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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Book Release Day

I've been reading from my tbr pile. While I'm hardly putting a dent in it I have severely curtailed my book shopping. For instance when I went into the UBS on Saturday, I went looking for a specific book. I did happen to pick up a second category book I'd been looking for, but that was it. Two books.

Today, March 25th I have the longest new book list for a single release day that I have had in eons. Yeah, I'm not so sure about the Kenyon, but I'm pretty certain I'm getting all the others.

Sherry Thomas - Private Arrangements

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Phantom in the Night

Lisa Kleypas - Blue Eyed Devil

Lara Adrian - Midnight Rising

Meredith Duran - Duke of Shadows

Are you book shopping today? What are you buying? Am I missing out on something good?



Blogger nath said...

Hey there Rosie :D

LOL, I pre-ordered all the books I wanted that were coming out today. So technically, I'm not buying anything! however, if I hadn't cheated, I would certainly be on my way to the bookstore this evening to buy Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong, Illegal Possession by Kay Hooper, Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas so we can buddy review, and that's it I think.

by the way, i think that Phantom in the Night has been pushed back again.

7:47 AM PDT  
Blogger Mollie said...

So I was at the library this morning before work to pick up my reserves. Went to check out and the self check out machine told me I had another book on hold. I went back to the shelf. Nada. So I asked someone at the desk if they could look up my account and tell me what else was on hold....it was Blue Eyed Devil! Woo hoo. So I waited for like 5 min. while they searched for it because they'd just checked in a ton of books.

So excited! :)

8:57 AM PDT  
Blogger Katie(babs) said...

I tried to find Blue Eyed Devil at B&N in NYC. They didn't have it! The nerve. Humprh.

4:57 PM PDT  
Blogger Marg said...

Yep, you've about covered my list! Sherry Thomas, Lisa Kleypas and it would have been Kelley Armstrong if I was up to date with the series!

2:26 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Nath, you were right about the Kenyon. Shows you how out of the loop I've been lately. I'm dragging my booty right now, how soon did you want to buddy review?

Mollie, now THAT'S a good day. I got my copy yesterday and am anxious to read it. Here's hoping I can carve out some time this weekend.

Katie, my !@#$ B&N did have theirs shelved either. I had to ask and there was much discussion about the 20 copies they had in the back room. Aargh! They finally brought one out to me and apologized, but it's aggravating. I didn't get there until after 5 p.m. I wonder how many other patrons were looking for it yesterday?

Marg, I think I have the first two of one of (is there more than one?) Kelley Armstong's series and since I haven't started it I'm not adding to the series unless I see a book at the UBS. Gotta practice self control some where.

6:52 AM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

Hey Rosie :D

well you're not completely out of the loop for the Kenyon one. it's been pushed back so many times... I think it was supposed to come out in late 2006 if I'm not wrong.

as for the Private Arrangements, I'm in no hurry. not sure i'll gather the will to read it ^_^;

4:22 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Nathie, I'm going to read the new Lara Adrian and the new Kleypas this weekend, then maybe Private
Arrangements. I'll let you know when I'm ready. You are such a sweetie!

7:13 PM PDT  

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