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Monday, March 29, 2010

Thoughts on RWA

More economic issues going on here at home with my work and GG's work. It got me reconsidering about spending the money to go to RWA.

"Rosie," I thought, "you are being selfish taking this trip, maybe you should cancel while you still can."

Then something happened. A good something.

I've really enjoyed Jennifer Crusie's books over the years and I was thrilled to meet her last year at RWA. Anyway, a couple of mornings ago I read on her blog that she's getting an award at one of the luncheons at RWA this year. Call me crazy, but I was smack dab in the middle of reading WILD RIDE (not my favorite Crusie or Crusie/Mayer btw) and I told GG it made me happy to see her get recognized for her work promoting the industry, and mentoring other writers.

GG recalled (who knew he paid attention to these things) that I'd also read CINDERELLA DEAL recently and really liked it. Well stop the presses, but, you know all things considered, I figured it was a sign.


I mean for me to read the Crusie blog at the same time I was reading the book and thinking what I was thinking( about RWA) AND GG remembering about the other Crusie book I'd liked so much. Wouldn't any rational thinking person think all that was a sign?

"Rosie," I thought, again, "you know you really want to go to RWA anyway, and now you have a sign, so quit dithering already, you know you're going."

You would think the way I go on that we were down to our last slice of bread and the electricity was going to be shut off. GG, stalwart guy that he is, just sighs and goes about his business and was probably wondering why I was rhapsodizing about Jennifer Crusie getting an award. But then again, he didn't know how hard I was looking for some divine intervention.

Let's just keep those thoughts of mine between us, shall we?

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Blogger azteclady said...


I don't know whether GG would get you, but boy, do I ever!

I've been looking for ways to make the budget streeeeeeeeeeeetch enough to allow me to go to RWA this year--at this point, though, it would take a miracle (Florida Lotto, anyone?).

I'm looking forward to having you blog all about it, though--pretty, pretty please?

11:02 AM PDT  
Blogger Wendy said...

Plus you know you want to see me, Lisa and Kristie. We are the trio of awesomeness!

12:56 PM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

If it's meant to be, it is :D You've already registered, Rosie, so don't think too much about it :D

6:23 PM PDT  

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