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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Books...Books...and more Books!!!

Yesterday was a great book day. You know one of those days where you find just what you are looking for? No, I didn’t get every book I was in hot pursuit to find, after all some of them are out of print, but I did come away with an exciting stack of books to read. I will go so far as to say I can’t remember when I’ve had this many books I was anxious to read all at once. Imagine the excitement of trying to decide what to read first. Ahhhh….reader bliss!!

For those of you who know me and that there is a significant stash already in my TBR, just understand that I HAD to buy these books…I had to!

Yesterday’s venture was two-fold. One was to purchase several new releases that I’d been hearing about and/or anticipating. Secondly, I wanted to try and pick up a couple books from the AAR 100 list. Books I hadn’t read but that had a good chance of being a good read.

So here’s my treasure trove of books from yesterday:

New Releases
PALE IMMORTAL (Anne Frasier)

From UBS
AS YOU DESIRE (Connie Brockway)
BRIDAL FAVORS (Connie Brockway)
A KISS TO DIE FOR (Claudia Dain)

Since I participated in the Dear Author blogging experiment, it’s my intention to post about SLAVE TO SENSATION which is Ms. Singh’s first single title release. However, I'm a big fan of Ms. Ward's, so I'm reading her book first.

So, if I’m MIA the next few days, you will know why. What with the walking, the yoga, the reading…oh yeah and the pesky things like cooking, cleaning and laundry, I don’t know where I’ll find time to post. How did I ever find time for a job?



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