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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Stuff I'm Pondering

Andrew Morton has written an unauthorized biography about Tom Cruise this time. Since many of his assertions (not all) about Princess Diana, in the unauthorized biography he wrote about her, turned out to be true it does have one wondering about those he's made about Tom. As a Catholic I've had plenty of opportunity to see zealotry and reactions to religion that border, in my opinion, on idolatry rather than faith. There's some weird voo-doo done in the name of God/faith. Scary stuff.

Do you believe Dr. Phil is an opportunist in the Britney Spears situation? Was he really called in by the family or did HE call them and offer to help thereby garnering attention for himself? What a sad and sorry situation. I agree with the consensus that Britney has to decide to get herself well at this point. No intervention, celebrity therapist, or family member can help or save her if she doesn't want to be helped or saved. The TMZ article I've linked to speculates she may be bi-polar. That makes as much sense as anything at this point.

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated a week and a half ago and there are really no signs of things settling down in Pakistan any time soon. I was sort of astonished and impressed that President Mussaref called in Scotland Yard to help with the investigation. After doing a bit of research and reading I'm more startled by the courage and grit of this woman. Her father was assassinated. She'd been exiled for close to 8 years in London. Her entire life was filled with unrest and violence in her country yet she was able to articulate change, moderation and speak out against Islamic extremist violence.

How does one wake up in the morning go about in an open air car and bravely speak out against known violent enemies? I'd be cringing under my blankets. I'm in awe. Truly.

I rarely dabble in politics because everybody has an opinion and we are all about peace, love and joy here at NOBODY ASKED ME. Yeah, you didn't ask but I've been doing a lot of pondering about Barack Obama. Is it too soon to be hopeful? Oprah's endorsement aside, and it was HUGE, can such a voice of reason be heard over the mud slinging and be elected president? After reading about the hope and resistance of Benazir Bhutto, I have to be hopeful about Obama. Bill Bradley, former Rhodes scholar and NBA star, now a Senator, as of today endorses Obama. GG, a devout republican, is a Bradley fan because Bill Bradley has so much integrity. So this was big news, at least in our household.

I'm finished with SHADES OF TWILIGHT by Linda Howard. I never tire of that book. It's been a few years since I've read it and there are certainly some things that aren't politically correct in it. Didn't stop me an iota from enjoying the heck out of the reading experience though. I'm sort of stymied what to read next because I'm on my SOT high. I bought the Joanna Bourne book SPYMASTER'S LADY based on a few reviews I've read about it. I also picked up MOVING TARGET by Cheyenne McCray. Don't ask. Ms. McCray is hit or miss with me and I browsed and picked this up.

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Blogger Jodi_Lee said...

Wow, Rosie! Politics & religion in the same post...you're a brave woman! LOL

I think it is possible that Dr. Phil is an opportunist - he does make his living on t.v.

Benazir Bhutto - I agree, what an amazing woman! I was very captivated by her story, as well.

Obama - Hmmmmmm...I would say check his religious background...his whole religious background (from child-up). I, especially have a problem with his lack of forthcoming with this issue. That's all I will say. :)

6:04 PM PST  
Blogger ames said...

I agree about Dr.Phil.

I bought the Spymaster's Lady yesterday and Evermore. (Also, the rest of the Darkyn series. But don't tell Nath. LOL)

6:25 PM PST  
Blogger Anne said...

Dr. Phil is a blatant opportunist. Oh yes, he is. I mean, come on! She refused to see the man. She doesn't want his help and yet he keeps coming back trying to insinuate himself into her life. A while back she refused his phone calls of help, and now she refused this. Dude, get a life.

As for the presidential thing, well, I don't know. I know I will vote democrat-- flipping republicans have pissed me off for too long I guess. The more I hear about Obama the more I'm finding he's a lobbyist which is a HUGE turn off for me. He lobbies for the pharmaceutical companies... puhleeze. this is one place we need help because medications are too effing expensive right now... seriously. There is no reason why ONE pill should cost $10 or more. NONE. I, uh, watched some of the debates on TV the other night. Wry grin. I guess for me it's either Hillary or Edwards. We'll see.

7:36 PM PST  
Blogger CindyS said...

That Dr. Phil thing makes me weak in the stomach! I could see if he was trying to help her privately without bringing it on TV. THEN I would have thought he was trying to be helpful - right now, he's trying to be famous. Ugh.

I'll be honest and say that I've imagined grabbing the girl and hiding her until she can get herself straight but then, like many have said, you can't help those who won't help themselves. Thing is, I can't begin to imagine what she is going through and wish someone would protect her from the media and herself. Maybe she needs to go on a leave somewhere cameras won't follow and she can get some help. The whole thing makes me sad even though I hate when people say 'she's so young' - yep, she's young but she's been married and had two kids. She's the only one who can make the changes she needs.

As a Canadian, I have no clue about who you guys should elect but I'm thinking you guys need to get out of Iraq before it swallows you whole. And to be forward, I disliked Bush since the moment he forgot about Canada. Can't wait for his term to end.


8:28 PM PST  
Blogger Wendy said...

Dude, that Tom Cruise bio is going to be huge! Of course I'm also the girl who thought The Da Vinci Code would be a modest midlist success - so what do I know?

Re: Dr. Phil. One word. Creepy.

Re: Election. I'm fascinated to see how the primaries shake out. Out of the gate I thought McCain and Edwards had the best shots - but they've spent the entire time playing catch-up. I'll end up voting in the Democratic primary, but at this point I still need to do my homework to figure out who I'll be voting for. At this point I'm waffling between two of them :)

9:56 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Jodi, I'm still checking stuff out about all the candidates. The last two presidential elections I voted in most categories EXCEPT president. There just wasn't anyone I felt comfortable giving my vote to. I just like a lot of what Obama is saying.

Ames, we'll have to compare notes on Spymaster's Lady. I can't wait to see what you think of the Darkyn series.

Anne, it will be interesting to see how this shakes out for Dr. Phil, don't you think?

Cindy, the article I linked to said Britney didn't even know he followed her out of the hospital making it appear that he was "with" her. That's just scummy.

While Britney certainly has to want to get better, if it turns out she's bi-polar she's got a tough road ahead of her.

10:37 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Wendy, I think the Cruise bio is going to be huge too because there's nothing we like better than to jump on the bandwagon when a celebrity's popularity is waning. Besides, I think people are always curious about Morton because some of his more outlandish assertions have been true. Yikes! L. Ron Hubbard's sperm inseminated? Fuh-reee-key!!!

I like Edwards a great deal too. An Obama/Edwards ticket would make me pleased as punch. I think. GG and I are still reading and researching. There's just so much to get through!

10:40 PM PST  
Blogger Sam said...

Fun post - lots to think about!!
I'm not very concerned about the stars news. Tom Cruise is a jerk to me ever since he lambasted Brook Sheilds for her post-partum depression. So anyone can write whatever they want about him - it won't make me bat an eyelash! LOL.

2:57 AM PST  
Blogger nath said...

Reading your post just makes me happy not to live in the States ^^; I seriously have no idea how you choose your candidate and the elections seem so complicated to me!

as for Dr. Phil, I don't watch him, so I don't know... but from what I read in the comments, he seems like an opportunist. But then, how else would he have gotten a show on tv?

I'm mildly interested about the Tom Cruise's biography. I won't read it, but I'm curious to hear about it :D

and bad, bad Ames! LOL :)

5:40 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Sam, I think a lot of people feel the same way you do about Tom Cruise. It makes the biography all the more intriguing.

Nath, bad Ames? :) I can't wait to see what she thinks about the Darkyn books.

As far as the elections go, I'm frequently in a daze about the process myself. Explaining it is just bizarre.

6:50 AM PST  
Blogger Zeek said...

ooo I wanna read the Cruise Bio. He gets on my nerves and I never once thought he was sexy.

I've liked Obama ever since I saw him during the Democratic national Convention last election. However there is one issue that might hold me back from voting for him. Still, I like the idea of change. We shall see.

7:29 AM PST  
OpenID askita said...

Heya, I tend to stay away from politics as well. I'm not very knowledgable on the subject and it just annoys me when poeple try to argue with me about it. I've finished my first book and it's only the 7th. *grins* I'm proud of myself. Feel free to head over to my journal and check out the rest. I believe the link will be at my name. *grins* Thanks for the warm welcome.

8:09 AM PST  
Blogger Becky said...

While I do wish that Brit would listen to someone's good counsel, I'm not thrilled with the way that Dr. Phil went about it. If he were truly trying to help her, he should have done it privately.

I actually feel sorry for Brit. I think she had all the symptoms of post-partum depression from the birth of her first baby, and because she was young and carefree then (read, ignorant) and she had a second child right off the bat, her hormones and body chemistry became really imbalanced. Add to this hardcore partying, and it caused spikes in her mood, which spawned erratic behavior. Add to this a media that dogs her every step. Add to this a 'husband' that was neither loyal nor loving, and the poor thing has been a hormonal/emotional wreck for more than two years.

I've known two people in my life that actually rejected their babies (due to PPD), until they were able to get on meds for the depression and got their brain chemistry properly balanced and regulated again.

She ought to seek treatment at the Betty Ford clinic (I believe I read that they specialized in treating depression related conditions), and then go 'cool off' in a foreign country for a while to get her bearings. THEN come back strong. Fight for her kids, and get them back. Begin making good, positive life choices for herself, and perhaps a career comeback. It can be done.

6:58 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Zeek, I don't know if I'll buy it (Cruise bio) but I'll certainly be reading it while in the bookstore. :)
I was flabbergasted at some of the stuff Morton is writing that's out already.

Askita, hey a journey of 1000 miles begins with one step...at least I think that's the way the saying goes. It all starts with the first book. Hopefully, if I get some time this evening between chores and real life stuff I'll get a chance to stop by.

Becky, I haven't had a chance to read the details, but I saw a blurb online earlier today that the drug and alcohol tests came back negative for Britney. There is now even more speculation there is some sort of bipolar disorder. Did you catch all the back pedaling Dr. Phil did today?

7:23 PM PST  

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