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Thursday, January 13, 2011

*Cough*Cough* This Place Needs Cleaning!

Yep, it's that time of the month again. I have an article up at Access Romance. This month I'm talking about my new "discovery" a little thing called an e-reader. I know, I know... Last one to the party again.

There's a couple of things I want to share with you. First, I read PRECIOUS & FRAGILE THINGS by Megan Hart last week. Out. Of. The. Park. A terrific read. It is NOT A romance, but it IS a very good book.

My next bit of news is that I've been talking to the fabulous LB Gregg and it seems she will be out this way for RT. A little of this, a little of that and it appears that I too will be making an appearance at RT. Can NYC and RWA be far behind????

Last and not least is this little gem. I admonished my sons not to spend money on Christmas gifts that they could not afford. In fact, I told them they need not buy gifts for their Dad and I. We really want for nothing and I hate to think of the boys spending money they need for other things. Beanie took my words to heart. Instead, he plotted and planned with his Dad and this is what I got for Christmas. Yes, I cried. I just watched it again and cried. That kid... I never know what he's going to do next.

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Blogger nath said...

Hi Rosie!! :)

It's a great video that Beanie put together for you!! and I think a lot more meaningful then something he could have bought you :) He did a great job as well, the video is just so cute :) Fun to see them as kids, but also to see you and G back then!! :)

Oh, I hope you make it to NYC and RWA this year :)

7:26 AM PST  
Blogger Lori said...

You were right - I did cry. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift!

And holy cow - what awesome singing voices you and your sisters have!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new years! Can't wait to see you.

8:36 AM PST  
Blogger Wendy said...

Ooooh, just like the Andrews Sisters! (Nath is probably like "Who?") And Beanie made that with his own two lil' hands? It's like the 21st century version of a macaroni necklace :)

Sigh, still need to decide on RT. Am I going for one day or what? Who the heck knows! I have DEFINITE plans to go to RWA. Period. End of story.

Speaking of stories - need to buy the Megan Hart still. Also the last book in the Kaki Warner trilogy....uh, even though I haven't read the second book yet, because I suck like that.

3:49 PM PST  
Blogger azteclady said...



I'm a horrible person and an even more horrible friend--but I love you and man, that video is definitely tissue worthy! *sniff*

You, my lady, have done right with your kids, congratulations on having raised such wonderful men.

3:59 PM PST  
Blogger nath said...

LOL yes, Wendy. Who?

7:25 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Nathie, yeah, I love it too. So much work taking VHS and making it digital and then matching up the audio. Was a great surprise.

Lori, well, I know I cried, but didn't expect it would make YOU cry. =) Boys can surprise you sometimes -- but then you, of all people, know that. Can't wait to see you too! You thinking of staying overnight?

Wendy, you know I had forgotten we immortalized our singing on video. Bean's poor GF had to listen to that all day long while he sync'd the video and audio together.

You and I are due for our annual discussion about conferences. Soon? I have to nail down some specifics. At the rate things are going it will be the only way I break out of work.

And, Nath should google the Andrews Sisters, I know if she's watched a WW II movie she's heard them.

AL, you are an excellent friend. I'm the one who has been out of the loop so much. As an aside, I read SKIN HEAT and loved it. Another reason why I love my Kindle -- haven't been making it out to the bookstore and was able to buy it "instantly". Do you have plans for NYC?????

Nathie, google 'em! You might like what you find.

7:24 AM PST  
Blogger Lori said...

Let's talk about conferences when we're at Holly's place. Nail it all down :)

And ok, I didn't bawl, but I teared and choked up. So sweet.

Oh, and Wendy? I already read the 3rd Kaki Warner. It was ok, but not as good as 1 & 2. IMHO.

11:12 AM PST  
Blogger Tracy said...

I was crying and it wasn't my family or my gift! lol

What a wonderful gift he gave you and it's something that you will keep with you and cherish always. He's an incredibly thoughtful young man. You raised a good one, Rosie.

You DO have great singing voices. You all sounded great. I'll have to have you hum a few bars for me the next time I see you.

{{big hug}}

3:08 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Lori, great idea we can see who plans to do what. I was wondering about whether you were staying over when we go down to Holland's place.

Oh and Wen? what Lori said about the KW. Agree completely.

Tracy, my Mom died seven years ago and some of my most vivid memories are of the end days. It was so great to watch videos when she looked good and happy. Can't tell you what a great gift this was. Yeah, that Beanie, I think I'll keep him. Can't wait to see everyone. You and your Mom are gonna make Holly's, right?

6:47 PM PST  
Blogger Marg said...

What an awesome, awesome gift! And such fun!

9:12 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Marg, not only was it special, but I was totally surprised Christmas morning. Those are always some of the best gifts.

8:08 AM PST  
Blogger Holly said...

Look at me being all late and stuff (like that's new..when have I ever been on time for anything?)..

That video..OMG. I got all choked up watching it and we're not even related. Excellent gift, Beanie. Way to go.

I'm excited to see you all this weekend!

10:42 AM PST  
Blogger azteclady said...

Rosie, I've been thinking about NYC, a lot--but mostly with despair.

I don't think I can stretch the budget that far; even if my beloved offered me the registration, there's hotel and travel and food...


(but I'm buying a lottery ticket today, so there's always a tiny glimmer of hope :wink: )

8:34 AM PST  
Blogger Becky said...

That is PRECIOUS! What a great gift! You gals sounded GREAT! Who knew? We have the Andrews Sisters right here in SoCal?

12:04 PM PST  

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