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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

At Loose Ends

Well I've been retired for almost two months. In fact a week from today it will be two months on August 16th. Now that number two son has started his junior year in high school and number one son will begin his second year at our local junior college in 10 days I feel like summer is over and it's time to make decisions.

It's just that I feel like I'm at loose ends and really don't know what to do. I have been meditating more. Now that I've actually got the house to myself for chunks of time it has been a much more successful and relaxing endeavor.

Tonight I read a
post at WEB PETALS Marjorie Liu's blog that really struck a chord. You can use the link above to read the whole thing, but the part that really resonated with me was this:

‘Your success isn’t in doing what we do; it’s in discovering your own way. Don’t do what we do - we made it all up…do what inspires you…make it up! You just have to be (yourself…what inspires you). And it means commit yourself to who you say you are: act like it, think like it, look like it, feel like it, speak it…be it!

This will be food for thought for many days to come.

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