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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where I Have No Point at All

I've been keeping myself busy resting. Yes, you read that right. I've been busy resting!! I've been sleeping and reading and generally taking it easy. I assign myself a couple of chores each day, but other than that I've been living on easy street since my early retirement five weeks ago.

Well, two weeks were vacation, one week I had a sister visiting and a sister having surgery and then last week I went to help the sister who was visiting unpack...Sort of. That adventure is a story for another day. Anyway, I haven't been completely loafing, but mostly. It's been marvelous actually. Well, except for the unfreakingbelievable heat we are having. Holy Hannah it's hot!!

I've read quite a few books the past few weeks. I just finished Susan Donovan's A KEPT WOMAN. It was one of those occasions that I picked the right book at just the right time to read it. I'd read a couple of EC books before it and felt a little overloaded on the heavy breathing and heaving breasts. So this was a great change. While not as meaty as some romantic romps or as witty, still satisfying. Know what I mean? A satisfying read...bliss!!

I read on another reader blog recently that the reader didn't review every book she read. While she read many more books than she reviewed, there were only a few she picked out to review. She said her choice to comment/review was based on whether she had something she wanted to say about the book and not just whether or not she liked it.

Boy, she really nailed my feelings to the 'T'. I read many more books than I comment on. If something about the book speaks to me I usually give it a mention here. Short and sweet. I struggle sometimes expressing my thoughts sometimes about books. Don't come here for synopsis or in-depth analysis. I serve the diet plate reviews here.

Speaking of reader blogs, color me completely agog to realize that I had missed a Linda Howard book. Quite by accident while following a link on Karen's page (regarding Queen Bees of Romance's opinion on Jan Butler's letter in RWA) I found a Linda Howard interview from 2004 which she states she did a paperback book TO DIE FOR released in 2005 between hardcovers. The title didn't seem familiar. I did a quick review of bookshelves and guess what. I didn't have this book! No kidding, I couldn't believe I'd missed one of Ms. Howard's books. For better or worse I'm enough of a fan(addict) of Ms. Howard that I went out and purchased the book. Sheesh! I was stunned to think this got by me. What else am I missing? *gasp!*

Of course it is pretty hard to get too worked up about the continuing shenanigans in the romance world (Ms. Butler, et al) or a missed purchase when such horrible news is coming out of the Middle East. As a citizen of the world, I weep for us all. As a mother of sons I'm terrified. I'm praying for all those trapped in the conflict. I pray for families every where who either have family living in the Middle East or have a loved one serving in some capacity or another in that region. What a sad and sorrowful mess. God help us all.

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Blogger Karen Scott said...

How did you manage to miss To Die For? Heathen!

I read it last year, and I liked it a lot.

I too read way more books than I review. I usually review a book, if I feel moved enough one way or the other, to expend some energy actually writing about it.

You know, the other day, I was feeling a little paranoid about my reviews, seeing as I have this reputation of being a harsh reviewer (and yes I know I can be) so I went and counted how many negative reviews I'd actually posted over the course of 15 months, and ya know what? I had 8 harsh reviews, out of 35, that's only just over 20%.

Isn't it funny how it's always the negative reviews that people focus on?

1:38 PM PDT  

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