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Thursday, April 01, 2010

March 2010

Wow, what a month March was. In memory I'm thinking of it as a very up and down month, but when you look at the grades, it looks like pretty even reading.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the by-play between these two competitive workaholic lawyers was just plain delightful. With lots of snap,sizzle and wit, this is probably my favorite of her three books. Loved the ending.
My Grade = B+/A-

This book has more sizzle than the previous two and was still heartily enjoyable.
My Grade = B+

HEART OF STONE by Jill Marie Landis
I've seen reviews of this book, actually I'm surprised at how many I've seen, and most of what you've already read about this mostly sweet western with spiritual overtones is right on. SL Wendy best captures my feelings so here's her review. I'll continue reading the series because like Wendy, I'm curious too.
My Grade = B

BROKEN by Shiloh Walker
I have about three of Ms. Walker's books in my tbr. Why? I don't know because I've always found her books to be good solid reads. Interesting dynamic here and a story with a twist, not a gargantuan twist, but a twist.
My Grade = B

There have been many great things said about Ms. Knight's book BUTTERFLY TATTOO, but all I can think to say is, "wow". The choices made in this story were brave and could have been a real bust if not handled as well as Ms. Knight did. Kudos for opening some doors with this and broadening minds.
My Grade = B+

So I looked back and see I haven't read any other Paladin books since the first two in 2006 and 2007. They received B and C grades respectively. I finished this book, but was never really engaged with the characters.
My Grade = C

DARK ANGEL by Mary Balogh
As book one in a re-release of two of Ms. Balogh's presumed older favorites, DARK ANGEL presents us with a young woman who is the unwitting pawn between two feuding men. While it takes almost too long for Jennifer Winwood to figure out what is going on, she finally does. This book prompted me to think a lot about what is forgiveable and how much can one overlook when they've hurt not only you, but your family as well.
My Grade = B

IGUANA BAY by Theresa Weir
I remember how much I loved this book when I first read it... 20 years ago! I've been meaning to re-read one (or more) of Ms. Weir's books for a while now. She currently publishes under the pseudonym Anne Frasier. She will be re-releasing her book BAD KARMA with Samhain Publishing on April 10th.

This book is tame by today's standards. A star witness and alibi for a crime boss is kidnapped by an embittered cop who wants the man put away for this and past crimes. The story holds up pretty well despite the missing technology (cell phones and computers) that we've come to take for granted.
My Grade = B

The 5th in the Bedwyn series, this book along with book 6 were languishing in my tbr. I happily pulled them both out and devoured them. This is Alleyne's book, one of the younger Bedwyn's. Alleyne is thrown from his horse during battle and awakens not knowing who he is. He's taken in by some "working" ladies one of who seems out of place. Ms. Balogh wisely has Alleyne heal and head for home. A solid and enjoyable read.
My Grade = B

I did remember when I started reading this book how much I wanted to have Wulfric's story after reading the first Bedwyn book. Here it is last but not least. I appreciated this story very much about the cold and autocratic Duke who spends his time watching a totally unsuitable young lady. Reminiscent of PRIDE & PREJUDICE in its tone, I really liked this one a lot.
My Grade = B+

HIS EVERY KISS by Laura Lee Guhrke
After last month's reviews Nath very helpfully told me that last month's read, GUILTY PLEASURES was loosely related to this one, HIS EVERY KISS. I, of course, recalled the mercurial and tempestuous composer Dylan Moore from previous books, and was happy to read his book. A gifted and talented composer who can no longer write music due to a head injury that leaves ringing (literally) in his ears, Dylan Moore despairs his life. Estranged from her family and widowed Grace Cheval needs a job, desperately. But is she desperate enough to accept employment from the profligate Dylan Moore?
My Grade = B

WILD RIDE by Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer
There are some interesting and fun characters in this book none of whom I feel we, as readers, really get to know. The premise of the book and the location of a run down theme park were terrific. I just wish there was more meat to the story and the characters.
My Grade = C

THE FIRST SIN by Cheyenne McCray
Picked this one up on a whim. I haven't read any of Ms. McCray's books for a long time. I read a couple of her EC releases a few years ago. I loved the sizzle between the H/H and there's a decent storyline about two "special secret unit" cops trying to bust a sex ring each with their own personal reasons to do so. I wanted to like this book more because it had a lot of elements I like. The heroine Alexi was just missing something for me.
My Grade = B-

MIND GAMES by Carolyn Crane
I literally just finished reading this book and on many levels feel its too soon for me to try and quantify my feelings about the book. On the one hand, it's original and captured my interest and curiosity. On the other hand, it's a bit of a bizarre tale and not what I would classify as a romance, and yet there are most certainly romantic elements. What I will say is that I will be picking up the next installment, because, you know, there has to be one.
My Grade = B-



Blogger Wendy said...

Landis' PR person made the blog rounds - hence all the reviews :)

Our grades matched perfectly for Butterfly Tattoo :)

And sigh, the LLG is in the TBR....

8:55 AM PDT  
Blogger ~ames~ said...

Good reading month Rosie!

I just picked up Wild Ride from the library yesterday, but seeing your grade, I don't think I'll try and read it this weekend like I had planned. LOL

And I'm glad you finally jumped on the Julie James bandwagon!

10:19 AM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

Very nice list, Rosie :D I really need to read Butterfly Tattoo!

Awww, the new Crusie got a C :( Sigh.

Glad you enjoyed His Every Kiss :D Are you going to read The Marriage Bed?

10:47 AM PDT  
Blogger Tracy said...

You had a great reading month - good for you!

I love Julie James's books - they're just so wonderful.

I have the last couple of paladin books in my pile but I keep passing them over. Need to read them! lol

I really liked Mind Games A LOT. When I opened the book I had to tell myself that it wasn't a romance and I couldn't even think that way. Doing that was the best.

11:18 AM PDT  
Blogger Holly said...

I agree about Julie James' books, though her debut is still my favorite.

I think I need to re-read Butterfly Tattoo. I remember that I really enjoyed it, but it left me feeling kind of down at the end. I think Casee and I agreed it was less "romance" and more "love story" in feel.

Great list!

11:26 AM PDT  
Blogger Holly said...

Oh, and I really loved Coming Undone, but I think I was in the mood for a more relaxed read at the time. The flow of the story fit perfectly for what I needed right then. If that makes sense.

11:27 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Wendy, I was a bit surprised about the spiritual overtones in Landis' book, just because I wasn't expecting it, but like many others have commented, it's not at all intrusive.

Chica, you gotta brave those Avon LLGs, some of them are good.

Ames, yeah, looking over my list I was surprised how pretty even the month was because I thought my reading had more disparity. However, I had a couple of stellar reads in February and maybe that's what I was thinking about. Let me know what you thought of WILD RIDE. I just didn't have a buy in with the characters, maybe it will be different for you.

Nathie, I'm reading the LLG books all out of whack. I already read the MARRIAGE BED. It didn't at all affect my enjoyment of this one though. And, "yes!" you really should give BUTTERFLY TATTOO a try.

Tracy, after I pub'd my list I went and read your review of MIND GAMES. I also re-read the final third of the book over again. No 2 ways about it Carolyn is a gifted writer, and I don't usually have much trouble with UF. Honestly the hypochondria angle was a hurdle for me. OTOH after re-reading the last third I'm very anxious to read the next book, so maybe my grade should at least be a straight B. I'd literally finished the book like an hour before I finished the post and I knew when I wrote it that it was too soon for me to really grade it. Too much to think about!

Holly, BUTTERFLY TATTOO is special because it beautifully expresses, and in a tangible way a lot of people can relate to, what love should be. It is idealistic in many ways, but beautiful nonetheless and certainly worthy of a story, thought and discussion. I can relate to your feeling kind of down at the end because while there is the requisite HEA the story in and of itself is so idealistic that one is left feeling, "if only..." Or, at least I was.

11:23 PM PDT  

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