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Sunday, August 28, 2005


So one of my husband's co-workers, actually somebody he supervises, was getting married this weekend. Fortunately, rather than one of those obligatory gatherings, we actually like the guy and his family.

I say his family because his brother-in-law used to work for GG. As a consequence of that relationship we bought some flooring from his father-in-law who is also the father of the groom...follow me so far?

So, to re-cap we know groom, groom's BIL, and groom's father...which means we know assorted spouses and children of same. Which all means we would know people and have a fun time at the wedding, which we did. Although the DJ did make me feel like I was listening to a radio show all evening, but music at weddings is a blog of a different feather and will be written about at some future date.

No, what prompts me to write this is the bride's mother. Look, I'm the first one to admit that I'm no fashion queen. Hell, I'm not even allowed in the queen's court, but I do make an effort to wear age appropriate and size appropriate clothing.

The wedding couple is in their early thirties so this makes parent units in their early and mid-fifties. Groom's mom...was beautiful. Lovely somewhat tailored lavendar dress, mid-knee. No chiffon, not too dowdy and not too young. Great hair and make up...she looked awesome, young, and enjoyed herself and danced the night away.

Okay, bride is a tall (almost 6') statuesqe woman. Auburn hair, green eyes, cute nose, halter gown...great tan and no tan lines. Dress wasn't too bride-y or over the top. She looked fabulous. Likewise her sister and cousins who were in wedding party.

Now while I can hardly be classified as a slim gal myself, I do not dress myself in form fitting (okay it was TOO TIGHT) pepto bismol pink polyester dress, tea length, with a lighter pink chiffon over coat (same length as dress) with a huge (at least 30" across) pink floppy hat with pink chiffon bow on it for a night time wedding. I swear, I almost laughed out loud!!!! It was like seeing a caricature on a sitcom of the overblown, loud, lived-a-hard-life mother in law!

Of course it gets better. Bride's Mom proceeds to get sloshed and do the can-can to Aretha Franklin's R&B classic RESPECT. It was a sight I can tell you. Of course two of her equally sized but better dressed friends joined her. To say the least they cleared the dance floor.

By the time the dance began she was sans hat. Her scant brunette locks were held to the top of her head with a pink chiffonned banana clip with a bow.

Well it was a sight to behold, Bride's Mom sure was happy and celebrating her daughter's good fortune. I know I'm not the only person who was at the wedding who will be telling this story.

You had to be there.

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Blogger MaryMary said...

Oh My!!! Sounds like the entertainment was steller!
R-E-S-P-C-E-T indeed! Wish I was there...we could've been caddy together!

9:48 PM PDT  
Blogger Trudy Booty Scooty said...

LOL I think I met her at a picnic on Sunday. She was still in hot pink...


6:58 AM PDT  
Blogger Karen Scott said...

Tee Heee!!! Dontcha just love weddings? Me and my hubby have been to lots in our time, and there is ALWAYS a story to tell! That's what comes of mixing alcohol and families.

10:48 AM PDT  

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