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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Winter Olympics

So it's here...the Winter Olympics. Have you been watching? We watched part of the opening ceremony. Frankly, we thought alot of it was awful. I'm half Italian, and all I could think about at the beginning of the ceremony was how the late night comedians were going to have a field day with jokes about Italians.

Imagine my surprise when the LA Times gave it pretty glowing reviews this morning. I guess I should have watched after the parade of nations...which for me is usually pretty fascinating because there always seems to either be some newly formed republic that was formerly something else. I like getting a little geographical and historical update while watching. But this year, I just couldn't stay awake for it. So I missed the torch lighting, the fireworks, and Pavaroti. Can anyone tell me why he dyes his hair so black?

While I did make it through all the ceremony in Salt Lake City four years ago, I thought the little "child of light" thing was hokey. This time those guys in red with the rocket fire bugged the crap out of me. Was there any real point? Does the opening have to be a bigger and bigger spectacle to get viewers? I always wonder what people in other countries are thinking. Are the Olympics over produced every where or just here in the good old USA? Why is it that we have to be so unbiased in our reporting. Is every other country's coverage about their own atheletes or about all the world atheletes? Are we reporting the Olympics for the world? Really I don't know the answer and could be arsed to find out. I'm just wondering.

Of course so far we've loads to be proud of...one skeleton competitor banned because of a hair growth product that masks steriods. For God's sake, how do you get all the way to the the Olympics competing around the world in world class events and not know the drug you are taking for your hair growth is going to get you banned. I don't feel sorry for the athelete, I feel sorry for his family, friends and community that have supported him all these years to find out he can't keep track of the rules.

Then there's Bode Miller. Isn't he a surly gem? Shut up and ski! If you don't like the press...shut up and ski! Oh? You want sponsors? They want you to cooperate with the press? Then just shut up!! Skiing has given you a great life. Get over yourself, make nice so you keep your sponsorships, and go ski...which is what you say you want to do. He is 29 years old for crying out loud. Grow up!

Which brings us to Michelle Kwan who took an Olympic spot and petitioned to go to the Olympics without competing nationally because of an injury. She was granted a position on the US Olympic team and now she's had a tough first day practicing and is considering dropping out. Okay, I listened during tonight's telecast to Scott Hamilton who said "until you've walked a mile in those shoes". This is Michelle's third trip to the Olympics. She didn't know she was going to be scrutinized and have pressure? Come on! While I do believe the pressure is pretty intense for her and she is, rightfully so, concerned about her groin pull, I can't believe she wasn't aware of these issues before going to Torino. Now she's "listening to my body"? Take a private practice and chill out! If she is going to drop out I hope it's sooner than later so someone else gets a chance to prepare and participate.

So, when I'm usually pretty enthusiastic to watch the Olympics...winter or summer...the US atheletes in Torino have me in a bit of a snit. Hopefully over the weekend watching and reading about the events I will lose some of my cynicism and enjoy the games. So are you watching the Olympics?



Blogger MaryMary said...

I feel sad for Michelle Kwan. Although, I think she had a clue that her injury would prevent her from performing her best, she had to go out and give it a shot. I'm glad she didn't skate injured and make a fool out of herself. I wish she could've gotten the gold at least once. She's a phenominal skater and has something like 9 world titles and no Olypic gold, that's just sad!

I missed the opening ceremonies because I was out with my guy. Unfortunately, I probably would've had more fun if I had stayed home in front of the tube!

3:25 PM PST  

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