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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Suri??? What kind of name is Suri?

So I recently read an AOL entertainment article from the NY Times you can check out yourself here. This article discusses the escalating trend for well known and (in)famous people to pick out weirder and weirder names for their kids in an effort to be singular and unique.

Am I the only person on the planet who isn't shocked to find that the rich and famous want to draw attention to themselves and their children with these names?

Gee, even us mere mortals want names we feel are special for our children. Is it such a hard stretch to believe that someone who has already achieved a certain amount of celebrity and notoriety wants that to extend to their children? What other possible explanation could there be for someone to name their child Moon Unit, Apple or Suri? My personal favorite for the "What were you thinking?" award goes to Penn Gillette, one half of the magician team Penn & Teller. Daddy Gillette named his daughter Moxie CrimeFighter Gillette. Yeah, there's a fun name to bubble in for tests. Thanks Mom...thanks Dad.

Of course, a couple of the quoted stars say that people they know who have unusual names love them. Really? Like maybe other celebrities? C'mon do you really believe all these children are going to thank their parents for these names? Personally, I'm betting the best seller list some 15 or more years from now will include some tell-all book about how difficult it was to grow up with a name like Lourdes.

When we took parenting classes which were required as part of the adoption process, one of the recurring points hammered home was to note that as much as kids rebel or even want to be thought of as unique, what most kids want is to feel like they belong and are a part of the family, school, team, etc. The feeling of belonging, and being loved makes a child (person) feel safe, secure and validated. I'm sure little Moxie CrimeFighter will feel those things every day as she manuevers the roller coaster ride called high school.

Today I read another article in AOL entertainment news from April 21st that noted many people have blogged and made comment about baby Cruise's name Suri. Apparently Cruise/Holmes publicists had released the information that the name was chosen partly because Suri means "princess" in Hebrew. According to
this article, that is not true. Hebrew language experts were contacted and they are quoted as saying Suri is not close to any deritive of princess that they know of. The admiring throngs have come up with another theory. It seems the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, was born in Surrey England. So Surrey became Suri to honor the father of Scientology. The adage "Truth is stranger than fiction" might apply here. Suri...really?

Poor little baby girl. Don't think she won't have a few trips to the therapist office. Oops! Wait, I forgot. Can't do that 'cause her Daddy doesn't believe we need medical/psychological intervention. No wonder little baby Suri Cruise has already made the
"Sucks to be You" list and she's not even a week old yet!

By the way, while I think Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple has an unusual name, I don't understand why the article discusses her new son's name, Moses, as being "different". Huh? Moses has been around along time. A very long time...remember the guy on the mountain with the stone tablet?

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