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Monday, September 04, 2006

So, I read some books...

I've read a bunch of books lately. Normally I don't mention a book here unless it makes an impression on me one way or the other. But I had the books stacked up to add to my spreadsheet and thought what the hell, let's see if I can give a brief review of the books. Of course this lead to all sorts of conflict for me. But screw it. No worries about linkage, authors, or book covers. Here's the low down on my latest reads.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD by Patricia Gaffney - Good book. Surprised me...and I'm a jaded reader.

EDGE OF DANGER by Cherry Adair - Was sufficiently hooked to want to continue trilogy.

EDGE OF FEAR by Cherry Adair - Paranormal elements begin to be a little thin, but I'm hooked.

EDGE OF DARKNESS by Cherry Adair - Went too far with magic elements. Disappointed.

MURPHY'S LAW by Lori Foster - Anticipated story of secondary characters form JUDE'S LAW and I was disappointed. Still a fan, but this was not Ms. Foster's best effort. I thought it was a waste of some terrific characters.

TOO WICKED TO WED by Cheryl Holt - I don't know why I keep buying her books. I didn't finish the last two. I expected nothing and was surprised. Language rhythm and syntax bugged me.

DARK DREAMERS Anthology by Christine Feehan & Marjorie M. Liu - Ms. Feehan's story was tried and true Carpathians...boring. Ms Liu's story was moving, intriguing and I wanted more. IMO Ms. Liu's book makes it worthwhile purchase.

THE SOUTHERN DEVIL by Diane Whiteside - Not as good as IRISH DEVIL, but better than RIVER DEVIL. How's that for vague? Only an okay read.

A REASON TO LIVE by Maureen McKade - A rec by Wendy Super Librarian. Wendy's review(Aug 29 2006) is awesome use link on my sidebar and go check it out. This was a great book. I highly recommend it.

ZERO TO SEXY (EC e-book) by Jan Springer - Just not a good book. I've got other Springer books, but while this is a quickie...it has no substance at all.

HAWK'S PREY (EC e-book) by Dawn Ryder - Okay. Liked enough to try another book. I'm looking for more character development.

IMPROPER PURSUITS (EC e-book) by Dawn Ryder - All dessert and no main course.

So all in all I really liked A REASON TO LIVE by Maureen McKade. I very enthusiastically recommend this book. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD by Patricia Gaffney is a gem to read. I'm very intrigued by the Majorie Liu story in the DARK DREAMER anthology I can't wait for her to write the secondary character's stories. Once I read the first EDGE book in Cherry Adair's trilogy, I was sufficiently intrigued that I knew I'd read all three. Like Ms. Foster's book MURPHY'S LAW, I think there was a missed opportunity here. While having the books come out in three successive months is great for the reader, maybe taking longer with the plot development particularly in the third book would have been better.

Whew! I did it...I feel so much better. Was it good for you?

P.S. I went back and put Amazon links in for books.

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Blogger Kristie (J) said...

To Have and To Hold is really one I'm looking foward to unpacking (which will be happening soon now!) I read it years ago and really liked it but it seems to be making the rounds again. And I'm waiting with bated breath for A Reason to Live to come out around here.

4:42 PM PDT  

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