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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Number Two

The past month has been pretty momentous for my number two son. He just started his junior year in high school. This is the happiest I can remember him being in school since the 6th grade. This is such a relief since his sophomore year was difficult to say the least.

If you have one of those kids that is moody that describes my Shmoo. He has been so much happier since I've quit my job. That, by itself, makes it worth it. For a 16 year old he sure likes things predictable and orderly. He will, of course, tell you that is not the case, but just knowing what is happening each day makes him content. His last words at night are frequently, "What are we doing tomorrow?" Even on school days. He just needs to know. Anyway, I'm thrilled to see him so happy and down right cheerful!

So along with starting back to school he has finished his driver's training class and gotten his permit, cut his hair and gotten his braces off. He had those damn braces for two and a half years. Hell, maybe that's why he was grumpy.

BTW, he isn't wearing tight girl pants any more either. Another phase survived!!! Here he is...smiling no less.



Blogger Smart Socratics said...

Hi Rosie,
What a handsome guy! Enjoy him. It seems most people aren't so lucky to have a teenager who's likeable.

4:12 AM PDT  

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