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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History is made...

I have such a huge feeling of expectation and hope... We don't know today what will happen the next four years of Barack Obama's presidency, but I do know that I haven't been this hopeful about a President in my whole adult life.

For years my parents would get together with several of their neighbors with their voting pamphlets and discuss the issues and mark (privately) their ballots. There was always spirited debate and lots of humor. At the end of one of these evenings I stopped by the house. One of our dearest neighbors and someone who had supported all my sibling's school sales and fund raisers told me something I've never forgotten.

No matter who we elect, no matter our individual political affiliation, our government is set up with three branches; the executive, the legislative and the judicial. These three branches of government balance each other out. We never have to worry about the harm any single man can do to our country because of this. I'd learned this in school, of course, but somehow when Mr. Morris spoke these words, it finally sank in. We have elected a President, not crowned a King.

I'm thinking about this and realizing that a single man as President can make a difference when he embraces this idea. When our President welcomes the knowledge and contributions of the other branches of government and opposing political party, big things can happen. This, I think, is why I have so much hope today.

There's one more thing that makes Barack Obama particularly appealing to me personally. I see a man who appears to be passionately in love with his wife. Maybe this shouldn't make a difference, but for me, it does.

It feels good. I feel good. It's a brand new day.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We never have to worry about the harm any single man can do to our country because of this."

Hmm, then how does that explain the damage Bush has done? Oh, wait--he had plenty of help!

Thankfully, today is a new day, and HOPE is here. Let's get down to work!

12:21 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Gabrielle, after watching everything I could while at work yesterday, and more stuff last night I was exhausted by bed time. All that joy and adrenalin don't you know. I know all the problems we had yesterday are still here today, but it makes such a difference how you face them when you have hope.

6:26 AM PST  

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