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Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Thoughts

In the bookstore yesterday I picked up a recent PEOPLE magazine to find out the following:

1. Brad & Angelina's twins are 20 months old! That's almost 2 years old. I don't know why this shocked me, but it did. Maybe because I don't know how any couple could survive the constant scrutiny these two do. I'm not a huge fan of either one of them, but I just sayin'...they put up with a lot of crap from the media.

2. OTOH, Dakota Fanning is only 16 years old. Lordy, I thought she was like 23 already. Weird.

3. Merlin Olsen died on March 11th. Probably ancient news to all of you, but I missed this. Do you remember him from LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE? Or, maybe you remember him as part of the (then) Los Angeles Rams football team "Fearsome Foursome". Anyway, he was a nice man and I was sorry to hear about his passing.

4. Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet are splitting. Man! Do I know them personally. Course not. But, I sorta liked the "them" I did know through the media and was sad to hear this. Although, I was wondering where he was on Oscar night.



Blogger Wendy said...

The Brad/Angelina/Jen thang must still be selling magazines - altho lordy I have no idea why. I am sooooo over it! Move on already people!

I saw a clip of Dakota Fanning on The Tonight Show where she told Jay Leno that in a scene for her new movie she had to play a record on a record player. Someone on set had to SHOW HER HOW! OMG - that makes me feel old!

Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet - yeah, that one sort of came out of nowhere - although like you I wondered why she was flying solo at the Oscars.

8:19 AM PDT  
Blogger Lori said...

Hey you! I am so heartily sick of reading about Brad and Angelina. Not that I read it, just those headlines in the checkout line are getting old.

As for Kate and Sam, I forget where I heard it, but someone on TV pointed out on Oscar night that almost all the "best actresses" in the last 10 years have split from their hubbies. That made Sandra Bullock and Jesse James a little less shocking to me (but no less sad).

8:43 PM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

Hi Rosie!! Miss you :D

Wow, 2 y.o. already? Where does time go? although it doesn't surprise me that much, because they've talked a lot about the parents, but lately, rarely mention the kids...

Regarding what Lori said, they call it the Oscar Best Actress curse... Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, etc. However, while they split with their husbands, they tend to trade up as well :D So that's nice.

The thing about Sandra Bullock was very sad, especially how she thanked him in all her speeches :( Definitively blind-sided :(

4:06 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Wow! Look three people still love me! Yes, I own it. I'm pathetic.

Wen, it's not so much the Brad and Angelina thing as my shock that, 1) it's gone on so long (the frenzy) and 2) those twins are almost 2! It seems like she just had them.

Lori, I saw a blurb about the Best Actress curse. I think it sucks majorly that this had to happen at all but is particularly humiliating to her so close on the heals of her success. Bastard...

Yo, Nathie, so clever of you to use "blind sided" in your comments about Bullock. I feel so much better if you are surprised about the twins being almost two because you are lots younger than me and it means that I'm not thinking that just cuz I'm *clears throat* got a few years on you. ; )

8:57 AM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

LOL, it's not due to your age, no worries Rosie :D I think it's just because they've been out of sight. seriously, compared to Suri Cruise, they haven't had much press :P Out of sight, out of mind :D

Didn't really want to use blind-side as a pun, but it really fits ^_^;

3:44 PM PDT  

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