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Thursday, June 05, 2008

The longest blog and catching up...

Did you ever go into a store for a couple of things and spend $100? The bookstore doesn't count. I figure most of the people who are reading this already do that.

No I mean have you ever innocently walked into say MICHAELS arts and craft store for two things, just TWO and left with one bag that cost you $100? Well, I set some kind of land speed record when I did this yesterday in just 30 minutes. I stopped for filler pages and post extensions for Shmoo's scrapbook and began buying little things called "embellishments" for the scrapbook. Like these music ones I got for Shmoo. Anyway, the next thing I know I'm walking out of the store with one bag and $100 poorer. At this rate I'm going to request a Lloyd's of London appraisal on the scrapbook when I'm finished.

Amazingly, I've only re-done 2 pages. Which if you knew my track record you'd widen your eyes in amazement. I haven't progressed beyond the Shmoo's 2nd grade which is where I was on Monday. So I've got the next 10 years of his life to finish this weekend. I HAVE TO. When I go to bed Sunday night the scrapbook and letter book both have to be done. Finis. Finito. The End. Seriously. I CAN'T be working on it until graduation. Not happening.

You believe me...right?

On the other hand, all the stuff for the luau is awesome. The invitations turned out cute. Except for making final decisions on food we're in good shape for the party.

Fortunately, Shmoo tracked down enough tickets for everyone who will be here on graduation day. 15. The little schmuckety will have 15 people in the crowd cheering their brains out. I'll be loudest of all. He's graduating. Halleluia!

In other news, work has decided to be insane this past week. Totally nutso. My boss surprised me today and told me that I could have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off next week. That was very welcome news. One of my sisters will be here visiting and I'll be able to enjoy my time with her AND get everything done for the party AND go to Beanie's college tour on Thursday. Yippee skippy doo-dah day!

Someday I'm going to tell you about how I almost committed a capital crime in a SPRINT store this week trying to buy my new phone. Here's my pretty.

Good Lord I've never had so much trouble giving someone money in my life. I want to buy a phone and renew my contract for two years and you'd think I was trying to rob the place instead of giving them business. All I can say is "Thank you Arnie in Texas!" for letting me buy my phone. After much angst and wailing I got my phone yesterday and finally got it activated and synced with all my stuff. It doesn't take much to make me happy. Really.

Beanie had his last day at junior college today. Three years and two AAs later he's graduating and off to Cal State Fullerton next year. You can count on hearing more about that as the summer progresses. We are all excited about his new adventure. I've worried and fretted from time to time, but I'm also very proud of him.

Shmoo has his last final tomorrow. So we are down to less than a week until graduation and 9 days until the party. Time seems accelerated right now. Posting will probably continue to be sporadic and Lord knows when I'll catch up on reading any of yours. I try to catch up and read from google reader randomly, but they seem to reproduce more quickly than I'm reading.

This is the longest post ever but I sleep better knowing I've told you more than you want to know everything. I've got my paltry (9? 10?) May reading half written.
Maybe I'll get it posted over the weekend. We'll see. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

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Blogger CindyS said...

Having friends into scrapbooking I have spent well over 100 bucks on something I don't even do. I know. A fool and her money. I think I've done 2 scrapbook pages. I have a brain that won't let me leave something alone. My two friends who are the scrapbooking fiends came and we do an afternoon of scrapping. I did one page while I watched the other two get like 10 pages done. I decided then I wasn't cut out for crafting.

Yay for three days off work!

And can you explain (for some of us who has never understood junior, sophomore etc. cause we don't use those phrases) what junior college is? Does that refer to the year of college the student is in? We're lazy up here, we call it first, second, third year of college or university etc.

AND I hate cell phone companies. Not sure how it works in the States but I'm telling you up here they have made stealing legal. I refuse to buy a plan and pay as I go - which means there are expiry days (first that should be illegal) but if you top up before the expiry you won't lose the money. I had 40 bucks of airtime left and I missed my deadline and they STOLE the 40 bucks. At least, that's the way it feels. I hate it and I should be spending this time writing a letter to them instead of bending your ear!

That said, your phone is soooo pretty. Again, I can't use those because I'm afraid I'd get a bill for a million dollars and collapse.

Okay, go and have fun and you can always catch up with us all later. It's summer, it's time to let loose!


11:31 PM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

Hi Rosie, it's a pleasure to hear from you!!! :D LOL, nothing surprising about you spending more than 100$, seriously. Those embellishments are EXPENSIVE!! Me thinks more expensive than it should be, but well I guess they have to make money somewhere.

Great to hear that everything is going well for his party and graduation. 15. That's a LOT LOL :) Seriously, he's very lucky to have you as a mom, organizing such a big party. I hope he appreciates.

3 days off is nice and it's going to help you finishes up thing :D by the way, why don't you ask some ppl to help you with the scrapbooking or do you want to do it on your own... like say your sister that is coming next week... or perhaps, Schmoo new gf if he has any? or even GG or Beanie. If they could do one page, I think it would help... or you could arrange the pages as you like and ask them to glue it.

I'm on with Cindy about about the cellphone companies. They suck.

4:05 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Cindy, I sent you an email because I wrote a mini-series trying to explain college here in the states. Junior college is just a community college and shouldn't be confused with being a 3rd year student or 'junior' IN college. I forget how confusing that is when I'm writing.

Nath, my sister is going to help me with the scrapbook if I'm not already done. She does scrapbooking all the time so she's a good one to help out. Everyone else isn't interested. GG will do a lot of things for me and give me encouragement, but he won't cut, paste or glue to save his life.

A friend from work is coming over on the weekend, she lives in the neighborhood, and she's going to work on her kids scrapbooks while I work on Shmoo's. I'll be grateful for the company. I feel like a hermit isolated in the office with paper, glue, and photographs.

Although GG does drop by with water and snacks occassionally. :-)

7:09 AM PDT  
Blogger Becky said...

Sa-weet phone!

Hey, I was in Michaels last night, too, lol. And yes, something about going in for just two items always results in $100 later. Especially in the scrapbooking aisles!

12:02 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Becky, I really, really, like my phone. It's ridiculous how much, but I can keep track of everything in it. As for MICHAELS GG will probably cringe if he hears me say the 'M' word aloud.

9:09 PM PDT  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Scrapbooking is time-consuming and expensive - I had to put a stop to my daughter's scrap-booking splurge one summer - she was spending all her money on scrap book stuff.
And love the cell phone - wow!!!


1:43 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Sam, you said it sister! Expensive. I don't think any future grandchildren have scrapbooks coming from grandma.

8:36 PM PDT  

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