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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What I've been reading lately

So, I'm cleaning up this weekend and sorting through all the books I've piled up that I've read recently to decide whether to save 'em or send 'em to the used book store. I realized I had quite a stash accumulated in the process. I thought I'd share a quick review of this latest group. You're getting bare bones here. I'm too tired and lazy to get links or covers.

1. Kathy Love - A trilogy GETTING WHAT YOU WANT; WANTING WHAT YOU GET; and WANTING SOMETHING MORE. I probably would not have read all three of these if I was waiting for them to come out individually. However, this was one of those rare instances when a cover caught my eye and all three of the books were out already. Reading them one after the other was great. They aren't the sort of read I would rave about, but were an enjoyable way to spend a weekend. Straight up contemporary romance about three misfit sisters and how they manage to make a life for themselves when the "grow up".

2. Michele Albert - HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT. I have all of her books...even those as Michele Jerott. I like her voice. Considering some of the unsavory and unpleasant things the protagonist has in his past it would have been more interesting to be a little more in his psyche. Grif Laughton is a complicated guy. I liked the book though. Fast paced enough, even if I would have liked seeing more of the dark side of Grif.

3. Kresley Cole - A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER. If you know anything about me you know I'm a complete pushover for werewolves and vampires. While I'm partial to these two kinds of stories, I do have standards. I like intensity and new twists to the same old legends. I liked this book alot because probably the only thing I'm more of a sucker (no pun intended) for then weres and vamps is a tortured hero. This book has that all wrapped up in one guy. Of course, I can't over look his single minded focus to find and keep his mate. Yeah...my guilty secret a man's intense focus of energy on one woman. It gives me shivers. I'm curious to read a second book of Ms. Cole's to see if this was a one time thing or not.

4. Lucy Monroe - READY; WILLING; AND ABLE. This is actually three individual books. This is another trio I've been ignoring but started reading part of the second book in the store and got hooked enough to give them a whirl. I read all three back to back. Again, I don't know if I had read the first one all by itself if it would have stood out in my mind long enough for me to buy the second and third books, but all together they were very satisfying. The guys are mercernaries which always intrigues me. It's interesting to me when an author tries to give us a reason why a man would choose that sort of life...it's pretty hard to justify selling yourself to the highest bidder. Of course, these guys belong to a "good guy" merc group doing good for the world. There are some far fetched scenarios, but I don't read romance for a dose of reality...I get that from CNN. So all in all they were a fun read.

5. Lucy Monroe - TEMPT ME. So I liked the contemporaries enough to give this regency of Ms. Monroe's a try. I wasn't as captivated by it as I was the contemporaries, but if you are the mood for a decently written regency, this one is pretty good.

6. Eloisa James - THE TAMING OF THE DUKE. I've enjoyed this series and was disappointed in this installment. It was predictable and I had trouble finishing it. I've enjoyed several of Ms. James books very much, but this one made me feel like she wasn't sure what she wanted to write. It was too tepid for the build up we've had of these two characters.

7. Emma Holly - ALL U CAN EAT. I liked this book, but not as much as some of Ms. Holly's books. I loved both of the main characters and was very invested in both of them. But this is another one of those occasions when a book was missing something for me and I can't put my finger on what it is. Satisfying ending though. Even though Frankie Smith has a boyfriend when the story starts, I can't think why she wasn't flirting her ya-ya's off with Police Chief Jack West. He's a memorable guy...kind of like Patrick in Ms. Holly's VELVET GLOVE. Both these guys make their individual books worth reading. All that intensity and focus (again!) just makes a chick shiver!

8. Katie MacAlister - EVEN VAMPIRES GET THE BLUES. This was an enjoyable addition to this series of Ms. MacAlister's. By itself it wouldn't be a recommend for me though. Her earlier books are much better I think. I would have liked more of Paen's background explained. Also, it's hard to be too invested in soul saving when the person whose soul is at risk never makes an appearance in the book. Yeah, that was weird. Even so, if you liked her other vampire books and enjoy this series, you'll like this one too.

9. Sarah McCarty - CONCEPTION: THE OTHERS. I just re-read this book because I bought it in print. You know I'm so taken with her PROMISE series that I didn't remember how much I liked this particular book. What can I say? *G* I'm a huge fan of Ms. McCarty's. I am anxious now to read more of this series. (Bohdan's story if you must know). Character, character, character...she writes them with so much depth and accessibility. Even when writing about the supernatural, like she is here, she is one of those writers that make her characters seem so real. Good, good book. If you haven't read it, you really should.

With the exception of Ms. McCarty's book, none of the other books are something I would stop someone in the romance section and tell them to read. However, none of them made me go screaming into the night either.

Psst...Sarah...what's the latest with UNCHAINED: ZACH'S OBSESSION ?

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Blogger Karen Scott said...

The Taming of The Duke seems to have had the same reaction in a lot of people. Apparently, James had a note on her website where she explains that actually, the heroine knew all along that Rafe was Gabe erm.. or vice versa!

I can't argue with Sarah's Conception, fab book, and I'm not even into paranormals that much!

6:50 AM PDT  

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