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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Reading Year 2008

Lordy, Lordy, in the process of doing this post I had to go back through the last three months of 2008 quite a bit. How can you stand me? All I did was whine, whine, whine. I actually had a wonderful Christmas. Thanksgiving was great as well. My niece got married, as many of you know, in late October and life has been at mach speed since. Sure, I'm living la vida loca on crack but, you know, it's a very good life so I need to quit complaining already.

I felt compelled to mention these things so you all don't think I'm sitting in the dark in sackcloth and ashes lamenting my life. I've been busy, but I'm good...as are GG, Shmoo and Beanie.

I can't believe how fast some of you got your year end stats up. Wenches. Kudos and much admiration. I'm thrilled to be sitting here doing mine when we are only a week into the new year.

I'm happy to report I finally did my monthly reading lists for October, November and December. Click on the links if you are interested in seeing what I read in those months. They probably popped up as newly published if you have an RSS feed reader so you may have already seen them that way. If you don't have a reader they are dated and buried in the appropriate months. As I said, if you give a rat's patootie you can use the links and it will be quicker.

Here it is chiquitas... *drum roll* In 2008 I read 135 books. Not bad, but quite a shocker especially after I checked to see how many books I read last year. In 2007 I read 244 books. 244. Books.


Apparently working full time puts a crimp in my reading habits. Well that and a commitment to exercise several times a week. Oops, I almost started a whine there.

Anyway, 135 is the magic number. 109 fewer than last year. I can hardly believe it was that bad. GG reminded me that this is more than 2 books a week. I reminded him that I am used to reading 4-5 books a week. Who knows maybe this is my new normal. Time and 2009 will tell...

Here are some of my 2008 highlights:

While I only had two DNFs, I also only had three 'A' grades as well. I'm a very tough grader just ask my kids. Never mind, don't ask them because they will also tell you I'm crazy. Just trust me. I'm a stingy 'A' giver.

My three 'A' grades went to a re-read of one of my old favorite SHADES OF TWILIGHT by Linda Howard; WINTER WOMAN by Jenna Kernan and MRS. DREW PLAYS HER HAND by Carla Kelly. The title links are to my reviews of those books. Interestingly enough both WINTER WOMAN and MRS. DREW PLAYS HER HAND were TBR day reviews as well. Makes me shiver to wonder what other treasures are in those tubs of mine.

RWA was a highlight for me this year for many reasons. One of them was Jodi Thomas. I hadn't read a one of her books, but I brought back and sent signed copies of her book TWISTED CREEK to a few friends who'd mentioned they liked her. I later discovered I didn't keep one for myself. I bought the book (again!) and loved it. Even though TWISTED CREEK was a contemporary, the writing interested me enough that I went looking for Ms. Thomas's back list which is mostly westerns. I've really enjoyed her books and will be forever grateful to Dev for the original recommend. Jodi Thomas is definitely an auto buy now.

For no apparent reason I can think of it appears that I read more historicals this year. Maybe it's just a lack of decent contemporaries. I don't know.

Another author I fell in love with is Ann Aguirre. It's unusual for me to be so passionate about a female character, but Ms. Aguirre certainly succeeded when she created Sirantha Jax. This is another author I had the pleasure of meeting at RWA. I got to tell her how much I enjoyed Jax and GRIMSPACE. I gave GRIMSPACE a B++. However, the book and characters have really stuck with me and I should probably change that grade to an 'A'. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to reading Ms. Aguirre's new book called BLUE DIABLO that's due out April 7th.

I did more re-reads this year than I have in recent years. In addition to the Howard book, I also re-read a couple of Jennifer Crusie's older books that were re-published. I enjoyed them both. I also re-read an Iris Johansen historical LION'S BRIDE that held up well.

Nalini Singh is still kicking bootie with her Psy-Changling series. She is also an author I was fortuante to meet at RWA and she's just as nice as can be. I enjoyed HOSTAGE TO PLEASURE this past year and am looking foward to the new series starting in March. The first book is called ANGEL'S BLOOD. BTW, she has a contest going right now for an ARC of the new book.

Of course I'm wondering what 2009 will bring. Even after GG looked at my '08 stats he still thinks I'll be back on track with 4-5 books per week this year. Things should settle down at work by the end of March. Hopefully there won't be as many special projects and less working on weekends. That means more time for reading! Right?

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Blogger Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Great books! I think Grimspace is one of the best books I read for 2008.
Can't wait to see what 2009 brings.

5:34 AM PST  
Blogger nath said...

I think it's because you've been settling in a new routine :D and of course, lots of family event :D Sure it's a lot less than last year, but you still manage to break the 100th line, that's something :D

I'm glad you enjoyed Twisted Creek!

I sure hope 2009 is going to be a better reading year, for everyone :D

6:43 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Kate, I have to agree about GRIMSPACE which is why I should probably change the grade... don't you think?

Nath, 2008 was unique for so many reasons. I had so many highlights meeting all the blogger friends and authors at different times through the year. Reading fewer books is no big deal compared to that. I was just surprised by how many less it was.

6:52 AM PST  
Blogger Lori said...

You had so much going on last year! Jessica had a really interesting post up about this - and how we measure our reading selves. 135 is nothing to sneeze at. Really. You should be proud that you read and expanded your horizons and that you made time for yourself. You exercised and got healthier.

This is my vow for 2009. I'm going to look at everything in a positive light. No time for reviews? Well, I had "me" time while I read the book, and that felt good.

So says your Pollyanna for the day. *g*

7:36 AM PST  
Blogger Wendy said...

What I wouldn't give to read 135. In 2009 I'd love to get back up to 100 reads - but that might be too much to hope for :)

I had 11 A reads in 2008, which might be an all-time high (I didn't check). I attribute this to Harlequin. I read more series romance this past year and I found some real gems.

8:07 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Lori, I should check out Jessica's blog. I was wondering about the compulsion so many of us have to list and keep track of what we read. Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate it.

Wendy, you know that everything is relative with the reading stats. I guess it all depends on what one's expectations and habits are. I'm grateful. Really I am.

10:13 PM PST  

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