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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Holy Shit...my job!!!

Okay, for all my regulars, this is a warning that I'm going to talk about my job...again. Unbelievably after all my whining and complaining and countdowns I'm now doing something completely different and taking a NEW job at the SAME place. I'm going to be the BOSS!!! Can you just scream, or what?!!!

Yeah, they are putting an offer letter together for me because they've asked me to be the Manager. I'm crazy and if you knew the whole sordid story over the last six months you'd call me "retarded" which is what my sister Mary called me when I told her this morning. Don't jump my crap about not being PC by putting in that word. I'm a nice person and so is my sister. She was using that word to question my judgement and my ability to make this decision. I have not been particularly skilled or bright over the past few months screwing around back and forth with my management company over all the drama. Again, waaaaay too long to recap here, but my poor sister has listened to me over and over again the last six months so she's entitled to question my judgement. Besides she wanted to get the name calling (PC or not) out of the way so she can be her sweet and sympathetic self when I call to complain, a probability for which there are very high odds.

So, there is always the possibility that the offer won't have all the contingencies I requested...and the money. But barring that, starting Monday I'll have a new job. Unbelievable...really!

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