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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The AOL Gold Rush Game and Shameless Appeal for your Support

My brother works for AOL. Their latest big advertising campaign is AOL's Gold Rush Game.

Now personally, I don't really give a flying leap whether or not this is a successful promotion for AOL, but I do care if it's successful for my brother. That's what big sisters are for...cheering on little brothers.

So I'm going to shamelessly promote this game and ask you to link over there. After all you could win some really great prizes...me I can't win...my brother works there, but YOU...you can win. So it would be really great if you clicked over to the Gold Rush page and whether or not you want to play you might click on the T-Mobile advert. That would be really cool. Oh, and if you decide to play Round 1...I have the answers to all the clues. Just email me if you need help. Round 2 starts on Monday.

BTW, the game is all based on your knowledge of pop culture. Round 1 went fairly quickly and I think I completed all the levels but the last one in about a half hour.

Okay Chris...what more can I do, Dude!



Blogger G00GLEFACT said...

I was just thinking if you wanted to help out some more maybe you could tip him off to this forum


as people are still having a little difficulty playing the game.


6:10 AM PDT  

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