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Thursday, November 16, 2006


The Gist: Kaderin the Cold Hearted is a Valkyrie who specializes in dispatching vampires. Kaderin has a particular and personal hatred for all things vamp because they destroyed her two sisters and Kaderin has never gotten over it. As a result her feelings and emotions have been put in the deep freeze making her a very efficient vampire killer and assassin.

Sebastian Wroth was turned into a vampire against his will. He's made good use of his time over the centuries studying and hiding from the world refusing to live as a creature he was raised to despise, curse and fear.

Kaderin comes to destroy Sebastian at a time when he doesn't see much of a reason to go on living. Their meeting is both dramatic and traumatic for both of them. It changes everything. It turns out Kaderin is Sebastian's Bride. She can't kill him and he suddenly has a new interest in life...Kaderin.

The Good: Sebastian's faith and belief that the two of them could somehow forge a relationship despite the overwhelming obstacle of them being natural born enemies. In fact, Sebastian's belief is so strong he turns some of the capabilities and limitations of what vamps can and can't do on its ear. He believes in them so single mindedly and tackles the overwhelming odds of them being accepted by any faction of the immortal world, that it's damn endearing and downright lovable.

The Bad: Kaderin just bugged me. Not because she is physically strong and capable, not because she is an obnoxious cold blooded killer of vampires...after all they are the hated enemy of the valkyrie. I just don't like when a character lies to themselves. Kaderin was written as a pretty intelligent valkyrie. It just didn't make sense to me that it took her so long to see the light, especially when Sebastian proved himself to her over and over again. It just bugged.

Sum Up: While Kaderin bugged me, I still enjoyed the book. It's not a book I can gush over, but it was good enough to keep me reading the series. Yes, I liked Sebastian much more than Kaderin, but the story and his character make the book worth reading. I imagine we will be hearing more about Sebastian's brothers in future books as we are sort of set up to do so.

Bam did a review of this book recently too. Take a look at what she said here. Read Scooper's review of NO REST here. Rosario did a review of the first book in the series A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER within the last day or so. Check it out here.

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Anonymous scooper said...

One of the reassons I liked Kaderin was because she didn't feel. It was nice to see how a female character would act if she was truely cold blooded. I also liked the competition between her and the girl who slept with the sea god.

4:25 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Like I said when you reviewed the book, sometimes she was just too indifferent to make it believable she would do an about face and suddenly have a change of heart.

6:45 AM PST  

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