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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Today my brother Ray turned 50! Praise be as I'm not the only sibling in the 50 club now...there are two of us. Someone to share the verbal bludgeoning of old age jokes. Last December, my wacky and wonderful family threw me a fabulous suprise birthday party.

When we called Ray's wife she warned us all off from doing anything for his birthday. She recalled the story of his 30th birthday when she threw the ingrate a surprise party and he didn't speak to her for two weeks. That my friends is a what is called a bonafide jerk.

So while I'm elated to not be the only one in the 50s club any more...I don't know if it counts if the only other member doesn't do birthdays any more. Of course we wouldn't let a little stumbling block like that stop us so while we respected his wishes for there to be no big fuss or shindig, we simply cannot forego the ribbing and sniping about getting older.

More big news...my nephew and his SO had their first baby on January 5th. A little girl they named Laci Juliette. Here she is:

Laci Juliette 5.5 lbs and 18 inches long



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