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Thursday, June 01, 2006

If it's June it must be VACATION!

I'm so excited! We go on vacation this month. We will be traveling to Idaho and Montana.

My youngest brother will be in an Ironman in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. That will be exciting. He has done an ironman twice before in Australia and Utah. This will probably be his last one. Training for this event takes an incredible commitment and alot of time. Throw in a demanding job and the joys of being a new Daddy and he decided that he would be spending more time with his family instead of training for big events like the Ironman. He already has plans to continue doing triathalons so I'm sure before we know it he will have his daughter as his training buddy. His daughter is KADEN of Kaden's Place on my sidebar.

So after the Ironman we go on to Montana. My Dad has a second home there. Dad's 75th birthday is within days of the Ironman, so several of our family members will be with him in Montana to help Dad celebrate this milestone.

So it's June. Time for vacation. I can hardly wait! Wouldn't you like to just rest in a summer breeze?

by Stephen Darbishire

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Blogger MaryMary said...

Holy hoochie mamma! Nice piece of art there, Ro! I'm on antibiotics and feeling much better, thank you!

Apparently, I've neglected by blog for so long,, nobody wants to comment any more. I'm thinking about retiring it until I'm moved. What do you think?

Guess what? I'll be seeing you THIS month! Just a few short weeks and we'll be together!

8:35 AM PDT  

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