fall fast and hard for each other. Despite almost constant separation and disagreements over their careers, they marry. Unfortunately their marriage cannot withstand the pressure of the constant discord. When the book begins Darcy and Ethan are divorced.
We actually get the story of their courtship and marriage in flashbacks.

Darcy is on assignment overseas and Ethan is out of the military and working for a private security company with his family. Darcy finds herself in a precarious situation when a co-worker dies under mysterious "accidental" circumstances. The recently deceased shared some incriminating and volatile information with Darcy just prior to her death. Not trusting her life to fate or coincidence Darcy decides to contact the one person she knows she can count on to help her...Ethan.

Since we, as the reader, know about half way through the book who the bad guy is the background story seems almost inconsequential. It was for me anyway. All I was interested in was knowing why the marriage failed, and why, when they loved each other they let it go. The answer is not particularly complex, but Ms. Gerard does an able job making the reasons believable.

As I noted at the beginning this is actually the third book in the series. I didn't feel at all hampered or bothered by not having read any of the others. I was curious about a couple of secondary characters in this book. Fortunately their story is told in the next book, INTO THE DARK, which I have in my TBR as well.

Overall this was a satisfactory read. It reminded of the mercenary soldier stories I read in the old Silhouette Intimate Moment line. I loved those books. Any way I originally gave this a B-, but while doing this review realized I liked it a bit more than that and would call this a good solid B read.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not a creature was stirring...

Apparently I'm not the only one who decided to take a break on Monday. I was surprised to come home Monday evening and only have 25 posts to read. Is everybody tired now that school, soccer, football and the new TV season are in full swing?

It looks like TRUE BLOOD is going to be a viewing staple on Sunday night in our household. Shmoo and GG both like it. I like it enough to try and track down a Sookie book because I'm curious how the characters play in the books. Inquiring minds and all that.

I have to get my TBR Challenge Review written or polished for Wednesday. Yep, it's that time of the month again. I think I started the review last month and was too pooped to finish it, even though I did finish the book. It was a Cindy Gerard book and I think I may read the next one in the series for my review next month. I dragged it out anyway.

Let's see what else... Work has been sort of weird. The pace has slowed somewhat, or I'm feeling so much better it doesn't seem as exhausting or overwhelming. Any way, it's better so that's good.

I have been wondering and fretting about some things. Like how people in Texas and the Gulf Coast are doing after the disastrous storms that have been through there. We are having just excellent weather right now in my neck of the woods. It is so hard to look at crystal blue skies and no wind (for once) and think about the devastation down south. They are certainly in my thoughts and prayers.

As are the folks who lost loved ones in the horrible Metrolink crash last Friday. It's like the Exxon Valdez tanker spill. I wonder if we are ever really going to know what happened. Was it the engineer's fault for running a red light or is he going to be a scape goat?

Did you see the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler spoof on SNL? I didn't watch the show but thanks to Jane and her heads up on Twitter I caught the full skit here. It really is good. GG really got a kick out of it. Of course the pre-requisite is a sense of humor about politics. If you don't have one it's probably not your cuppa.

I'm counting the days to Friday. Sees-teers coming to town from Santa Barbara county and Atlanta, Georgia. The aunties will be here to attend our niece's (and my god daughter) bridal shower. Italian aunties on both sides. This should be fun AND interesting especially since her mother calls the bride "a prude". There are no secrets, discretion, or much modesty with Italian aunts particularly when it comes to handing out unsolicited advice...about any thing and every thing. I'm sure I'll have more on that after the shower on Saturday.

Since I started off talking about breaks I'll leave you with a snippet from one of my all time favorite TV shows...

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Last week purely by happenstance I'm blog hopping and a post pops up on Google Reader for author Megan Hart's blog. I pop over and see she has a cool little quickie contest. The first 5 people who commented would get a copy of a story Ms. Hart will have in the Red Hot Valentine’s Day anthology coming out from Avon Red in January 2009.

You guessed it. I scored a copy. I thought about waiting to publish this post near the release date, but I decided I couldn't wait. Can you guess why? GET THERE was one of those sorts of stories I like best. I've written before how good Ms. Hart is at making you feel like her characters are people you could meet in real life. GET THERE was very much such a story.

Ty and Edie meet on-line and then later in person through a message board for a sci-fi TV show Edie writes for. They meet and fall in love but live cross country from one another. Much of this story is about how they try to stay close, in touch and connected when they both have demanding careers, a significant time difference and distance between them.

While I adored the We could get there by... exchanges they had in their emails, it was the small nuances like Edie remembering his smell, the sound of his voice, adoring his smile as it came up on a screen saver of pictures she had on her computer that made the story for me. These small things that make characters so real are what I adore in reading.

Edie and Ty both speak and write of their longing for one another but they also pepper their IMs and conversation with the practicalities of their life as well. They are about to make a big move into a house and finally be able to live together.

We all from time to time wax poetic about our loves. It's hard to express how wonderful, fabulous and incredible the person you love most is if you aren't a writer. That's what I appreciate about this story. To know how much these two people love each other. Appreciate each other. Enjoy each other. Respect and admire each other and they aren't precious, or corny.

You know it was nice to read about a couple that is already together. I loved that without being preachy or trite Ms. Hart is able to show us that Ty and Edie don't take each other or their relationship for granted. That was my hook. The appreciation and joy a couple can take in one another. A couple already together. Already in love.

Of course, I would have liked to have a longer story. When you like someone's writing you just want more. Fans can be so pesky like that. Fortunately STRANGER a full length novel is due out January 1, 2009. GET THERE will be available in the anthology in early January as well.


Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here it is another Saturday. This past week went by like a blink, even faster than usual.

Anyway I have lots of stuff floating in my head this morning:

Did you ever have such a horrid case of bed head in the morning that you wondered who you wrestled in your sleep?

Have you ever been awakened out of a sound sleep at 2:45 AM by a group of teenaged girls at a slumber party shrieking this song?

As a woman does Sarah Palin get on your last nerve? Is it because she's a woman or is it her politics?

One month to the big family wedding. The drama begins. Much eye rolling, sighs and laughing ensue.

For years I've been dreaming of having someone else clean my house. This week I finally had a cleaning company come to clean. Of course we had some issues (I'm verra verra picky) but I think we are going to continue with the service every other week. It's a little bit of heaven on earth.

Still on the dream list? My very own swimming pool with lap lane. Must remember to buy lottery ticket.

I'm reading DARK CURSE by Christine Feehan. Don't ask me why because I'm not sure I can answer that question. I've been reading it all week long. I'm almost done. It's been an up and down read and I'm really ready to move on.

Beanie is home this weekend. Yes, it's laundry week again. I just found out he and the GF take turns. She does it one weekend and he does it another. This is why we found surprises when we helped with Bean's laundry last time he was home. He was so cute sorting it last night before he went to work. Warms the cockles of my heart to know he was listening at least part of the time I was trying to teach him important survival skillz all those years.

Have I mentioned Shmoo is taking classes in prep for a career in the fire service? He's already started. He loves it. My baby a firefighter. I'm so proud of him.

BTW, look at the post time. Weird huh? I didn't change it either. I just noticed it when I went to save this.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Queen of 8:03

A friend of mine wrote in my high school year book, "Rosie will be late to her own funeral". Bastard. You totally knew a guy wrote that didn't you? Not very nice is it? I mean he only knew me for three years. How could he possibly judge whether or not I would be late to anything after high school? So I was late to a couple of Sr. Class Council meetings. Big deal. Everyone knows high school is NOT real life... Don't they?

Flash ahead over many, many years. Kids, jobs, church, funerals, baby showers and weddings. Some years I've done better than others. Trust me when I tell you that I have a long history and genetics against me, but I've worked darn hard to be on time to stuff and for stuff.


Sometimes there's construction on the freeway (right SL?) or a diaper has to be changed before you leave the house, or you have ants in your microwave.

I mean I might have had to sneak into church during the processional song, but I was always in my pew before the priest reached the altar. There may have been a time or two that as a front door was closing I might have been dodging traffic to cross a street to get to a shower (baby or bridal) on time.

Red lights. The babysitter is late. Whatever. It's life. Let me introduce myself. My name is Rosie. I'm the poster girl for STUFF HAPPENS.

Last year I was never late to work. Shmoo went to high school very nearby and his school started a half an hour before I was scheduled to start.
Consequently, I was never late. I was...EARLY.

Anyway, our area has grown considerably (again!) in the past year. A little over a year ago it took me 17 minutes to get to Shmoo's school and then a couple of minutes to work. Right about the time Shmoo graduated the drive was taking 20 minutes.

Now, by all that's holy, if I want to be to work on time I have to leave my house by 7:30!
I've been pushing the 8 AM start time and cutting it closer and closer. I've become the Queen of 8:03. I consistently arrive at work at 8:03 every morning. You realize that if I planned to do this it would be impossible.

It's just not right. Work is 11 miles away. E-L-E-V-E-N. 11 miles. It's deranged that it takes 30 minutes to drive across our little valley. It's not like I live in Manhattan or anything. Are you sensing a little resentment here?

Fortunately my boss is tolerant and finds my morning rants on my commute amusing. ::Side note: It's no longer a drive to work. A drive to work is 15 minutes. Once you hit a half hour it's a commute! End Side Note::

What I don't understand is why on the mornings that I really, really, really try to be on time (by leaving my home 30 freaking minutes before I'm due at work) something always happens. Detour. Road construction. Traffic accident. Something. What. Is. Up. With. That.

Do not believe this picture. That woman has to drive for 30 minutes to go 11 miles. She's not not really that happy. She's actually nuts. Crazy. Maniacal. Be careful. She's out there.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you when you got the news...

I remember. I mourn. I hope.

This day is more poignant than ever now that I work for a fire department. "We'll Never Forget" is on every one of our engines. I remember.

I remember being awakened by my sister with the news the WTC had been hit by airplanes. We were on the phone together as the first tower fell. I mourn.

As I mourn the terrible loss of that horrible day seven years ago I have hope. I have hope that things might change for the better in Washington. That hope will be my prayer as GG puts the flag up to honor those who serve our country whether it is in the military or law enforcement or the fire service. I'm grateful to them and for them. I hope.

I remember. I mourn. I hope.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A rose by any other name...

I just have to say it one more time. Sha-zaaaam but I'm feeling so much better. It's touching every part of my life too, because I'm quite perky and happy. GG is getting a kick out of it because he hasn't seen me like this for a while and he likes it when I'm "feisty".

Now I don't particularly like being referred to as "feisty". It reminds me of a poorly written book blurb telling me a heroine is kick-ass or a fire brand or a wildcat, or any of those other things word that are supposed to be telling us that this is a woman to be reckoned with. The words I've used here make me think of a heedless selfish bitch-y sort of person. Not a strong one.

My favorite heroine of late is Sirantha Jax. She's strong, tough, self-contained and hell on wheels when she's ticked off. Feisty? Wildcat? Not so much. At least not in my opinion.

So what's a word or words that is used to describe a character that you just can't stand? Is there something in a book blurb that will send you running in another direction? Tell me. Tell me.

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Monday, September 08, 2008


I've never read a Charlaine Harris book. I've most certainly heard of Sookie Stackhouse, but nope, never read a book. Now, out of curiosity I watched TRUE BLOOD on HBO last night.

Okay, it's not the greatest show I've ever seen, but I am intrigued. Sufficiently intrigued and interested to probably go read a Sookie book. Sufficiently curious enough to watch another episode.

Go over to the Boob Tube for their thoughts. At least Ames, who did the review, has read Sookie's books.

I don't know how this happened. I don't watch much TV and I don't read Sookie, but I was tuned in. I blame all of YOU out there who've been talking about this series. I'm putty in your hands. It's pitiful.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008


That shriek of sound you just heard? That's me joyously thrilled to be caught up with all the doings and goings in Romancelandia.

Stuff I found out:

1. I missed a way cool little entertainment on Cindy's blog during her birthday week or "Cindy Week" as it's now officially known.

2. Nath has re-joined the working world again. Hey girl...vacation over! Yeah, I was jealous of all that off time.

3. Sula is still on board with the BDB series. When she mentioned those less than thrilled with V's story I couldn't help but raise my hand.

4. Lisabea has really good friends. You're in my thoughts and prayers buddy.

5. Those wacky duckies want pictures of our TBR piles.

6. Keishon scored a an interview with Chelsea Cain. I'm getting closer (and braver) to reading the books. Maybe a night light would help.

7. Blogger Appreciation voting is going on...go vote.

8. Book Binge and Ramblings About Romance are nominees. Go vote already. Oh and Kristie is giving books away.

9. Holland and MM's honeymoon was well attended. Heh heh.

10. Thanks to Rowena and the chickies at Boob Tube I know what's on TV without having to watch. Seriously? I love that.

11. There's true love in the real world. Read about Lori and her man at Let's Gab.

12. Jenster is still inspirational even when she's not trying to be.

13. I don't know what was cuter, pics of Max and She-Ra or this kitteh video at Gabrielle's.

14. Congrats to Smart & Silly on the adoption of her new baby girl.

15. Megan Hart had the shortest contest ever. I'm so excited, cuz she's sending me an ARC.

16. Nalini Singh has two new excerpts up on her site.

17. Ann Aguirre gave away $200 this past week. She just posted an excerpt to the next Jax book DOUBLEBLIND.

Wow, I wrote all that in like 2-3 minutes. *sigh* Now I guess I have to go back and put in all the links. Don't I? Yeah, that's what I thought.

BTW, how many blogs do you read regularly? How many is tooooo many? Inquiring minds want to know.


Friday, September 05, 2008


Am I the only one who feels like these "short" weeks are killer? Five days work in four days is how I see it. It ALMOST (I did say 'almost') doesn't make the holiday worth the day off.

I'm feeling better. Lots better. Almost like a new person better. A little hyper too because compared to how tired I was I'm so freaking energized now. Of course feeling better means...

I'm swimming again. Four effing times this week. What's wrong with me????

I'm reading everyday. NOT ENOUGH THOUGH! Yeah, yeah, it's never enough. But still.

I can hear...EVERYTHING. Which means since I made GG listen to the Democrat's speeches I had to listen to the Republican speeches this week. Okay we should have both been listening as concerned citizens who want to make good decisions when we vote, but they are politicians. Sometimes listening is just enduring. Yikes! Anyway, I had to draw the line some where and my line was listening to all the analysis ad nauseum afterward. Ho-lee crapola!

I've had more energy. Can you tell yet? This in turn has me look around the house with interest and ideas and thoughts of projects. GG is bravely holding me off...heh heh. So far...

Didn't edit so I hope this isn't too scary. Now it's off to work for me. Gotta pay for those books somehow.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Identity Crisis

I’m always amazed by the people and stories that open with a scene at age eight when they looked up at the sky and pointed at a plane and said, “See that plane? Someday I’m going to fly.” Of course the person grows up and flies airplanes.

Me? I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Still. This permeates throughout everything I do. Jack of all trades, master of none. Joseph Campbell urged us to follow our bliss. Well, for me that would be reading. No laundry. No grocery shopping. No cooking, cleaning or any of the other sundry necessary duties of life. Just reading.

If you want to read more about me and my identity crisis you can find the rest of this post here at Access Romance - Readers Gab.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

August Reading List

Here's my happy but meager reading list for the month of August. I read two of these books over this past holiday weekend. As I look back over the month I feel a little bit guilty because now I'm not sure I gave the books their due since I was tired and distracted. But, we can only judge by that moment in time. I'll be the first one to say that I've had different reactions to books when I've re-read them or even started them in a different frame of mind. Reading is weird like that.

All things considered I'm happy with my 11 books. Considering how the month started, I can't believe I read this many.

TURBULENT SEA by Christine Feehan
B- for this outing of the Drake Sisters. I think I was hoping for something a bit 'more' from this story. I really didn't like the "singing" star sister Joley that much. It's one thing when a character makes a choice to protect their family but Joely came across as a bit too martyrish for me. Ilya Prakenskii, the hero, has appeared in a couple of the other books. I was looking forward to learning more about this character. I sure would have liked to have a bit more of his back story. Of course it's been revealed Ilya is one of seven brothers so I suppose that could spawn a whole new series of books.

C+ for this one. I think I mentioned previously that I received this as an ARC from Jane (DA) at RWA. I'm a fan of Ms. Quinn's but even though the writing was good, there was a lot of retread of the same story told in THE LOST DUKE OF WYNDHAM. Yes, I get that this book is from another character's perspective, but it was too much like reading the same story for me. There just wasn't anything new here and so I was disappointed in that. This book is due out in October.

FIRST BLOOD Anthology (M. Brook, S. Sizemore, E. McCarthy, CM Green)
I'm giving this one a 'B' but I only read Meljean's and Ms. McCarthy's contributions. I think I'll be sticking with Ms. McCarthy's contemps and stay away from her vamps. Meljean's "THICKER THAN BLOOD" was good and very intriguing. My only whine is that I wish it had been longer.

STAY WITH ME (ebook) by Maya Banks. I'm a fan of her spicy books and got this one at Samhain because I was in the mood for a book that was a bit on the sizzling side. This wasn't as good as I've come to expect from Ms. Banks, but I have to admit my bar for romantic spice has gotten higher. I am looking forward to her next print book BE WITH ME that is due out in November. C TO C- for this menage tale.

TO THE BRINK by Cindy Gerard
I originally gave this one a B- grade but this is one of those instances where the book stayed with me (unexpectedly) after I read it and I'd have to go with a solid 'B' grade now. This is part of the Bodyguard series and the book I read for my tbr review in August. It is out of order, I think it's book 2 or 3 in the series and while characters from other books appear in this one, it didn't bother me or cause a problem with this story. A full length review may show up on this in September for tbr challenge day.

DELICIOUS by Sherry Thomas
This book is the opposite of the Cindy Gerard book. I remember the reading experience as a good one. Picked up the book to do this list and had a good vibe but couldn't remember specifics until I read the back blurb and skimmed the pages. I can say this was a very original and well written book. I do like Ms. Thomas' voice very much. A solid 'B' read for me. The heroine in this book is a chef and it's well done and true to the time period. Good job on the details.

WANDERLUST by Ann Aguirre
What can I say but that I love the character of Sirantha Jax. I love having her voice in my head while I'm reading. I'm so impressed with the layered world Ms. Aguirre has created here. This author writes with complete and total confidence about the world her characters inhabit. This is something she has in common with Nalini Singh. There is layers upon layers in the details of the hair, watches, socks, chairs, clothing, conversation, landscape, people and characters. I loved the book and adore being in Jax's head. Maybe I mentioned that already?

I can't say enough about the journey the reader goes on in this story. Bravo. Good book. I know it's said all the time, but I really can't wait for the next one. Sadly, I understand it will be next fall as Ms. Aguirre will be starting a new series in the Spring. I'm sufficiently impressed with what I've read so far to read anything she writes. A- for WANDERLUST.

WILD CARD By Lora Leigh
I've been such a fan for so long, but these SEAL books are same old same old. I can't say I'll never buy one again, but I'm quickly getting down to only wanting to read her breed series. C

NAUTI DREAMS by Lora Leigh
Disappointing 3rd installment about the "nauti boys". This is Natches story. C-

Well, I'm still loving this psy-changeling series. There so much potential for more books in this world. This installment is about sniper changeling Dorian Christensen and psy-scientist Ashay Aleine. As I mentioned in my blurb about WANDERLUST, Ms. Singh is so confident about her world that the layers and details are so good and enhance the story telling so much. I'm still eager to read the next installment. B

A good historical and another solid 'B' read. While the back blurb will tell you Olivia Cole has been promised by her "ne'er-do-well" brother as payment for a gambling debt that is about the only thing that is predictable about this story. This is a fresh telling of a familiar plot. Good characters, a story with depth that is told with compassion without being preachy or precious. If you are in the mood for a good historical. Pick up THE PRICE OF DESIRE.

So there it is August 2008. A few of these were released just Tuesday and I happened on them on Saturday so I got them read in August. Fortunately that means if you are interested you can find most of these books in your local bookstores right now.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Heigh Ho...Heigh Ho...It's Off to Work I Go...

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and words. I am feeling better. More rested than I have in a long time...although I don't think synthroid works that fast. I think just knowing what it is wrong and getting rid of a lingering ear infection has helped scads.

It seems like forever since I've been out and about. I'll be trying to catch up this week. Everything in moderation though.

I did get a chance to finish up August with a bang and did some reading over the long weekend. I found and read HOSTAGE TO PLEASURE by Nalini Singh and THE PRICE OF PLEASURE by Jo Goodman. It was a great way to finish up the month and saved August from being a truly dismal reading adventure.

There will be more on that later as I do my monthly reading post. In the meantime I'll be out catching up with all of you, enjoying feeling better and seeing and hearing the world a bit more crisply.

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