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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Since I've started this blog Thursdays have always been a high traffic day. Keep in mind high traffic here means 50 to 60 people stop by. My average is more like 35. I'm grateful and delighted with each and every guest too. I'm far from worrying about being high profile (yikes!) or about increasing traffic, but I do like to have people stop by. Discussion and interaction are part of the reason I started ye old blog in the first place. That and sharing my opinion that NOBODY ASKED ME about.

Any way, each week when I peek at my stats I see that Thursday is still the champ and wonder why. I also vow each Sunday evening when I tend to look at stat stuff, that this week will be the week that I remember all those people are going to be visiting and I need to wipe down the baseboards, change the bathroom towels, and clean the hall bathroom. Which is Rosie-speak for write and be brilliant dahling, be brilliant.

If one were so inclined, and believe me it's not worth it, and looked back at my posting history there are many Thursdays that I've obviously forgotten all about being brilliant. In fact there's many a Thursday that I've written nothing at all. So why so many visitors? Honestly, I really don't know. All I can be sure of is that it doesn't have any correlation to my writing or content.

So, huh, why Thursdays then? My theory goes something like this. Fridays people are distracted with the end of the week and weekend plans. Saturday and Sunday are the weekend and if you look at a blog it's only your favorites and not for long. You're busy with real life and have weekend type stuff to do. Mondays are...well, Monday. Back to work, and whose interested in really blog hopping when it's only the beginning of a long work week? Tuesdays, you are getting back into the swing of things. Wednesdays you catch up on blog hopping and write a review or post. Which means on Thursday you are caught up and reading people's blogs before the weekend comes again.

Reasonable, don't you think? Works for me anyway. I had to come up with something. Otherwise I have to keep wondering about stuff like this when I'm stuck at a red light. Oh, and still not brilliant either. Who knows, there's always next Thursday and a bolt of inspiration could strike at any time.

BTW, my reading is still crawling along. If I could just squeeze a couple more hours into the day...

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Blogger Karen Scott said...

I've never thought to check my stats for my most popular days, mind that could be because I clear my computer down everyday, and thus can never remember the passwords for my site stats.

10:48 PM PDT  
Blogger Mailyn said...

I thought maybe it was from the Thursday Thirteen or something.

2:29 AM PDT  
Blogger Jenster said...

Brilliant theory! Mine is usually largest on Thursday, too.

9:58 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosario said...

It's Tuesdays for me. Tuesdays, closely followed by Wednesdays. Lowest traffic is Saturday and Sunday, and we're talking A LOT less than on weekdays. Methinks people are doing a lot of bloghopping at work... ;-)

11:07 AM PDT  
Blogger Dance Chica said...

Actually, I liked your explanation! It does seem reasonable. :-P

I’ve noticed traffic increases to my blog, too, on Thursdays because I do memes like Booking Through Thursday where you answer a question on your blog, and post a link to it. So people come to check it out.

4:40 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Karen, don't you have a counter on your blog? I didn't go check and can't remember for sure. God, I could never remember all those passwords either. I just click on my little icon on my page. That's it.

Mailyn, that thought did actually occur to me, but I have lots of stop lights between me and work so I had time to concoct a whole theory.

Jenster, great minds and all that.

Rosario, my weekends are really low usually too.

DC, you know between Thursday Thirteen and Booking Through Thursday now people have automatic topics for Thursdays so that may be a reasonable explanation. But whose trying to be reasonable? :P

10:24 PM PDT  
Blogger Casee said...

Hey Rosie!

My most high traffic days seem to be Wednesday and Thursday. I think your theory is right on!

6:47 AM PDT  
Blogger Jodi_Lee said...

I think you're brilliant everyday! :)

6:52 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Casee, yeah people should listen to me, right? ::snerk::

Jodi, I wuvs you for that.

7:49 PM PDT  
Blogger CindyS said...

Mine is Wednesday and my hour seems 7pm. Wednesday has been the day since I began where as my time seems to move.


9:44 PM PDT  

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