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Sunday, October 29, 2006

My 5 Truths, My Name and Holly's Survey

This was posted below my Happy Birthday to my son. I'm moving it to the top because I'm too tired from the weekend shenanigans to do a new post today and I don't know if everyone saw it.

Last week Jodi tagged me to tell five truths. Here are mine and I hope they don't scare you all away.

1. For about two years I've wanted to pierce my nipples. Don't ask me why, I've just been fixated on the idea. I haven't because I'm 51 and I can't imagine anything more ludicrous or ridiculous. I keep thinking of visits to my Gynnie who I've known for years and his surprise when it's time for the breast exam. That and the fact the as sure as there is hellfire and Jesus it would hurt like a mother. I could maybe do it if Steadman and my sister Mary were to get drunk with me and take me to a nice sterile environment and then I could have a great drunk story to go with the piercings.

2. I still cry sometimes over our infertility even though I absolutely love and adore our two sons.

3. While I try to eat right, exercise, take meds and do all the right things for my rheumatoid arthritis I mostly want to wail and bitch about it.

4. In real life I have to curb my language all the time because one of my worst vices is my foul mouth.

5. The most significant truth about me is how important it is to me that the people I love, KNOW that I love them. The worst thing I can imagine is that my nearest and dearest wouldn't know how much they mean to me or how much I loved them.

There it is...my five truths!

Okay, now for my name. Thanks to Zeek I linked to find out how many people in the U.S. have my same exact name. I used Rosie instead of Rose Marie, my legal first name. As I commented at Zeek's blog, it turns out there are 16...16 women with the very SAME name as me. I think that's alot of people to have your same name when it isn't Smith or Jones. I was pretty surprised. Here's the link for you, if you haven't tried it already.

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Last, but not least is a mini-survey from Holly's site.

1.What makes you visit a blog? Lots of things make me visit a blog. The majority of the sites I visit are due to my interest in reading romance novels, but not all of them. I think what most of the sites I visit have in common is how genuine the people are.

2. What makes you come back to it? sincerity, originality, humor, common interest, human interest

3. Do you read the archives of a new blog you find? Or of ones you visit frequently? When I'm new to a blog I certainly look at the archives. If I've been away from my computer like when I'm on vacation I come back and go through archives of the blogs I most frequently visit.

4. Do you comment on all the blogs you read? Or only some? What makes you comment or not? In general I do comment at one time or another on all the blogs I read, but not on every blog every day. Sometimes I don't have anything to contribute, which isn't to say that I didn't find the posting interesting. Usually something has to strike a chord of familiarity for me to comment.

5. Do you like it when someone repsonds to your comment with one of their own, or do you not care? I do like to have a response, but it isn't always necessary or reasonable, some comments just don't require a response.

6. How often does a blog need to update for you to keep visiting? A few days? Once A week? Once every couple of weeks? This really depends on the blog. If it is a really good writer I can usually go longer between posts. Jennifer Crusie (Argh Ink) posts very infrequently. In general though, I'd like to see a new post at least once a week.

7. Is there anything you DON'T want to read about? If so, what and why not? If not, good on you. ;) As I've said many times...me...I'm a Nosy Nora. I like to read about it all. There have been a few occasions of TMI, but *g* but if you will blog it, I will read it.

It always feels good to have the housework done. I think I'm all caught up again...for the moment.

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Blogger Kristie (J) said...

LOL with #1. My son has his done and I cringe everytime I think about it - not because he had it done, but I don't even want to think about how much it must have hurt!! Awww on #2. Your lucky though you have such fine sons.
I still have to do Holly's blog questions!

8:21 PM PDT  
Blogger Holly said...

Isn't it great to get all of your housework done? I love that feeling, when you're mildly tired from working so hard, but you can look around and see what you've accomplished. It's great. ;)

Your #1 freaks me out. LOL Not because you want to do it, but because I just can't imagine dealing with the pain. OUCH! haha

I'm sorry about #2. It's funny, because I don't necessarily want another child, but if I COULDN'T have one...well, I know I'd mourn the loss.

#3 ~ Bitch away, babe. :)

#4 ~ I have this issue as well. It's terrible.

#5 is wonderful. I can't imagine losing the people I love and realizing I never told them how I felt.

Thanks for doing the survey. :) I'm so nosy.

7:31 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Kristie, did you son share whether it hurt much? I've heard the whole gamut. Some people say the piercing is the worst other say the healing is the worst and still others that it was no big deal.

Holly, I adore the feeling of getting all my chores done. We got the house cleaned for a second time yesterday after the party on Saturday. That's a big relief to start the week.

I think I'm as nosy as they come so I love little surveys like this and seeing everyone's answers.

6:06 AM PST  
Blogger ames said...

Your truths are so interesting!!

I'm afraid of needles-eek! LOL

And #5 is soo important.

10:02 AM PST  
Blogger Racy Li said...

I say do it! Get your nipples pierced! (Don't you know that 50s are the new 30s? :) You only live once!

2:08 PM PST  
Blogger Kristie (J) said...

He said it hurt a lot and then I didn't want to know anymore sqeamish think that I am *g*. So I'm not sure which hurt more.

8:55 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Racy you are a hoot! My sisters always tell me the 50's are the new 40's but I don't see nipple piercing in my future. But IF I ever did it this is the first place I'd post the news.

Ames, there are people close to me in my real life that probably don't know these things...so there you have it. The anonymity of the internet allows us to tell the truth...or make some really good stuff up!

11:02 AM PST  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

Having a foul mouth is a VICE???? Man, I am in soooooooooooooo much trouble!!

And thanks for the One.org video, I'm going to share it.

12:02 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Gabrielle, I'm glad you are sharing the video. It's a good one. Yeah, my mouth it's trouble...

12:36 PM PST  
Anonymous Steadman said...

OMG!!!! I missed #1 the first time I read this.... OUCHIE.... For my 40th, I pierced my B-B. The healing process took way too long. Nothing else will get pierced. However, I continue to toy with the idea of a tattoo.

SOOO Rosemont,line up the shots and let's get er done! YEE HAW....

I also checked out the name link. Believe it or not, I am the one and only Steadman! ha ha

5:23 AM PST  

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