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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Contrary ~ Contrariness? Or just CRANKY!

Normally for me to browse the net and visit my favorite blog sites is a departure from reality and a joyful journey to see what is happening in the world, who's reading what, who's doing who, and for goodness sakes what is everyone wearing (or not) while doing it.

Today I think I'm just in a contrary or CRANKY mood. I was irritated by the word game the Cherry Bombs are playing on the Mayer-Crusie site in their comments. They are making sentences or phrases out of the word verifications. Don't get me wrong some of them are outrageous and funny, but today...it irritated me. It was deflating, and for me, took something away from my enjoyment of the posts and comments. It's a complete experience there. Sometimes the comments are more outrageous and funny than the posts and considering the blog is written by two witty, intelligent and well published writers, that's saying something.

Then I turned to one of my very favorite hang outs. Karen Scott's blog. One just never knows what Karen is going to say next. How she keeps things fresh, honest and interesting...it's amazing to me. So I go to her site and link to a couple of others and feel...well irritated again. Or, maybe I'm just being contrary or CRANKY. I went on to link to a series of 3 or 4 different blogs. It amazes me! It really does.

I swear every site I went to was well-layed out, bright, interesting, focused. No two ways about it. I was green with envy. Hey, I have enough ummpf and ambition (usually) to feel competitive. Normally this would be the impetus to finally get me off my @ss and revamp my blog...as I've been saying I would for the past several month.

Nope. Not today. Today in the midst of my jealousy, wonder and admiration I felt irritated by it all. How the hell do these women have families, homes, jobs and have time for their blog too? See? Contrary! While I admire them, I'm confounded and irritated.

And this my dear friends and gentle readers is why I don't post every day. I loathe when I give into my inner bitch and wank. But WTF, I decided to post 14 days in a row come hell or high water and this is what you get. But, maybe I'm just irritated, or contrary, or CRANKY.

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Blogger Karen Scott said...

Lol!!! I felt exactly the same way about my blog before I got GemmaK to redesign it.

Every effing body was getting their blogs revamped, and mine looked like crap, so I had to do something about it. My blog re-design was the best £15 I've sepnt in a long time!

Truly, a more individually styled template will encourage you to blog more regularly.

If you want a good design, check out GemmaK


She charges $35 now, but she's really good.

Either that, or you can get a free wordpress blog, they have much nicer templates to choose from, although you can't actually customise them or edit them in anyway.

I hope your Sunday improves anyway!

3:19 PM PDT  
Blogger Karen Scott said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to say, I usually write my entries when I go to bed, and post them after work the next day, unless something catches my eye in between times!

3:22 PM PDT  

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