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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Butler and A Book

So, I dragged my dear sweet Baboo (code for GG) to see P.S. I Love You this weekend. The movie can be best characterized as sweet I think. It was a good movie. Not great, but good. That could be because I'm not Hilary Swank's greatest fan, I'm not sure. The scenes with Ms. Swank and Gerard Butler however were crackling. I only wish they had more screen time together because they really lit it up. Or, maybe I can be as blunt as the delightfully witty Denise Hennessey played by Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe of Friends fame) and talk about the yummy men in this movie.

Let's list the lucious male eye candy shall we? First off there's James Marsters (Buffy's Spike) a darling brunette chauffeur and best buddy to Gerard Butler's Gerry Kennedy.

Are you like me and a Rescue Me fan? If you are you will be happy to know that Dean Winters better known as Tommy Gavin's (Denis Leary) little brother on the show makes a small but memorable appearance.

Then the affable and always likable Harry Connick Jr. plays bartender Daniel Connelly who meets Holly (Hilary Swank) at her husband's wake. What a way to start a relationship, huh?

Intense, cute and dimpled Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in the movie. You might remember him as the rich guy who died and left Izzy (Grey's Anatomy) millions. He appears here as a hunky Irish pub singer, William.

I actually turned to my husband at least three times (it was probably six, but whose counting) and said inane things like "Oh my God look at those eyes." Who am I talking about? Why no other than ferocious King Leonidas (300), the tormented Phantom (Phantom of the Opera) himself, Gerard Butler.

Because I love you here's the trailer. Yeah, I gots me a new crush and his name is Gerard Butler.

Okay, I'm moving on, but it's not easy.

I read the Cheyenne McCray book, MOVING TARGET. Well, I should revise that to say I read it...sort of.

Remember how I said she was hit or miss for me? Well, this one was a miss. There's a pretty decent story premise here involving the Russian Mob and witness protection. I give her props for doing research on the Witness Security Program by the U.S. Marshal's office. Unfortunately, this book just lacked depth. There weren't enough layers to the story or the characters in my opinion. After reading about two-thirds of it page for page I ended up skimming the last third just to get to the end. I think this was my last try with Ms. McCray. Which sort of makes me sad because I like her...at least her online persona. So naturally, I want to like her books too. Not so this time. Bummer.

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Blogger Zeek said...

Spike AND GB? oh yeah, I'm watching this one.

3:42 AM PST  
Blogger ames said...

I wasn't sure I was going to see this. Now I am!! Woot.

5:08 AM PST  
Blogger Casee said...

Aw, I'm so sad to hear that about Moving Target. Sad, but not surprised.

Did you read her last Romantic Suspense? I can't remember what the name of it was. Did you like it?

7:25 AM PST  
Blogger Dev said...

Awwwww. I was supposed to see this on Sunday, but friend got called into work. We're hoping to go this weekend. I'm not a fan of Hillary, but I'll got for the man-candy alone.

7:45 AM PST  
Blogger lisabea said...

Jeffrey Dean Morgan *swoon* How do I love thee?

11:32 AM PST  
OpenID askita said...

Heya heya. livejournal uses OpenID, kinda like blogger. When you leave a comment, select OpenID and stick your journal url in there, place your comment and hit post comment, that should allow you to post. Then just follow what it says.

I used to be a raelly big fan of Spike, but James doesn't really do it for me without bleach blond hair and an english accent. I think maybe I liked the character more than the man.

Here is a website if you feel like looking at more Gerard eye candy. By the way, you haven't seen his eyes until youve seen them High Def. Good Lord.

I personally find myself enjoying Karl Urban. Love him the most in 'Doom'. But he's looking extra hot as a viking raised with the indians with his buckskin trousers and bared chest in Pathfinder. Great movie, kind of an epic, we don't have many of those. Don't like him too much in his other movies. Well, you're still inspiring my to read, 95 pages into my second novel this month, and only 5 hours of sleep lost. *grins*

8:52 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Zeek, you won't be sorry...

Ames, I was afraid I'd be crying all the way through it. It does have its poignant moments, but it's funny too.

Casee, I didn't know Cheyenne McCray had another romantic suspense. Just the witches and fantasy stuff. Huh.

Dev, yeah, me neither with Hilary (Swank and Clinton). But this was cute. ;)

lisabea he's soooooo cute in this one with an Irish brogue no less.

askita, yeah, I tried the open journal thingy and it didn't work for me. Why? I dunno. Der.

10:14 PM PST  
Blogger Becky said...

Yes, they did a great job with casting (Gerard Butler now ranks up there with Colin Firth for me), but I agree that they should have put someone else in the role of his wife.

To anyone who hasn't seen it...BRING TISSUES! I went with my SIL's and MIL, and we all bawled our eyes out, passing tissue up and down the row.

4:32 PM PST  

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