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Sunday, August 27, 2006

What's in a Name?

Did any of you Nora Roberts' fans know that Nora participated in a First Amendment fund raiser last year agreeing to name a character in one of her books by the winner of an auction raising money for First Amendment issues and education?

Well, I sure as heck didn't!

I read this
article this morning and met the real Linda-gail who won an auction last year to become a named character in Nora's latest book ANGEL FALLS. Various other authors are participating in the same sort of fund raiser this year. All I can say is kudos to the participants and what a cool idea!! The real Linda-gail, a huge Roberts fan, is thrilled with her investment.

I have to admit that when I read the book I thought this was a clever and unusual name for someone to think up. I also give credit to Ms. Roberts for not using the name in a throw away character that a reader would have trouble remembering.

ANGEL FALLS is worth reading for many more reasons than the name created character, Linda-gail, a small town waitress. Ms. Roberts' is at her best with easy to identify with characters who are regular people in extraordinary events.

Good book...great idea...important cause.



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