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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Visiting My Blog

Something is seriously wrong with me. Honestly...I visit my blog site each day with every intention of writing and end up bouncing around cyber space reading everyone else's blog.

So I'm going to steal a page out of Jennifer Crusie's book...er blog...or life and try to write something here every day for the next two weeks. My goal is not to think too much and just write whatever I'm thinking about...no censoring. Should be interesting.

I have to say that while I love romance, mysteries, suspense, erotica and the mixtures and sub genres of all these books, the articles, reviews posts, and drama have been kind of a drag lately. It continually surprises me how the written word is interpreted so differently by each reader. Perception and opinion of what was written is influenced by age, gender, religion, ethnicity, economics...so many factors. I've read the same material as several other people and come away with a different (sometimes COMPLETELY different) perception of what was written. It is often enlightening and gives me a fresh point of view, but just as frequently makes me scratch me head and say "Huh?" "Really?" "WTF?" "Oh, for Gawd's sakes!!"

I have found that there are lots of great people out in in the cyber world who are smart, clever, witty, and funny. However, there are an equal number of wanking weirdo overly sensitive freaks. Oh, and I don't want to forget the person who comments with great authority and frequently insensitivity and posts anonymously. Still and all...I usually get quite a kick out of reading, observing and commenting on all of it. It makes me feel connected to the fast paced and busy world in which we all live. I like knowing what is going on...whether I agree or participate in all of it is moot. I still want to know.

Now the interesting thing about writing a blog? That while I was getting myself all revved up to go on about bloggers and how the internet is my main source for news my #2 son who turned 16 on Easter Sunday, asked me to take in a new collared shirt he bought at American Eagle this evening. So right when I was getting warmed up I had to leave for 34 minutes to take in his shirt for him. Of course he had to do all the set up and putting away of the sewing machine...so that helped. Well, it helped convince me to take in the shirt at 10 p.m. at night, but didn't help me with my blog.

Yeah, I'll get one of these suckers written every night for the next 14, or only 13 now...days.

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Blogger MaryMary said...

I look forward to reading! BTW, Chris called last night and told me you had an interesting phone call from Dad! :-)

3:52 PM PDT  

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