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Friday, August 26, 2005

I've tried, I really have...

...not to be one of those over zealous, salivating fans who pant after their favorite authors for the next book. So while I try to be eager and excited to read a new release, I draw the line at becoming a begging, slavering syncophant. I don't bug or post to my favorite author sites urging them to write faster. I'd rather wait for a better book than mess with their muse.

Having said that,I do have a point in here some where, once I know a book is coming out I'm pretty excited. I do all kinds of things to try and distract myself from thinking about it. My decoys and ploys usually work until the last week or so when I realize that in a short period of time the book will actually be in my hot little hands!!! Oh delight...oh rapture...oh...you get the picture.

Rosie, you might say...your reaction seems a little excessive. Yeah, it's my secret guilty pleasure. I spend so much money on books each year that when I know a book from a tried and true author is going to be released, I get a little giddy.

This time, one of my very favorite authors (she is on my all time favorite list) to have discovered recently, Sarah McCarty, has a release coming out from Ellora's Cave this coming Wednesday, August 31st.

In all honesty while I enjoy reading many, many authors work, there are only a few I can't wait to read and Ms. McCarty is currently one of them. I have thoroughly enjoyed her Promises series (available at Ellora's Cave) and am looking forward to begin reading THE OTHERS series next.

But that's not all, unbelievably for me another author whose books I enjoy, that are more fantasy, but with very intense protagonists, is Karen Marie Moning. I came upon her HIGHLAND books quite by accident. As a result I read them out of order...it really didn't matter. Ms Moning has a book coming out on Tuesday, August 30th, which is a continuation of the Highland series SPELL OF THE HIGHLANDER and it will be available from Amazon. This book comes out just ONE day before Ms. McCarty.

*sigh* Can you say literary druken stupor?

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Blogger MaryMary said...

Although I can totally relate to you...we are a bit pathetic you know?! Sad state of affairs when a book release becomes the total focus of our attention.

10:56 AM PDT  

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