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Monday, January 08, 2007

The January To Do List

What are the things you do every January? No, I don't mean new year resolutions. I don't really believe in those. Not to say I don't believe people can make up their minds to make a change and use the first of a new year as a date to begin, but I just don't believe in an arbituary resolution people guilt themselves into making each new year. So I don't.

No, I'm talking about things you do in January just because it is a new year. For instance, even though I have all sorts of technology like my computer and phone that have calendars and reminders of significant dates, I still have a wall calendar in my office that I hand write birthdays, etc. on because it has everything for the month at a glance and we all use it when on the phone or computer to remind us to call or connect with loved ones on their special days.

When we put the Christmas decorations away, depending on when New Years falls, I sort of begin my spring cleaning. We do major cleaning because we have to move furniture to put the tree up, so before we return the room back to normal we do major cleaning. I'll do pretty much the same stuff in late March to early April, but it will also include getting drapes and furniture cleaned...that sort of thing.

Also in January I start thinking and planning my flowers for spring. Here in So Cal we can start planting in mid-March. That is like 8-9 weeks away and the soil will have to be turned and treated. Last year was the first time in probably ten years where we hardly did anything in our flower beds out front. I want lots of color out there this year. I can't wait.

So what do you do every January to get your year started right? I'm looking foward to another trip to Disneyland and a visit to my sister Mary. Oh, and LOTS of reading.

I just finished JACOB by Jacquelyn Frank. I just purchased the print copy of the Carnival Tarot books by Jory Strong and I'm re-reading those. I also just got DEMON ANGEL by Meljean Brook and THE REST FALLS AWAY by Colleen Gleason. I haven't done a review in forever. That's another thing I'm hoping to get back to in January.

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Blogger Anne said...

What did you think of Jacob? Did you like it as much as everyone else seems to?

4:22 PM PST  
Blogger Mailyn said...

My mom has been doing the garden lately, well just weeding and stuff and she's liking it. But that's a s much as we know about plants. LOL. ^_^

7:41 PM PST  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

Every January I get the Butterfly Note Nook calendar, illustrated by Reneé Charisse Jardine, and put in the cards I've bought throughout the year with friend's birthdays in mind. Nice ritual to start the new year.

2:11 AM PST  
Blogger Colleen Gleason said...

Hey, Rosie, thanks for buying my book!

I hope you enjoy it.

12:17 PM PST  
Blogger Lori said...

Rosie, as tied as I am to my computer, the calendar on the rfrigerator is the gospel. If it's not written there, it doesn't happen. I can totally relate.

I also just finished Jacob, and I loved it. Which totally shocked me, since I don't do paranormal.

8:54 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Anne, I liked JACOB and will certainly be reading the books to follow, but I feel sort of disoriented because I read the book over such a long period and am used to reading a book in a day or two. But mostly have good vibes.

Mailyn, color is always my main focus. Color and something that can withstand the scorching heat of our summers.

Gabrielle, I had to promptly go look up the calendar. What a great idea with the pockets. I might have to try one of those.

Colleen, hi! Thanks for stopping by. I picked the book up tonight to brag to TGILW that you had actually commented on my blog.

Lori, I'm so grateful for all the e-devices that help me remember stuff, but that calendar in the office we all use. I can't imagine our lives without it.

12:52 AM PST  

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