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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So, my son wears girl pants...

Yeah, he is 15 years old and wears chick jeans. He is size "0". He spends more time shopping and trying them on than I EVER have for ANY pair of pants in my life. I know because for some reason he likes me to go with him when he buys his clothes. Most of the time I count myself as damn lucky my sons want to go anywhere with me. So when he asks me to go with him shopping...I go.

In the beauty shop today there was a conversation about the trend of guys wearing girl pants. Since my son had just left after getting his hair cut I mentioned he wore girl pants. Almost immediately and in a whisper, one woman asked if he liked girls. Huh?

Before I could recover from that one...dun-dun-dun-dah...does he like boys? Ex-cuuuuuse me?

I didn't know there was a correlation between wearing girl pants and sexual orientation. It is an understatement to say her comment was rude. However, I gave her a shock by saying that it wouldn't bother me if my son were gay. You should have seen the look on her face!

Of course I went on to say, being gay wouldn't make me love him any less. It wouldn't compel me to try and "save" him either. It would worry me though. Choosing to be and live openly gay is very difficult in our country, but all in all, it wouldn't bother me.

After much blustering this lady said she didn't believe me. WTF?!!! She is certain, that ANY mother would care if her son were gay. Holy Crap! Now I'm a bad mother too? Since she already thinks he is gay by wearing girl pants I didn't get her point. My mature reaction to her was an outburst of laughter.

Really, it was like being caught in an episode of the Twilight Zone. I actually couldn't believe there was someone so ignorant sitting in the chair next to me.

My son Shmoo (he hates it when I call him that, but what the hell...it's my blog!) is what is known as an "E-mo Kid". Yeah, he likes all that angst ridden, screaming, girl friend left me, died, ran way, the relationship is over music. Although I can hardly count myself as a fan, I do listen to most of his music. *see me shudder...twice* It's pretty depressing stuff.

OTOH, three years ago he was playing Shania Twain night and day. After that it was the Backstreet Boys. He even had a brief Britney Spears period...complete with skanky Britney poster on his closet door.

While his heart currently belongs to E-mo, he also listens to BB King, Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, John Mayer and James Taylor. He even knows who Emmylou Harris is. He has endured my CDs of the soundtracks of Hope Floats and Chicago. He has grown up in an extended family infatuated with Frank Sinatra.

Sure, he'd love it if he could look like Sonny Moore in the group
FROM FIRST TO LAST . Sonny is the beauty with the long black hair. Yikes!

But for right now, my son's hair is its' natural brown, his ears are pierced, but he doesn't wear any makeup or have any tatoos.

He'd like to die his hair black...we said, ummm...No!

He'd like to tatoo one arm...yes the whole arm. To say or show what, who knows. We said..uh-uh, no way!

He wants to pierce his bottom lip, one OR maybe both sides. Yeah...No!

He makes decent grades, and is a fairly obedient kid. Below is a picture of him with his older brother from last October which I've posted before. His hair is a little shorter, but basically, he looks the same. He sure is scary isn't he? Braces and all! Check out the girl pants!

Hey, maybe he's gay, maybe he isn't...

*sigh* *huff* *eye roll* "Yes, Mom, I know you don't care if I'm gay, but I'm not, OK? Geez...do you WANT me to be gay?!!!"

So, my son wears girl pants...

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Anonymous Steadman said...


What's My Line?

I wear boy/mens pants and camo. I've been a member of the Nat'l Guard and drive a Subaru Outback. Plus, I have short hair!

Shmoo - Sonny Moore!!!!! Really???

Say it ain't so!
What about John Mayer?

7:36 AM PDT  
Blogger MaryMary said...

Ro, Craig has said since I've known him, "People Suck!" Clearly the BIATCH from Wolf Whistle sucks double time.

I hate it when people don't take you at your word. You know I have the same philosophy with my boys. I love them...no matter what!

Sammy carried a doll for 2 years for pete's sake! And god-for-bid they see me painting my toes because they'll want to join in on the fun! People suck!

7:50 AM PDT  
Blogger Anonymous City Girl said...

Speaking a former puck rock chic... give in on the hair... it grows back.. no scars, no perminate marks can come from fuckin around with your hair.
I was givin (almost) free range with my hair... it kept me from inking up or putting holes an any place other than my ear lobes.
It really gives a kid a sense of independance to have that kind of control over their appearance.
And I eventually grew out of mohawks, beached bangs, and green streaks... the majority of my friend "forbidden" to express themselves that way rebelled way hard and even in their 30's now, live the punk rock life style.

9:52 AM PDT  
Blogger Craig said...

All any reasonable parent should want from their children is that they be good humans. We each had our own journey of discovery getting us from who we were to who we are. Everything we do either helps or hinders the journey. Both are needed, but timing is crucial. We all choose our battles and pray for the best. Like city girl says, some things are short term freedoms that help to alleviate the forbidden fruit syndrome many kids suffer from. Clay-Bobs a good kid and you've nothing to worry about. You know, I think he'd look awesome with a plate in his lip.

8:08 PM PDT  
Blogger Princess Helen said...

Rosie - I'm not a mom, and I don't know a damn thing about raising babies...but I was under the impression that it was about unconditional love. That is something you clearly have, so it would seem to me that you are a GOOD parent.

And your kids are dolls, by the way! What cuties! Even if, as Craig said, they had plates in their lips! :)

6:45 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Thank you all for your love and support. Both Shmoo and I are fine. He knows I stuck up for him and that's what matters.

Steadman...what's your line? Bartender! Why's my glass empty!! : )

Mary...yeah people DO suck. Of course my perverse nature wants to bait the wankin' B the next time I see her.

Anonymous City Girl...we are in negotiations about the hair. I too believe that at least with hair it grows back, can be colored again, etc. However right now control of his lucious locks is my bargaining chip for a better Geometry grade. If he brings his grad up...he gets to do whatever he wants to his hair. Thanks for the advice though. You can never have too much of that with teenagers.

Craig...what do you reply to a man that suggests a plate for your son's lip? Pay back is a bitch, buddy!!!

9:14 AM PDT  
Blogger Anonymous City Girl said...

He does have really nice hair (then again that was probably my family's thought before I buzzed it and bleached it white after watching Tank Girl in the 80's).
A labret piercing would look really cool on him.
Tell him to keep the hair, get the labret, put a little meat on his bones and call me in 3 years.. hee hee

(oh she is so blocking my ISP now... I was teasing, I swear!!!)

11:20 AM PDT  
Anonymous Steadman said...

Nope, not a bartender. But if you need one, I'll try....

2 wedges of of lime anyone?

11:41 AM PDT  

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