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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Will you marry me?

I was over at McVane's site and reading a post about marriage proposals. It brought back memories of my marriage proposal. No fanfare that romantic guy I live with. *sigh* He's become much more of a planner over the years, but not so much back then.

We'd been dating for about 4 months and were at a Memorial Day party with a bunch of mixed singles. I got miffed at TGILW salivating over two bimbos with barely there shorts and bandaid bikini tops. These two hos wanted to join in our volleyball game. Disgusted at the behavior of the males who began to act like they'd never seen a set of silicone breasts before I decided to go inside and join a game of quarters where I proceeded to get happily and thoroughly sloshed which in turn lead to me flirting like a tart with the rent due.

At this point TGILW comes in and attempts to get my attention several times...which I ignore due to said drooling over fake boobs. Now the guy I live with is nothing if not stubborn and persistent. He waits until I have to go to the bathroom and he drags me into one of the bedrooms of the house where the party is and says..."if we are going to get married you can't behave like this!"

Yeah, I know...pretty f*cking ballsy of him wasn't it? Anyway, I'm loudly and vehemently defending my right to flirt with everything in pants when it finally dawns on me what he'd said. After I recover from the shock, we *ahem* make up.

About a month later I get a formal proposal over dinner. But that argument is what I always consider my real proposal. It's a better story, don't ya think? We were married 6 months later and have stayed happily so for almost 26 years.

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Anonymous Maili said...

LOL! That's a fantastic story. One of the best in a while, in fact. Me likey.

11:23 AM PDT  
Blogger Avery's mom said...

just browsing around blogland and i have to say that is a beautiful and wonderful story.
congratualtions to the both of you.

11:40 AM PDT  

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