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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Cell Phones

I got a new cell phone yesterday. For those who know me, you are probably laughing because this has turned into an every six month occurence.

In my defense, I had my first cell phone for almost 3 years. I only bought a new phone because I needed a new battery and good old trusty flip phone #1 had been discontinued. And, thus begins the cell phone chronicles. I bought my second phone which was similar to the first one. This was flip phone #2.

I broke the lid on phone #2. It literally wouldn't stay on the phone any longer. That happens when you repeatedly drop and then kick or bounce the phone with your foot before you get it picked up. I had dropped the phone so many times that I cracked the joint thingys that held the phone together. Of course, we found out I have arthritis in my hands and that explains some of the dropsies, but I really beat the crap out of the poor phone. *sigh* So, as a result six months later I bought another phone, flip phone #3.

My son called this phone "the Hummer" because it had a black rubberized bumper around the phone and seemed virtually indestructible. I really, really, really liked this phone. By now I had lots of information from the previous two phones and new stuff from work all saved in this wonderful slick black indestructible phone.

Unfortunately, I used to put this gem in the big outside pocket of my handbag and it got stolen. Can you say pissed off? The worst part was loosing all the stuff I had stored in the phone! Boy I was mad! At this point it's maybe been 18-20 months since phone #1 bit the dust. Feeling guilty over the loss of "the Hummer" I decide to suck it up and buy an inexpensive phone. This is phone #4 which we affectionately call the "crap phone".

The "crap phone" didn't get its' name because I loved the phone. Not only was the menu a beast to deal with it constantly dropped calls and broke up calls so badly that I couldn't carry on a coherent conversation. No it wasn't my provider...the rest of the family and their phones were just fine. It was the damn phone! What can I say...don't buy LG Electronics. Their phones suck!

Fortunately, or not so fortunately, my youngest son lost his phone last week. He is the lucky recipient of the "crap phone" and I decided to splurge with my first pay check from the new job and bought a totally awesome Treo 650.

I've just spent most of the day putting all my life into it. Address books, calendar events, business, etc. I'm bleary eyed and pooped. Isn't any wonder I've written the most boring post of my life about cell phones for God's sakes?!! I love my phone...but I'm tired!

I'm Tired
By Gizem Saka

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Blogger MaryMary said...

You know I love you, right? You're such a loser! You know how we used to say that Mom and Dad's house was where electronics go to die, well you, my sister, are the Steven-Fucking-Hawking-Blackhole-Of-Cell-Phones! And I mean that in the most loving way! :-)

5:41 PM PST  

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