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Monday, September 19, 2005


Over the weekend I read a book with a new twist about vampires. Yeah, I know there are lots of vampire theories, stories, lore out there...so do we really need another one?

Well, no not really, but I really am intrigued by the whole vampire genre, so I HAD to buy the book and check it out.

I'm so glad I did. It provided a deliciously detailed new vampire world, hierarchy and language. Vampires are just another sort of nationality (species) we share the good planet earth with. In this version, we humans have nothing to fear...from the vamps.

I enjoyed the book on a couple of levels. There was the element of intrigue with this different take on all things vamp, the intensity of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and its members. For some this all male coterie might be a little over the top in the testosterone department, but I enjoyed the introduction to the characters immensely and was already trying to puzzle out their individual back stories.

Hopefully my reference to the author providing detail of language etc. doesn't put you off because the book is still very character driven and moves at a reasonable pace.

It has elements of suspense and of course, romance. If I have any criticism it might be that the protagnist king vamp WRATH mellows a little too much to be believable, but it is a small thing in comparison to the introduction to the other members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood whose stories must be told. The next book is due out in March 2006.

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Blogger Princess Helen said...

Did you ever read the vampire book called The Historian (I think that was the title)? I saw a story about it on 20/20 - I guess it is supposed to be a mix of fiction/nonfiction. Looked pretty interesting!

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