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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Huh? What is that ANKLOSING SPONDYLITIS? I have it? Aaack!

I've been debating since Friday when I received this diagnosis whether or not to share it with the world. But seeing as how I'm not the courageous long suffering type...I'm more the "share the pain" sort, : ) I thought what the heck?!! It doesn't have to be a regular part of the blog. Since Sundays are my self-inflicted confessions at how I'm doing health wise anyway I decided to share.

Of course on Friday after getting the news I threw myself one hell of a pity party. I laughed, I cried, I left work early. I remembered the post Jennifer Crusie had about her blood condition about a month ago...hitting someone, anyone, with a shovel sounded decidedly like a great idea.

I kept thinking to myself "Why are you crying...this isn't terminal! You didn't find out you have an untreatable disease! Stop it!" But in the moment all you think is "THIS SUCKS!"

On the upside, I can now move on to the part where I face adversity with spunk and courage. Yeah...right. A couple of weeks ago I was having a crap day with the RA and the joints were kind of creaky and I asked the guy I live with if I was a whiner and a complainer. He quickly assured me that I wasn't...."You just like to groan and grumble once in a while", he says.

It cracked me up. Now there's a distinction, I DON'T complain, I groan and grumble!! Isn't that sweet? He thought that was an improvement over being a complainer. Poor guy, trapped like a rat knowing there was no "good" answer he did the best he could.

So we've been stratigizing. Where do we go from here? Guess what? No where!! We are just going to live our lives. I'll make adjustments (gotta move and groove more) when I have to. But I'm going to live my life business as usual.

So for my attitude of gratitude this week I've got to say. "Hey God, thank you...it ISN'T a terminal disease!" I HAVEN'T hit anyone with a shovel, and I really DO have the best damn husband in the world!

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Blogger MaryMary said...

I wanted to send you something to cheer you up. Craig and I found a can of WD40 at Home Depot the other day and we thought you might get a chuckle if we sent it. My voice of reason kicked in and I said, "We can't send WD40 through the mail" Crig said, "You're right, honey, if we're gonna send her some lube it should be useful lube. We'll buy her some KY and mail it!"

Much love! You groan and grumble all you want!

10:48 AM PDT  

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