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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Something New at My Barnes & Noble

Can you see what it is? By now you've seen or heard about the series KarenS has been doing on her blog about AA authors. Even if you don't want to enter the debate/discussion you should go take a look and get to know some of these outstanding authors.

I've mentioned a couple of times before that while we have a section for "Black America" for non-fiction writing, AA fiction writers are shelved by genre, which for me personally makes sense. Anyway, a single mass market paperback AA book rarely makes it to the center aisle, especially a romance. Zane, Gwynne Forster, Kayla Perrin, a precious few are regularly there and maybe a few others, but not often and not on a regular basis.

Consequently I was so surprised and happy to see these AA books shelved on a center aisle pyramid at my Barnes & Noble yesterday afternoon that I took pictures. There is at least one AA on each side of the pyramid and they are shelved in the top four rows which means they are at eye level.

Can you see the authors names?

Picture No. 1 - top row
Just About Sex by
Ann Christopher

2nd row
One Night With You by
Gwynne Forster

Picture No. 2 - top row
A Lover's Mask by
Altonya Washington

Picture No. 3 - 2nd row
The Way You Make Me Feel by
Francine Craft

Picture No. 4 - 3rd row

Cannibal Moon (Deathlands) by James Axler (Okay I screwed up on this one. This is a re-release from a now deceased British author. I was so excited by my discovery that I didn't check it out before I left the store. You can see the cover here.)

The books are category romances and are the Kimani Romance imprint and you can find these and previous monthly listings at eHarlequin.com. This was a first to see these at my B&N. I hope they plan to continue to have this line every month.

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Blogger Seressia said...

It IS an awesome thing to see. I think, however,that the publishers pay for that space. That being said, it's an indication that Harlequin is invested in their Kimani line, which is a good thing. ;)

7:14 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Seressia, it makes sense that pubs are paying for the space. I guess I should have realized when books I didn't think were selling well seem to stay in that center aisle.

But, you're right that we should look at the silver lining. It would be nice to see this line every month. For readers who haven't tried AA romance before it's a great way to get your feet wet.

8:58 AM PDT  
Blogger Wendy said...

The last time I had contact with a Harlequin rep, she indicated that they were very excited about the Kimani line. But it's nice to see that it wasn't just lip service and they're throwing some advertising dollars and getting some premium placement at the chain store(s).

3:30 PM PDT  

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