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Monday, August 31, 2009

Moody, Broody and Contrary

Where does the month go? I can't believe we are 4 months to the end of the year. Two-thirds through 2009. 115 days until Christmas. Yes, my dear people, Christmas.

Yikes! Now that's scary.

You know what else is scary? How flippin' fast the month passes and my turn to post at Access Romance comes around again. Subtle aren't I?

This month I'm talking about being a Contrary Reader. I never know what I'm going to read or be interested in from one day to the next. Are you methodical in your reading, or are you just a teeny, tiny bit contrary like I am? If you have a minute, go check it out.

Look at good ole Jack Nicholson here in that famous shot from THE SHINING. Have you ever felt like you just want to hold your head between two doors and squeeeeeze?


It's just me?

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pleasure and Purpose

Because Megan Hart rocks and I love her. Coming soon to a store near you.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

I really like...

1. Sitting in bed typing on my laptop.

2. Friday nights with nothing to do.

3. Swiss cheese on a cracker topped with a slice of kosher dill pickle. (Vlasic Stackers! *crunch*crunch*)

4. GG bringing me coffee in bed every morning.

5. To have this band aid off my nose and my procedure scheduled. I'm not known for being patient.

6. Reading. I've been missing it and plan to do lots of it this weekend.

7. My two sons. They couldn't be more different if I'd planned it that way, but they make me laugh almost every day.

8. My $5 blue denim Sketcher slip-ons with the bright pink peace symbol on them.

9. The absolutely scrumptious dark chocolate Starbucks Espresso Truffles. Yum-o!

Ain't life grand?

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stuff that happened yesterday...

It appears you are stuck with me posting in lists...

1.  Still haven't read Beanie's first comic narrative.  It's only 7 pages and I've read a page and a half so far.  *dun*dun*dun*  Will he forgive me??? Be scarred for life? Stay tuned.

2.  Shmoo has more jackets, hoodies and coats than the next 3 people you know.  Not kidding. Take one guess what his first "tip" purchase was?  A leather jacket! He's killing me.  I told him I'm going to start charging rent, that way I'll get a leather coat. 

3.  I went to the doctor's.  It appears I'll be trekking to Scripps to get my little bit of skin cancer removed. Apparently the nose is problematic. In my case the where seems to be more significant than the what.  I'm fine.  A little freaked (cuz it's gross) about the upcoming procedure, but not scared.  Does that make sense?

4.  I ate Cocoa Puffs for dinner.

5.  At Shmoo's insistence GG & I watched the trailer for THE WOLFMAN.  Wow!  Check it out. I was reluctant too, but it looks kind of interesting. Any thoughts?

6.  I received two cards in the mail.  I arrived home from work after 7 PM to find two cards addressed to me from my sisters.  Nothing at all to do with my nose, just lovely thoughts from my seesters.  Very nice.  Very welcome.  Love you M and N!

7.  Commiserated with GG over the fact we not only need new tires for his car, but also rims to the tune of $900.  The money goes out of the savings waaaay faster than it goes in.  Rims ordered.  Pockets empty.  Blerg!

8.  Finished BOUND BY YOUR TOUCH by Meredith Duran.  Why'd I wait so long?

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A List

1.  Read the narrative to Beanie's first issue of his first comic book.  

2.  Go to doctor's appointment for the 3rd or is it 4th time in a little over a week.  

3.  Tell people not to be concerned about doctor's visits.  Just normal stuff going on.  

4.  Remember what the doctor said.  You are 54 NOT 34.  

5.  Refrain from making rude hand gesture to doctor.

6.  Email Beanie pictures from wedding.

7.  Write a post for blog without bitching about not blogging or blog hopping or doing stuff you think is fun.

8.  Remember to be grateful, elated and happy that GG has his own laptop and you have your own laptop and all is well in the kingdom.  

9.  Slap a band aid on it and go swimming.  You want to swim.  What's one small divot on your nose?  *snaps fingers*  Nothing that's what.

10.  Catch up your reading spreadsheet.   Have you read in August?

11.  Rejoice in your friends.  They get you.  Light a candle in gratitude.


Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Over...I'm Tired!

Here we are...GG & I all dressed up and ready for the big event.

My boys
Their girlfriends were with us too, but I don't have their permission yet to post pictures.

I did it! They're really married!

After complaining about not getting a photo of me to post on the blog. GG obliged by taking one after we got home... at around 12:30 AM AFTER much dancing and sweating. I'm a little worse for wear. My hands are out because I was having a "discussion" about the late night photo shoot with my darling husband at the time.

But really, who cares when you have bitchin' red shoes like these?

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poster Girl

I took all of today off from work at the last minute. What does that mean? Well, I didn't have a specific plan for today, just a plan to get my last minute stuff done for the weekend without being crazy, rushed or, did I mention crazy?

However, being the Poster Girl for Stuff Happens, I instead have been playing on the internet. Joyfully playing. Blog hopping and googling to my heart's content. All of which means I didn't write the post about WRITTEN ON MY SKIN by Meredith Duran that I set out to write when I sat down this morning.

Nor did I start some sort of post for Access Romance. Nope. I played. I even *whispers* Twittered a little bit. I know! I'm such a loose cannon!

Time to get back on track and ready for the Stairsteps and the new little baby in the family, happy little GW, to arrive. Can't wait. Although I have a couple loads of laundry to do, a bathroom to clean, a rug to vacuum, some bruschetta to make and much painting and spakling to make myself presentable.

Wedding rehearsal is tonight. I found out yesterday I'm facilitating it. Power! So heady!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

July 2009 Reading List

Nine books for July. I'm satisfied with that. With the wedding early in the month and my trip to RWA to distract my reading habits nine books is good. Ironically I'm at 99 books for the year which is 11 more books than I read last year for the same time period.

By the way, some of you have some very impressive formats for your monthly reads (Renee's Book Addiction!). I love seeing what everyone's been reading at the end of each month.

I have high hopes for getting in a TBR Read AND a Re-Read in August. You will find them lacking in my July list.

LILAC by Louisa Trent
Electronic book from Loose-Id. Third book about three brothers. Some BDSM. Historicals in late 1890s in Bar Harbor, Maine. Tied to TAINTED LOVE and BLEEDING LOVE previous brothers books.
My Grade = C

Carolyn Davidson, Cheryl St. John, and Jenna Kernan
Two of my favorite authors in this one, unfortunately a very average read for me.
My Grade = C

I read this one on the plane to RWA and enjoyed it very much. Loved the witty dialogue between Olivia and Harry.
My Grade = B

INDISCREET by Carolyn JewelMy much coveted ARC. Another historical winner from the author. I'll post a review closer to the release date.
My Grade = B

BURN by Linda Howard
Jenner wins the lottery at the very beginning of the book. Even though by most standards she is poor and uneducated, she's smart enough to know she wants to keep her money. Seven years later fortune still in tact Jenner becomes the unwitting accomplice with some for-hire spy/mercernaries. Enter one cool dude Cael, and we have a pretty good ripping story going. Realistic? Maybe not, but an enjoyable summer read.
My Grade = B

Eve of Darkness by S.J. Day
Coveted by one brother, marked by another. How does a woman cope being the focus of two rival brothers? What if those brothers are Cain and Abel... the Cain and Abel? This was a rec from Kati who sold me on the premise in a noisy bar in DC. I was hooked by the premise and bought all three books.
My Grade = B+

Book 2. Our heroine the newly "marked" Eve is in training. This one lagged in parts for me, but ended...well, it left me wanting more. Which begs the question why I haven't read the 3rd one yet.
My Grade = B

I think I read a similar story line to this recently but damned if I can remember by who. Maybe that's what ruined it for me. Anyway, it contains Ms. Rice's usual hotness, but was a bit too predictable and just not charging on all cylinders for me.
My Grade = C

TASTING FEAR by Shannon McKenna
I mentioned my feelings about this in an earlier post. I think I would have liked this better with three sisters stories intertwined and with a bit more layering to the characters. They seemed one-dimensional and very alike to me. It's saved from utter disaster because no one writes a modern day version of the alpha male better than McKenna.
My Grade = C


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hats & Horns all around!

August 6, 2005 this blog was born. Of course if you read that first post you see that NOBODY ASKED ME had a predecessor which I inadvertently deleted after three posts. Let's just say I've learned a lot since then.

Four years. It's gone by so fast and so much as changed in in my life and in Romancelandia. There are a lot more of us out here for one thing. My tbr is 250 books as opposed to a half dozen or so. I've met so many incredible and wonderful people, readers, writers and bloggers alike. I can't believe I have two trips to RWA under my belt. Two trips that totally would NOT HAVE HAPPENED if I hadn't met the people I have out here in blogland.

My "real" life is a lot different in many ways as well. I work full time at a different place, my two sons have graduated from high school and started college. I weigh less. I swim 2-3 times a week... Just a lot of stuff has changed.

Actually I probably would have forgotten all about my blogiversary, but I'm feeling a bit reflective today. Today, August 9th, would have been my Mom's 77th birthday. It's so odd to realize she's been gone 5 years. I think she'd get a real kick out of my blogging life though.

There is one constant in my life. GG. Such a gift that guy is. He makes me laugh, cry, and shriek in equal measure. He's interesting to talk to and he thinks I'm nifty. It boggles, it truly does.

What a guy. What a life! Such bounty I have.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Some stuff I need to tell you...

Nope no July book list yet. I had such high hopes for today too because I took the day off from work and thought... You know I might get to do some fun stuff. No such luck.

I do have a couple of things I want to say about some recent reading though because I haven't had time to do proper reviews and because I don't want to lose the "feeling". Do you ever have feelings that linger long after you read a book? Sometimes I want to exercise more, or cook, or get to work earlier, or make something with my kids or... it can be just about anything. Something will grab me and just not let go.

As I think I mentioned when I first got back from DC I began reading my ARC of INDISCREET by Carolyn Jewel right away. I'm making big assumptions about this writer from the very kind and sweet woman I've met only a few times, but I'm telling you, a lot of stuff is going on in that brain of hers. Her characters are so human and real. She reminds me that a bigger than life dilemma doesn't have to be created when surviving the REAL life stuff is hard enough. I'll be posting this review closer to the release date of the book, but obviously I'm still loving her work.

Another of my favorite writers, Jenna Kernan, had a release this past week. This one is called SIERRA BRIDE. I stopped reading it. The hero was too schizo for me. The heroine too self sacrificing and not in a good way. SL Wendy was 100 pages in and liking it. I put it down thinking maybe I wasn't in the right mood for it because I normally adore Kernan's books.

It took me the better part of a week but I finished TASTING FEAR by Shannon McKenna. Regular visitors to my blog know that she's one of my favorites. Yes, I know that her heros are sometimes what is considered well, jerks. BUT, they are jerks with heart. Anyway, I've vowed I'm not going to apologize for liking the over protective hunky brutes. However this book of 489 pages is actually three books. It was like reading three Blazes back to back. I think I might have liked it better if she'd intertwined the stories more, but I won't swear to that.

Here's the thing. There are three parts, one for each sister, who in turn has her own hero. However, the sisters, who are not biological sisters as they were each adopted, seem exactly the same to me. I also felt that Ms. McKenna was trying too hard sometimes to write in answer to her critics who found her previous heros a bit too neanderthal. I, of course, wasn't one of those people, so making the men more sensitive and the women more independent and self sufficient didn't bother me. What bothered me was the sameness. That bummed me out. GG on the other hand, has just discovered McKenna. Yes, you read that right.

He just finished reading BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and gave it a 'B'. He asked for the next one but sort of backed up a few steps when he saw that the trade size book, STANDING IN THE SHADOWS was hot pink in color. Dunno if that one will get read or not.

My first book of August is THE FIRE KING by Marjorie Liu. Damn she's good. Now her characters...no two alike. Karr and Soria are wonderful. While the book proudly wears a DIRK & STEELE NOVEL on it's cover, in my so very humble opinion it stands on it's own very well. Good book people.

I think that's everything I wanted to get off my chest. Now I have to go get ready to go out. Tonight I'm off to my niece's bachlorette party. I haven't been to one in years. What does one wear to bachlorette parties these days?

I love my niece. Adore her in fact. I'm thrilled and happy for her, but don't you think it's odd she wants her aunt at her bachlorette party? Of course, I'm not saying there aren't some things I could teach her...

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

What I'm Doing...

What I'm doing is blog hopping. What I should be doing is polishing the wedding ceremony for my niece. Our last meeting is tomorrow. Two weeks to go to the big day.

I'm typing fast and looking over my shoulder because GG is doing yard work and I should be out helping him and weeding my flower beds. Instead I'm in the air-conditioned house here with you. Shhhhhhhh... Don't rat me out! Besides, I've decided the weeding can be done in the early AM when the temperature is below 90-something degrees.

Here are the red shoes I bought this morning for my dress. I tried them on with said dress and they look killer. Red was definitely the way to go. Don't worry, they aren't too casual for the dress. (Hey I know you aren't really worried about it, but indulge me.) The dress material is light weight and cotton-y. No I don't know what it actually is and I'm too lazy to go look when I also have to be on the look-out for GG.

Wow, so many of you have your July reading lists up already. Look for mine to be posted around September. J/K. Hopefully this week...some time.

Crikeys, I better go. I have to finish this wedding stuff and get some stuff, and myself, ready for this wine tasting thing we are going to tonight.

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