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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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I'm exhausted today. I think I just chewed up a ton of adrenalin yesterday. Of course a 2 1/2 hour meeting to start the day probably didn't help things much.

Of course a lot of my energy was expended in my excitement over a new president. I watched as much as I could during the day (minimal) and then spent quite a bit of the evening catching up with the day's events.

So, yes, I know today is Keishon's TBR review day. I read a book but don't have my review ready. Hopefully, later today.

How about you? Any feelings about yesterday? Do you feel different today than you did Monday of this week? I do. I know we have all the same problems, but I have to say I really do feel hopeful. It's not just words, it's real. I feel it. So much feels possible.

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Blogger Holly said...

Personally? I think people are putting too much faith in our new president. Well, faith isn't the right word..hope, I guess. I think he's doomed to failure, because America has put him on a pedestal and we expect him to fix all of our problems RIGHT NOW.

I'm not saying he can't or won't do some good ( and Lord knows we needed a change) but I wonder if we aren't all setting ourselves up for disappointment. Obama is only one man. He can't fix all the problems in our country in one night.

Do you think our expectations are too high?

11:01 AM PST  
Blogger MaryMary said...

Unfortunately, I missed a lot of yesterday's inauguration because I had jury duty. I waited all day to not even get questioned by the attorney's (lucky for me, it was a molestation case and I DID NOT want to be in that jury)!

I did catch up last night and am so thankful for this hopefullness that many American's share. I understand what Holly is saying about maybe setting ourselves up for disappointment because we have so much faith in our new president, but I think that his call for all of us to share the responsibility in getting to work for our country is important to focus on. We share in the rebuilding of America...it's not just up to him.

I'm energized by the message of unity and the idea that he's given us a renewed sense of confidence. I'm tired of feeling like we're (the U.S.)are a bunch of losers that can't think responsibly or globally. I like knowing that our representitive to the world is competent and well spoken and UNIFYING!

I'm excited!

11:25 AM PST  
Blogger sula said...

It was an amazing day and I am very hopeful for the future. What I observed throughout the campaign is that this is much bigger than one person. People I interacted with were empowered to do something themselves, to come together, to roll up their sleeves and to get beyond cynicism. No one expects Obama to wave a magic wand and fix everything, but what we do need is someone who can lead and who can inspire. Someone who is committed to the rule of law and to smart governance.

It's during adversity that we have the chance to rise to the occasion. I am hopeful that Americans will be ready to come together and work for our future. I know that as a result of my participation in the campaign, I'm already more connected to my community and more committed to volunteering. I think we could surprise ourselves.

5:50 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Holly, I can only speak for myself, but I don't see Pres. Obama as the second coming or anything. I just see a man of integrity who loves his family and shows it who believes in personal responsibility and accountability. That gives me hope because I think those are qualities we need right now to get us out of the situation the country is in.

Mary, oh my that was an ugly case to be called in for jury duty. I'm glad you didn't have to sit through that. Remember that child murder case Mom sat on years ago?

Anyway, I feel hopeful too. I understand the people who are skeptical. I do. I also will be watching vigilantly to see if Obama rolls up his sleeves and walks the talk. But I have to say he certainly is compelling in his speech and manner and seems so believable.

Sula, your thoughts were very eloquently put. All I know is that I feel better with Barack Obama at the helm than I ever did with Gee Dubya.

10:40 PM PST  

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