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Monday, March 10, 2008


Have you heard of about(dot)com? Until recently about(dot)com was just another search engine place thingy on the 'net. Or so I thought. Uh, yeah. Not so much. 'About' has a little of everything. Go see.

You may be wondering why I'm such a fan of about(dot)com all of a sudden? My brother, the fabulous brother that brought you the wonderful AOL Gold Rush a while back, is now working at about(dot)com. He'd be very happy if you went over and checked things out. Make comments. Give ideas. Personally, I think they could make things a bit more eye catching. What do you think?

Bro also sent me a couple of links I thought I'd share with any interested parties. 'About' has a section called Family Balance. A part of the Family Balance section is a Mom's blog. So if you are into that sort of thing go take a look. There's also a Mom's Corner. Mom's Corner has some interesting stuff easy and quick tips like what are 10 good movies for grandparents to watch with their grandchildren. That way when you want to ask your folks to watch the kids you know what movies to bring along.

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