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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Book Reviews

It's hard to believe sometimes that I started this blogging business because I wanted to express my opinions about books and stuff I was reading at other sites. It has come to pass that I mention books less and less often. Part of the reason for this is that I'm not very comfortable writing the reviews. For one thing I can't be arsed to give the blurb about the book. I just want to tell you what I thought. Secondly, the book has to be pretty damn sucky or utterly fabulous to move me to write about it. And, finally, there are so many great places to check out book reviews. I do it all the time. There are some people out there who are damn good at it.

Here are some of my favorite places to check for book reviews:


Paperback Reader

3. Karen Scott

I Just Finished Reading

5. The Misadventures of...Super Librarian

6. Smart Bitches who Love Trashy Novels

There are many, many more reader sites and blogs I read and check out periodically but these are favs right now. Anyway, after checking these out I feel even less inclined to write a review. There are so many great places to go that I've gotten lazy about writing my own reviews. Each of these sites seems to have it's own presence and voice. I love Bam's reviews because it feels like you are sitting across the table from her in a bar, restaurant or bookstore cafe and she's telling you about a book she just read.

Having said all that, I am going to make an effort to write about some stuff I've read recently. The most I can say is that nothing really moved the earth for me...that's a review in and of itself.

I have decided to start keeping a running list of the the books I read on an Excel spreadsheet. I've never written things down before (except titles I'm searching for) and have recently purchased a couple of books I had already read and didn't realize it until I was on about chapter 3. I didn't have the books at home because I had already traded them. I was frustrated with myself for not remembering I had already purchased and read them. Besides I'm curious to see how many books I read in a week, month and year. It should be interesting.

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Blogger Karen Scott said...

Rosie, I know exactly what you mean, I rarely review a book that was just 'ok'. They have to be either good, or really bad, unless they're requests of course, then I find that I can't be arsed getting round to them.

I also hate writing blurbs, cuz all I wanna do is tell people how I felt.

I suggest you cheat and copy the book synopsis, that way, you can concentrate on writing down your feelings about the book. I'll probably be doing that a lot more often myself now.

I try to write at least one review every two weeks, but it doesn't matter if I don't get to it. The more pressure you put on yourself to write reviews, the less you'll want to do them.

I totally agree about Bam's reviews, she has me rolling around in stitches!

1:30 AM PDT  

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