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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Was it good for you?

Did you feel it? I did and it felt GOOD! I'm dancin'...you read it right. I'm dancin'!! In fact I just twirled--TWICE! I have a new assistant and she starts on Monday. The world is a wonderful place.

The guy I live with goes to days next week, we should be able to get horizontal (*gasp* be in bed at the same time!!) in the very near future so things are definitely looking up.

BTW, I'm going to a bridal shower on Sunday afternoon (who has a shower on a Sunday afternoon for cripes sakes!!) for a 20-something bride. Any survival tips?

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Blogger MaryMary said...

WOOHOO!! Amen and Halleluiah!!! That's awesome news. Hopefully, this coming month will be a lot easier on you.

Is it Sarah's bridal shower you're going to? I wish I was there to be catty with you!

9:22 PM PST  
Blogger Trudy Booty Scooty said...

Um...a sure-fire survival tip:


(grin) (Thank God its not a Sunday BABY Shower....then they'd only have punch. You'd be doomed.)

12:55 PM PST  

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