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Friday, September 09, 2005


If I've ever been happier to see a Friday than this one...I don't know when it was. Of course, it was rent week at work, my first full week back after I almost quit and the dramatic and distressing news about events in the south. It has been exhausting. I don't believe I've wept as much since 9/11.

While, I've tried not to obsess over Katrina events, it is so huge it seems to have taken up residence as a niggling worry in the back of my mind. However, the last two days I've made a concerted effort not to get sucked into surfing the web reading news. I've been trying to get some perspective and resume my normal life...whatever that is.

So while trying to think about other things I decided to I'd do a the week in review and think about things that are great in my life. Like Oprah did a few years ago with the Gratitude Attitude diaries. My list became THIS WEEK WASN'T THAT BAD BECAUSE...

1. I was caught up on laundry for almost an entire 24 hour period!

2. By the end of the week I was current on all deposits and postings at work.

3. I didn't have to get up at 5 a.m. to drive my son to school even one day.

4. I wasn't late picking my son up from school not even one day because I didn't have to pick him up this week either!

5. I worked just as hard as I always do but was making alot more money doing it this week.

6. My new car rocks! I love driving it.

7. I have a new car.

8. No arguments or groundings with either of the male child units.

9. My wonderful husband who didn't say "I told you so" once during the hell we call rent week.

10. My sister signed her first teaching contract and is over the moon about it.

11 . My brother Chris turned 38 this week.

12. My nieces Jessyka and Elizabeth got parts in the play they tried out for.

13. My Dad's former security company (MONITRONICS THE BIG FAT F***ING LOSERS) quit calling me in the middle of the night for alarms in a house my father no longer owns.

14. All those nearest and dearest are safe sound and loved.

Not bad, huh? Everything is about perspective. How we view things like the old adage...when you get lemons you make lemonade. So while my heart and my spirit are in sorrow for all that has been lost in the South. I'm going to keep my eyes and energy focused on hope.

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Blogger MaryMary said...

Great post, Ro-Ro! Here's something else for your list, Craig hit the 500 mark in ticket sales yesterday! I'm really proud of all of his hard work!

I've been entrenched in the news and it's hard. I'm not even there and I feel like I have post taumatic stress syndrom!

8:59 AM PDT  

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