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Monday, November 07, 2005


Take a good look at this slice of birthday cake because you are going to see alot of it in the next few weeks. Today is my brother Paul's birthday. Happy Birthday Paul Vincent!!

It's official! Beginning with my son's birthday on October 28th, we officially enter the birthday and holiday season in my family and extended family. Thrown in with the holidays we have a birthday or two and sometimes three every week until about mid-January.

I'm not kidding! I was one of 9. Our birthdays fall 2 in September, 2 in November, 2 in December and 3 in January. My Mom must have been "in season" in the Spring.

Among us we have 7 spouses and 26 children. Some of the spouses and several of the children have birthdays in the September through January birthday/holiday season.

I have three sisters. Joy, Annette and Mary. All four of us have our birthday within 33 days. Annette's is November 28th, December 17th is mine, December 18th is Joy's and January 1st is Mary's. This time of year makes me nostalgic and miss my sisters more than any other time of the year. A few years ago the four of us went to New York City for 5 days in mid-December. We had a blast! With kids, jobs and holidays it just isn't possible for us to get together without kids and spouses.

But as previously posted. I love the holiday season and all it represents about home, hearth and family. Call me sentimental...go ahead! I don't care! I'm looking forward to the next month for so many reasons. Not the least of which is to celebrate the lives of the people I love most.

12 calendar days and 10 work days until liberation



Blogger Karen Scott said...

There were 9 of you?

Geez, your poor mother!!!

10:45 AM PST  
Blogger MaryMary said...

I got Paul's card out on time. His maybe one of four birthday cards that made it to their recipient on time this year! UGH! I don't know if that New Year's resolution was my brightest idea!

I'm so not ready for the Christmas shopping blitz! At least JoAnn called and asked if Craig and I would be interested in drawing names. Hell Yea! Now I don't have to stress about that side of the family. As for our side...I'll never top the cookbook! I'm so screwed!

11:38 AM PST  

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