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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tote that barge, lift that bale...

"Tote that barge, lift that bale,
you get a little drunk
And you land in ja-ail..."

My whole body feels like I've been mulched which is funny when you think about it because the reason my whole body aches is from mulching my flower beds today. So, one more thing off the 'To Do' list, the flowers are planted. Can I get an 'Amen'?

So, before I went outside this afternoon I was going through posts on Google Reader when I run across a humorous anecdote from Megan Hart. Apparently her daughter made a request for some cleaning to be done before her slumber party. I got quite the chuckle out of the post and Megan's remarks in the comments. Let me just say there would never be a conversation like Megan had with her daughter in our household. NEVER happen. And, no, not because my house is so clean or anything either. I live with the male of the species.

Interesting to be sure, surrounded by men, but oh the trials, troubles and, well...laughs. Here's my conversation about a week ago with Shmoo.

Me: We have to start getting stuff done for your graduation party.

Shmoo: What? Why?????

Me: What do you mean why...40 (or more) people are coming to our house and I want it to be clean and the yard cleaned up and we have to...

Shmoo: All these people have been to our house before we don't have to do anything.

Me: It's a special occasion.

Shmoo: So?

Me: You're helping and we're doing it... so get over it.

Shmoo: What???!!! I have to help too? It's my party. I shouldn't have to do anything.

Me: You wish...

First of all, why was he complaining if he didn't think he was going to help? I'll tell you...because he already knew he was going to be helping. The little twerp!

Of course the conversation expanded to include Beanie and GG. Everyone had an opinion on how much or how little should be done. The over riding conclusion was that I didn't need all the stuff that I had on the list to be done. Yes, that's right. After all these years the male people I live with actually think that by saying, "We don't need to do that" will convince me to scratch something off the list. Riiiiiight.

There's one born every minute. I took up the slack for somebody because three live in my house. Heh heh...

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Blogger Sam said...

It sounds just like what a man would say. "Why are you mopping the floor? The guests are just going to walk on it and get it dirty!"
LOL. As the French would say 'bon courage!'

1:54 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Sam, it never ceases to amaze me how men think. Of course, they think it's us!

8:10 AM PDT  
Blogger AuthorM said...

LOL! Too funny.

My daughter has been to friends' houses and come home and said how "clean" they are. My reply is: well, I don't make the mess here, so what do you think we should do about it?

I clean once a week. And I'm not the only person who lives in the house.

She's getting to the age where I think it might embarrass her to have a messy house from friends whose houses are immaculate -- and I don't want to pass judgment but...well...maybe those friends' mothers don't DO anything but clean in their spare time. You know? I don't know them well enough to say.

Cleaning isn't my job. It's what I do because I'm the grownup who's home more.


8:16 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Megan, your daughter actually notices? Holy crap! My boys couldn't tell you the color of the walls, or carpet when they come home. Sometimes they can't even remember how to get back to the same house.

8:44 AM PDT  
Blogger AuthorM said...

LOL. Well, I've been in some of her friends houses and they aren't just cleaner, they're way less...cluttered. And don't have purple living rooms.

8:55 AM PDT  
Blogger CindyS said...

Well, here's one for ya.

My hubby grew up in a house with 6 other boys and I guess 'clutter' and stuff were everywhere. So lucky me, I have a man who will put things away because he can't stand visual clutter. He also does laundry!!

The only thing is he doesn't understand is 'cleaning'. Doesn't have a clue what bleach does and wouldn't clean a bathroom to save his own life.

But I'm grateful for a man who's not afraid of throwing in a load of laundry, cleaning up all (and I mean all) the dishes after a huge family meal (my mother still doesn't know what to make of that as my father never helped to clear a table in his life (he does now when he sees his son-in-law up and about)) and who knows where everything in the kitchen goes. Yep. I'm one blessed woman.

I keep reminding myself of that when I get the questions that blow my mind. 'How do you make kraft dinner?' (It's on the box) 'Why do you buy so many mops?' Cause I can't clean a linoleum floor with a mop I've used on a wood floor and then I have different ones for anything pet related. I'm crazy anal that way while Bob will think nothing of using my mops to clean his garage floor grease and all!

But honey, I'll take what I have because the stories I've heard about other husbands terrify me!


3:28 PM PDT  
Blogger Becky said...

Guess they just think the house automatically takes care of itself, huh, lol?

Only two of my marigolds survived after that cold spell we had. Probably because they're still sitting in the 'greenhouse' plastic tub on my porch instead of in the ground with protective mulch on them, lol.

10:23 PM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

LOL, we've given up over at my house. whenever we have guests, we'll try our best to make it appear "less cluttered." but that's about it. We don't go out of our ways anymore to make it look immaculate. sad no? and LOL, Rosie. Just guilt trip your sons... or give them orders :P

5:03 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Megan, what your daughter doesn't know yet is that by example you are liberating her. She'll figure it out as soon as she has her own digs.

Cindy, yeah, I'm with you on the keeper stuff. GG is awesome when we have people over. If he didn't help so much I probably wouldn't enjoy it half as much.

Becky, ummm...yeah, they think it just gets cleaned, washed, prepared, etc. by "magic" until I ask them to help out.

Nath, well there is that philosophy. Truth be told on a week to week ordinary birthday party type of a thing we don't really fuss very much. But we use special occasions to sort of make ourselves get "projects" we've been putting off done. Not the brightest solution I know, but it works for us.

12:01 PM PDT  

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