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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Uh - Oh!!

Okay, I already missed my second day. But that's what happens when you have a 12 hour work day. Aiiieeee Carumba! I was so tired I didn't even make my daily blog rounds. In fact I'm writing this totally clueless about what happened in the world yesterday. Frankly, I haven't decided whether or not that is a good thing or a bad thing.

So far today I've showered and went for my nail and pedi appointment that was rescheduled due to horrendous work day yesterday. Now I'm home to snatch up the guy I live with and then we will be out doing the errands that keep our household going for another week. This we will follow up with a trip to Bed & Bath for new sheets for the new mattresses we bought back in December for our boys.

I know I've been busy, but I completely forgot about those mattresses. Number one son happened to mention the other day that he has been waiting for us to get the new sheets. He goes on to explain that it is like having a wrestling match to try and fit the regular sheets on the bed, the mattress pad is ripping and oh yeah...he feels like the meat in a taco every time he gets in the bed. Obviously, I'm a horrible mother! *g* What I can't believe is that he's waited so long to remind me I need to buy him sheets.

On the up side they wash and change their own sheets (only every OTHER week and usually after some nagging) so I've remained clueless to their plight. Hopefully everyone will sleep well tonight. Later gator!

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