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Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't know what to say...

I'm at a dead loss this morning. I have so much to say and no cohesive thought process to put it in any sort of intelligent order. So you are just going to get my free associating wandering...

1. Wendy's quick run from her apartment on Saturday made me wonder what I would be grabbing if I left the house with fire literally breathing down my neck? What would be my thought process?

2. Having people in my life that I met on the internet and mean so much to me... Who'da thunk? It's remarkable and has been incredibly rewarding. I think I said something on Saturday how lucky I feel to have people to share my passion for reading Romance with. Pretty freaking cool.

3. Beanie is in the middle of all the fires in Orange County. Yes, I called, but I didn't stamp my foot and tell him he had to come home. This is a sign that my heart has caught up with my brain and knows that my baby bird has truly left the nest.

4. What is going to be my new normal with the whole blogging thing? I've been working on weeding my back log of posts and have been skimming a lot. I miss the interaction very much, but just seem to be behind all the time now...

5. There's nothing that replaces a parking lot book swap with a group of your reading pals. The conversation jumps from book to book with people holding up books and asking questions. Truly? It's just bliss. I just stood in the middle, in the way, and turned a 360 and was just wallowing in it. Love you guys!

6. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I know I'm cooking, but don't have a handle for how many just yet. Guess I better figure that out this week.

7. Are you wondering like I am why I numbered my 'free associating'? Is it weird? I was just trying to remember and tick off all the stuff cramming my brain this morning.

8. *shhhhhhh* Don't tell anyone. I'm not going to make my bed this morning. You believe me, right?

Hey I'm writing a post before work...like the olden days way back last month. Maybe this is a good sign???

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Blogger Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

You and everyone else out in Sol Cal have been in my thoughts everyday. It was such a relief to talk with Alice on Saturday and know everyone was okay.
I also heard about your crazy TBR collection!

8:37 AM PST  
Blogger nath said...

Like I said before, nothing better than to meet fellow bloggers :)

and it was sooo nice of you to welcome Wendy in your home :) Glad that her apartment is okay.

What would I take with me if we had to run from a fire? As much as possible. I'm so amazed that Wendy took so little ^_^; Although I understand the emergency... I'm not sure I could do it :(

Hope Beanie will be all right ;)

9:18 AM PST  
Blogger Wendy said...

I love all of my "stuff," really I do. But push comes to shove, do I really "need" any of it? Not really.

If I had to do it all over again? I would have packed more clothes. We basically had extra undies, socks, T-shirts....and that was it. I also would have packed some toiletries! LOL

I will say though, of all the stuff I did get out I'm glad we got the computer tower out, along with all of our personal papers.

Oh, and naturally I saved my Sony Reader and the library books I have checked out right now. That's just instinct kickin' in.

6:20 PM PST  
Blogger Holly said...

1) I have a small fire safe w/ the super important papers in it. Laptops (yes, plural, we have 2), eReader, 2 boxes of photos. Everything else I can live without/replace. Although..I would dearly miss my book and shoe collections. *sigh*

2) I agree - it's amazing and beautiful.

3) Wow! I'm so proud of you!

4) I've been wondering about this myself. I haven't been blogging regularly on my personal blog for..almost a year now (scary, that!) and lately I haven't had time to catch up with everyone like I used to, either. As we share the "FOMO" gene, I'm sure we're feeling the same way about the situation. :(

5) I'm so sad that I missed it! I love the parking lot book swap!

6) I'm cooking also. Sounds like both sides of the fam are coming, so we're looking at probably 20-25 again. Oy.

7) I didn't even notice it until you mentioned it. Does that make me as weird as you? *g*

8) *snort* Riiight.

Miss you!!!

9:13 PM PST  
Blogger sula said...

I totally empathize with the scattered random thing. I can't seem to generate enough coherent thoughts to put together a decent blog post these days. I may steal your numbering idea tho. mwahaha.

so happy to hear that the socal gals are safe and sound.

5:30 AM PST  
Blogger Tracy said...

ok - just brought to laughing through tears Rosie. You are the bomb and I love it every time I get to talk to you.

That book swap was really fun and Can only hope to do it again soon. Didn't Lori mention Feb?

I've thought about what I'd take in a fire too and decided I need to get more organized. Too many things in too many different places.

How'd that bed making go??? :)

9:56 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Kate, I'm so behind. Thanks for the good thoughts. All's well. Our Strike Team returned from the fires just this afternoon. Whew! Looks like we are through another one.

Nath, we had a great time. Talking books and swapping books. It's amazing how many books we all have in common. Oh, and even though you reminded me I still didn't get my TBR book and review done in time.

Wen, I'm just glad everything turned out okay. Oh and that I got to see your Man in real live person. He's a keeper.

Holly, you numbered back to me... I love you. I really do! Oh and I might have pulled up the covers on my bed.

Sula, are things returning to any kind of normal for you now that the election is over?

Tracy, it was so great to spend time with everyone and I'm so glad we hooked up and you are a part of our group now too. Can't wait for February.

10:44 PM PST  

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