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Friday, January 09, 2009

You know things are better when...

...I'm making lists. I actually made this one last weekend when I wanted to get caught up and back in the swing of things. Looking it over last night I felt pretty good about my progress because I've gotten several items crossed off the list already.

  • Do some blog hopping. (I had over 1000 posts to go through. I skimmed some; deleted some and read and commented on some. I'm down to about 240 now.)
  • Check out the e-book sites to see what I've missed the last about 4 months. (You guys got any e-book recs?)
  • Review 'drafts' in blog list. Delete and update.
  • Update 2008 spreadsheet. Add October, November and December reads.
  • Do reading lists for blog for October, November and December 2008.
  • Set up 2009 spreadsheet.
  • Write a post and sum up my reading year.
  • Update my TBB list.
  • Update my search list.
  • Dream about logging all my tbr books.
  • Dream about logging all the books I own.
  • Email SoCal bloggers about potential get together.
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    Blogger Wendy said...

    I logged all my TBR books into Library Thing. Now, you know how many books I have. An obscene amount! And I did it over a weekend while My Man was out of town on business. It went rather quickly. I entered them all in by ISBN, and then added tags.

    The only way I keep up with my Google Reader is by skimming. I'm a big skimmer.

    As for ebooks, I don't recall - do you like short stories and anthologies? If so, I've really enjoyed the HH Undone line - but I know a lot of other readers feel they're "too short." If some of the Spice Briefs have worked for you, so should the Undone line.

    8:50 AM PST  
    Blogger Lori said...

    Plenty of ebook recs. Have you read the Linda Winfree series over at Samhain? A definite must-read.

    And *ears perking up* Blogger get together?

    12:11 AM PST  
    Blogger Dev said...

    I've pretty much gotten caught up on my LT stuff ~ Now, I just need to finish posting about the books I read in December!!!!

    Like Wendy, I skim. Sometimes I star a post, but a rarely go back to it.

    When is your So. CA get together? Rumor has it, a MT gal may be headed that way (although, nothing's definite yet).

    1:41 PM PST  
    Blogger Rosie said...

    SL, I think about every time I look at my tbr OR all the books on my shelf and remember how 'easy' you said it was to log everything onto Library Thing. But, ya know babe, ya gotta open that first tub to do that, right? That's my problem.

    Lori, Linda Winifree's name sounds so familiar. I didn't see her on my '06 or '07 lists though. Maybe you mentioned her to me before???

    Oh, and yessssss...a blogger get together is very much in the future.

    Dev! Really??? A trip to good ole CA?? Do tell.

    3:02 PM PST  
    Blogger nath said...

    Nice, you've got quite a lot done on your list... but I don't get the update the search list.

    12:41 PM PST  
    Blogger Rosie said...

    Nath, I have a list of books I'm searching for. I cross out and add to it when I'm shopping. I just haven't updated it on my computer in a while. It's all done now though!

    8:32 PM PST  

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